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    There are certain interactions between cards which aren't obvious, even after the effect becomes apparent. Let's collect a list to help out new (and even experienced) players...
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    Hover causes a character to ignore all terrain attachment effects except line-of-sight and blocking, and so will ignore:
    - healing and card-drawing from Blessed terrain.
    - open movement (via Smoke Bomb or a friendly Wall Of Illusion) when the underlying map terrain is difficult
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    Lifesaving Block won't trigger for...

    Self-buffing attacks, when the base damage is not enough to kill you:
    Anvil Strike
    Backbiting Strike
    Cowardly Attack
    Devastating Blow
    Mob Attack
    Swarming Attack
    Touch Of Death
    Tree Limb Smash
    Zombie Mob

    Damage modifiers, when the base damage is not enough to kill you:
    Raging Strike
    Unholy Curse

    Any attack by your own team, notably:
    Cone Of Cold (and other cones)

    Terrain effects:
    Acid Blast
    Acid Jet
    Acid Pool
    Acid Spray
    Hot Spot
    Stone Spikes
    Wall Of Fire

    (h/t to VNSAramaki)
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    and ignore open movement from Wall Of Fire
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    Path of Knives does not count the number of squares moved when calculating damage, but rather the total distance from your starting position to end position. I.E. if you move 3 squares, but are only ending up 2 from your start position (going around corners, etc) you only take 4 dmg.
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    Arrogant Armor discards all attachments, not just enemy effects. It negates handicap cards like Mind Leak as well as positive effects like Altruism.
    However, it does not discard traits that you already had attached before it was drawn.

    With armor cards, look for the Keep keyword. If it doesn't have Keep, it will be discarded after it blocks. These include:
    Horned Plates and Inspiring Armor, as well as many cards with "Aura" in the name.
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    This thread is a great idea!

    I added a link in the regular FAQ thread to this one.
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    If you refresh an attachment with Arrogant Armor present, the old copy is pushed off by the new one, and then the Armor dispels the new one as well. In this fashion old traits can be removed.
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    Bungled Heal uses party order for a tie breaker when distances are equivalent. I always put my wizard first in the party for this reason, since he has no blocks, and is often targeted first.
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    Very nice thread idea.
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    When I think of it, one should probably put Warrior last too because in team moves he is usually the one who wants to step into a particular spot and hit something.

    The only downside is that if the Warrior is bravely proceeding first down a narrow corridor, it's best if he moves first. I think an instinct for this is why I have tended to naturally make him first in the move order.
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    I'll try to get this stuff on the wiki.
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    Stuff that doesn't trigger Lifesaving Block might trigger Flimsy Block because of the bonuses are added after block effects (which makes it quite nice in your typical zombie mob situation).

    Blooming Ground can affect wall of stone, though. If the wall spreads it can actually put someone (preferably a nasty geomancer) IN a wall square.
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    Does being encased in stone do anything, game mechanics -wise? Or can you just walk out, whistling and swinging your cane around like you had not a care in the world?
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    (Off-topic...?) Another thread indicates that a character located on blocked terrain can neither move nor be targeted.
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    (Note: These may be bugs, but they're long-lived and significant for certain cards.)

    Wall Of Stone is a blocking terrain attachment. Thus, cards which care about blocking terrain will only look at unmodified terrain state (i.e., the underlying map terrain).

    List of known buggy/affected cards:
    Cautious Sneak
    Wild Spark

    List of unchecked cards:
    Large Weapon
    Anvil Strike

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