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  1. doublequartz

    doublequartz Lizardman Priest

    I used to want to see a modern competitive warrior build that's not werewolf. having decided it is better off making one myself, here it is(hopefully).

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    this is called parody.


    Level 10 Human Warrior
    Slippery Sword
    Zoltan's Laser Scourge - could be another Slippery Sword, in which case you use another Venerable Positioning, put that (majortoken) somewhere and pay a token for boots
    Crazy Sal's Halberd - Flashing Longspear is decent substitution.
    Cuirass Of Froth
    Aegis Of The Defender
    Angry Jack's Helmet - could be anything if you have Crazy Sal's Halberd. this helm is just here for the Blind Rage.
    Hawkwind's Moccasins
    Subtle Positioning
    Frenzied Slicing

    4 x Shifty Stab
    1 x Subtle Parry
    3 x Polearm Slash
    2 x Dangerous Maneuver
    1 x Weak Chop
    1 x Simple Strike
    1 x Backbiting Strike
    3 x Frenzy Aura
    2 x Laser Whip
    2 x Slicer
    4 x Blind Rage
    1 x Walk, Team!
    4 x Lunging Bash
    1 x Reliable Mail
    2 x Vanguard
    1 x Escaping Run
    2 x Defender's Block
    1 x Ill-fitting Armor

    Level 21 Elf Priest

    Level 18 Human Priest

    I got the idea of the warrior from vibrant dwarves, but look at all those Polearm Slashes on Crazy Sal's Halberd.. I thought it would make more sense to have stab attacks on other weapons.
    Staying at range 2 also saves me from taking lot of attacks, allowing me to save the Frenzy Auras for longer.
    (Shifty Stab and Lunging Bash is also better than Nimble Strike in the way that they're immune to Ill-fitting Armor)
    Slippery Sword is already a great deal offering a whole lot of tech for no token. I'm not sure if any better version of it would break the game.
    I found that even though Zoltan's Laser Scourge costs more token and does way more damage, it's not necessary better.
    While Lunging Bash look similar to Shifty Stab in a sense, it doesn't reach range 3 and can leave you at range 1 if they block it/are Immovable.
    (Also, it's too tempting to get a few fully frenzied Shifty Stabs and call them Shifty Impaling Stabs.)

    The vampire is kinda different than most. He isn't built around one-shotting people with Talented Healer Cantrip chain, but rather he tank attacks by recovering from any damage he takes, or just get rid of them via Elven Trickery.
    This synergizes well with the warrior as taking any attacks in their hand helps saving his Frenzy Auras.
    Since one opponent charactor usually doesn't have enough damage to kill him, they tend to come with multiples. Obliterating Chops shine there.

    Support priest is very usual, I found 5 MFs just enough to keep it up the whole time.
    Inspirations make the party more flexible, I usually feed cards to whoever is more frenzied.

    I reached 1700 with this build in Gladius PVP Maps.
    EDIT: I reached 1750 with this build in Winter PVP Maps.
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  2. Sasoo8

    Sasoo8 Guild Leader

    Your build has:
    -Plenty of range 2 attacks backed up by a lot of frenzies
    -6 Defender blocks to protect your buffs
    -Zero bless!
    -Zero lycan form or Snitrick's or Vengeance

    Your build looks very very different from the bless-centric builds of many priest/warrior teams, so kudos for doing something different. The priest with frenzy focus looks a lot like Arnie's 1800 build with 1 human priest and 2 elven warriors, but that's about where the similarity ends. Vampire chopper with swarm of bats makes a lot of sense and is usually a lot of fun, and using superb trickery with Crazy sal's creeper is something I had never thought of before. Nice! Looks like a high risk-high reward elf priest. I was worried about lack of card draw, but if you hammer in a few inspirations each game with altruism, I suppose it gives you a lot of flexibility and fuel for attacking.

    Suggestion: Try hawkwinds or vollmond boots instead of mouse boots for the support evensong priest. He doesn't really have any range two attacks that synergize with flank moves but could use additional movement squares to help deliver the big hits from evensong. Slippery sword(s) are kinda cute, but try using blazing torchsword for higher quality attacks.
  3. doublequartz

    doublequartz Lizardman Priest

    Thanks for the reply, it's nice to have the build called something different.
    People hated werewolves now and then. I think this shaked things up a bit though I'm still far from getting people to hate me.
    Flanking Moves were still nice to get to position in a pinch and I miss the free Quick Step from Vanguard, but I suppose the big moves might be worth taking over them all.
    I don't see how Fiery Stabs could do better. I'd lack the Step attacks and the damage increase is minimal without Armor removals. Combustible, while cycles at least, pushes my buff away.

    Now that I finally got the sal-berd, I'm excited to get a Captain Cedric's Boots and use it along with Fool's Coif.
    Bellowing Helm might worked at the time of publishing this build, but the current meta seem to have less blocks and more mages.
    Do I have to stick with the Angry Jack's Helmet? I'm out of ideas. I appreciate helping in this regard.

    For those looking for Arnie's build, this is probably it: https://forums.cardhunter.com/threads/e-peaked-10-1707.5607/ (actually 1700)
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  4. Sasoo8

    Sasoo8 Guild Leader

    Good counterpoints on not picking blazing torchsword. I guess i kind of skipped over the warrior and forgot he has 3 frenzy auras plus a lot of defender blocks/frenzies backing him up.

    If you are rocking a salberd already, I would say that extra blind rage on Angry jack's helmet is a little redundant--- consider replacing it with tough leather cap or Forrtescue's feather cap (not sure if i spelled it correctly, but it has sprint team, dodge, and hide straps for blue) for better positioning and would be great.

    It's tough to make the AoA in Tough leather cap to synergize with blind rage, since you don't want to reveal your AoA, but it's a synergy with your vampire priest in the sense that he can fly in and clear blocks with cantrip vampire attacks (and chops), and then you can follow up with an AoA laser whip. Dash team or Sprint team is also ridiculously good for certain maps for saving your priests or to chase down characters with big evensong attacks.

    I really don't like having too many range-1 vampire attacks on a vampire (maybe I've been frustrated too much by wizard teams that have so much control, and any extra range is welcome). However, I get that he's an elf and can jump in with Elven trickery and has great mobility, so I get your reasoning for putting so many range 1's.

    Fool's coif is interesting, and it would be great if you can make it work. However, it's got a dead card versus melee and it really depends on the map rotation. Not going to do well on this month's maps where Celestial Koi and Celestial Temple usually have some heavy melee kerfluffle around the central VP/VPs.
  5. doublequartz

    doublequartz Lizardman Priest

    Given I don't have Captain Cedric's Boots I've been running Naradoc's Boots for few days and it seem to be working very well.
    At this point I might not even switch to Cedric's even if I got it.
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  6. Moogle Stiltzkin

    Moogle Stiltzkin Mushroom Warrior

    hi quartz. thx for the share

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