Greatest thing I ever saw in CardHunter. Post your own ridiculous moments!

Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Sasoo8, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. Sasoo8

    Sasoo8 Guild Leader

    Lord Lexx draws 15 cards off Vengeance + Martyr against Sucre's ready to strike.

    -Ready to strike proc'd 15 times in a row
    -Lord Lexx takes 1 damage each bounce thanks to Monster hide + Lycan form
    -Wolf goes on to take out 2 warriors and dies
    -Sucre almost comes back to win the game with 1 warrior
    -Lord Lexx prevails in the end. All these extra cards did the damage.

    15 times in a row!!!!!!!!

    Please post your other ridiculous CH moments.
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  2. Lord Lexx

    Lord Lexx Kobold

    lycan god.jpg
    Actually more than 15 lol
  3. Sasoo8

    Sasoo8 Guild Leader

    TL; DR:
    Inquisitor's strike did 23 damage!

    Blind rage Inq strike on a no-armor character with squishy, vulnerable, and creature of the night.

    BATTLE LOG: Player=Ttsukasa,Scenario=MP Crypt Chamber,Room=Ttsukasa vs bobbyfirmino,RoomID=1172886,Event=TriggerSucceed,Trigger=Blind Rage,TriggeringActor=Lame warriors,AffectedActors=,TriggerType=Action,TriggerLocation=ActorAttachment
    BATTLE LOG: Player=Ttsukasa,Scenario=MP Crypt Chamber,Room=Ttsukasa vs bobbyfirmino,RoomID=1172886,Event=TriggerSucceed,Trigger=Creature of the Night,TriggeringActor=Jonrasthal,AffectedActors=,TriggerType=PreDamage,TriggerLocation=ActorAttachment
    BATTLE LOG: Player=Ttsukasa,Scenario=MP Crypt Chamber,Room=Ttsukasa vs bobbyfirmino,RoomID=1172886,Event=TriggerSucceed,Trigger=Vulnerable,TriggeringActor=Jonrasthal,AffectedActors=,TriggerType=PreDamage,TriggerLocation=ActorAttachment
    BATTLE LOG: Player=Ttsukasa,Scenario=MP Crypt Chamber,Room=Ttsukasa vs bobbyfirmino,RoomID=1172886,Event=TriggerSucceed,Trigger=Squishy,TriggeringActor=Jonrasthal,AffectedActors=,TriggerType=PreDamage,TriggerLocation=ActorAttachment
    BATTLE LOG: Scenario=MP Crypt Chamber,Room=Ttsukasa vs bobbyfirmino,RoomID=1172886,Msg=Jonrasthal took 23 damage
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  4. doublequartz

    doublequartz Lizardman Priest

    although I'm late to this, long before, some time in 2019 I guess when I was playing my masterpiece build, there was this moment:

    the foe had two warriors apparently equipped with Snitrick's, Stolen Torch and other werewolfy stuffs.
    my vamp jumped in with Elven Trickery, all along bunch of buffed up draining attacks and some blocks in hand.

    they both discarded Pulverizing Hack. I assumed 32 damage discarded would be more than enough.

    turns out they still had enough Mighty Bludgeons to kill him despite the defence.
    I grew better at estimating how much movements opponent character can possibly have, but when it comes to damages I'm not nearly as good.
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  5. Abbus

    Abbus Orc Soldier

    My favourite moment (altough it costed me an insta-resign, sob) was this one:

    It was the second or third round, and two of my (three) full healted dwarven warriors (33+33 hp) were on two adjacent VPs, waiting to fight, facing my opponent's team. I passed, waiting to him to make his move... and I watched his only warrior doing this: quick run next to the two dwarven + obliterating chop + AllOutAttack + ANOTHER AoA = 40 damages each. Both dead. Uncounterable. Luckily @spionecefalide was right next to me (in real life) to testify this horrible (but funny) moment.
  6. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    @Lord Lexx & @Sasoo8, wait a minute, I just reread you two's stuff, and I'm confused. Ready To Strike damaged the wolf through 2 Lycanthropic Form Armor for 4 each time, letting Martyr Blessing draw. Then, through that 2 Armor plus 3 Monstrous Hide Armor for 1 damage each time. How did it keep damaging after more Monstrous Hide showed up? Is there a weird stack order I don't recall from not playing in so long?
  7. Mitsuaki

    Mitsuaki War Monkey

    @ParodyKnaveBob read the chat in the screenshots. Everytime vengeance triggered because of ready to strike, he moved and took One damage. After 15 times ready to strike failed, and THEN he drew all the cards thanks ti martyr blessing
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