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    Story: So... there I was, fighting in the good old League (Quick Draw (Filing)) battle just a moment ago. I got 3 human wizards and my opponent got a human warrior and 2 elfs (a wizard and a priest).
    Blood everywhere, my wizards threw fire at them but it wasn't very effective. So I lost one wizard, and second one died moments after... but a third one, one that I named Harry ('cos I give them names in my head, so they feel real to me, loved... so I would guard and guide them well in battle). (League gives them silly random names). So... Harry was a brave one, and he was left standing against a human warrior and elf priest.
    We both had 5 victory stars above our heads and opponent's priest stood on the victory point.
    Brave Harry even got a Radiation Bomb to the face that had placed a handicap card on him (that thing that does 10 dmg to all adjacent characters when 'Braveheart' Harry would get killed, artwork is aome kind of dead, raging, foamin' dog or wolf).
    Needless to say, Harry got killed... but... he was attacked by warrior when he didn't had any more cards in his hand, just that handicap card attachedto himself, and he wasn't standing on a Victory point.
    Opponent's priest was far away standing on that golden shiny thingy. Warrior attacked Harry. But... warrior triggered a chain of events that resulted in activation of handicap card and got killed in a process, before Harry.
    I was even given 2 stars from a warrior, 'twas given before my opponent, and then... a huge DEFEAT sign appeared and game gliched.

    Now, I'm not complaining about defeat. I deserved it. Opponent deserved a VICTORY although It was a needles attack on his part 'cos he had a sure win. I got 6 stars before him and somehow it gliched a whole game... anyhow... by relogging the message was that I am still in a game. So I went back to watch that Defeat sign and after some time, game puts me back in Multiplayer with correct table info, still a defeat.
    Now my question: Should this happen? Is this intended? I did lose but he did trigger handicap card by killing me and dying in the process before me, and I even got stars before my opponent. Why didn't he get victory stars before me? He should because he won!
    Why did he attack me when he had a whole battle in a pocket by simply passing the game out (my Harry was cardless). Why did Harry had to endure a horrible death.
    Is this a philosophical question or rather, a philosophical problem?

    Thanks for reading and sorry for my bad 'nglish,

    Oh...almost forgot... how the heck can one change his Username. I was strongly influenced by some unrelated novel character...
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  3. I had this happen before. It glitched the game and the result was that the game wasn't logged at all all for the league (still had 4 games left) despite the defeat banner showing.
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