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Discussion in 'Support' started by CabbageyCabbage, Aug 19, 2020.

  1. Is it possible for the game to be supported in GEForceNow? When flash support ends I won't be able to play the game on my mac anymore :(
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    Have you tried running the Steam client? If that is not possible, I suggest emailing

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  3. Hey,

    please don't take this as an offense, I'm just curious, but of all the theoretical possibilities, why do you explicitly ask for GeForce Now considering that there even were SOME cases of games being pulled FROM GeForce Now? So GeForce Now isn't particularly - let's say - uncontroversial.

    I don't know your technical background, but porting this game to any other platform whatsoever would require roughly the same manpower. And there - apparently - never was an actual interest to create any other version than the Flash based ones (not - as far as I can tell - because the devs found Flash to be perfect but just because they went on to other games since then).

    And for me, having the game run on GeForce Now wouldn't make a huge difference to running it on Steam, as I see both services - in principle - as unnecessary for running a game like Card Hunter (if there were ways as standardized as e.g. HTML5 to access it).
  4. hello @Pawndawan, unfortunately when Catalina rolled in, I can't run it on my Mac anymore.

    Hi @PhoenixTheHunter! The one and only reason that I'm requesting for card hunter on GeForce Now is that I'd like to play Card hunter from my only machine: Mac. When the browser support ends, my only options are to get into cloud gaming or buy a whole laptop entirely. GeForce Now is the cheapest cloud gaming option I found.

    As for the manpower for porting this to GeForce Now, I specifically requested it to be ported on GeForce Now because they just lend you a virtual machine that runs Steam, that could launch any game from your library. Theoretically, any game that runs on windows can launch on GeForce Now, and it really was the case until they patched out the loophole.

    The licensing issue is, from what i understand, the main reason why games are being pulled from the platform (iirc nvidia did not ask the developers/publisher if they could add their game to their platform). I don't know much about licensing so if I was wrong to assume that this setup means porting the game to Geforce Now would mean getting a "go ahead" signal from the publisher/developer, I'm sorry for asking something ridiculous.
  5. just to clarify, I'm asking because the web client support ends in a few months[​IMG] and i'm stuck with a mac that can't run the steam version.
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    no solution yet
  7. Ah, I see where you are coming from and that might actually be a somewhat viable option given the devs wanted to. But then again, it would be utterly ridiculous that you'd need a gaming service account to play a game via a stream account that essentially is playable directly from the game's web site. Especially given that - if I got you right - Steam natively ran on Mac previously.

    But if you have a Steam account, why not play Card Hunter via Steam in a Linux VM (for that purpose any Ubuntu version should work quite well)? Steam on Linux has come a long way (I just don't like Steam) and a Linux VM isn't much overhead.

    And if the devs don't shut off the web access points to the game (which none of them has yet answered in the announcement thread), all players not willing to do the transition to Steam can use the same trick: Get some software for virtualization, set up a virtual Linux machine, install whatever browser pleases you and run the game in that VM. This might be the perfect way given the security risks Flash is said to have. Really no malware or malicious attacks can escape a VM if you only play Card Hunter in it. Just don't update the browser after 2020.
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  8. It really is ridiculous, isn't it? Still I wish to play my other steam games from my library so when I subscribe for the VIP pass, I wouldn't be paying solely to play card hunter. That's how I'm rationalizing my decision, anyways.

    When I open CH from a browser they say that they will "no longer support the web version" at the end of 2020. I'm afraid that's exactly what they mean.

    Is this it?
    Thanks! I didn't know you could run it on Linux. I'll give this a shot tonight on a Linux VM and see what happens.
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  9. Yeah, I'm, too, still figuring our what to do after end of year. As I said, I'm no big fan of Steam and having switched to Linux a few months ago, I get a certain feeling of why the whole community is so focused on open source (and Steam obviously isn't, but that's not the case mostly, I mean I play Card Hunter after all, but hence my recommendation with Steam on Linux).

    The thing here is, that no one yet has made any concrete statements of WHY or HOW the devs won't be able to provide web access anymore. I guess you already saw my related comment/question in the announcement thread. I don't have a clue of how exactly the card hunter server is set up, but think of it this way: Whether you play via browser or Steam, somehow those flash instances (either the flash plug-in in your browser or the flash version running under the hood via Steam) have to talk to the server (e.g. to check if your move is valid, to list your inventory, to keep track of your gold/pizza, ...). And unless they were completely high when drafting the infrastructure, I have a certain feeling/technical background knowledge indicating that the server actually won't know whether your client is a browser or Steam (except perhaps the portion managing the login). So, I'm still hoping that all of this is just because no (major) browser will offer Flash after 2020, but if you can run Flash somehow (older browser version, fork of some browser, Steam, ...) the server should still talk with your end properly. But we won't know for sure unless the next year started or the devs break their silence.

    The only reason I could see why they won't tell is to prevent us from using outdated tech/software to play Card Hunter, such that we - the players - might risk getting malware or being targeted by attackers otherwise. Unless there is a sort of (undisclosed) contract with Adobe for content hosters (like Blue Manchu) to actively block any web-based flash apps. But as long as I/we get no offical answer, I guess I have to come up with new ideas, being more and more ridiculous over time, of why there is no reaction, for each day I'm waiting. ;)
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