Frost dodging elves, deck just made 1600+

Discussion in 'Deck Building' started by Aiven, Dec 25, 2013.

  1. Aiven

    Aiven Orc Soldier

    I just returned to the game after a long break and noticed that everyone and their grandmother is playing dwarf mages. I'm a bit stubborn and have a thing for playing elves. I set out to make a build that could do well against the current mage domination. I just had a 10 winstreak with this build, which took me to 1633 rank (not counting one I forfeited round 2, because a dude had to put his son to bed and was on epic chest). Now I'm only waiting for a loose streak, but the fact that I made this with two elf warriors and a human priest was a bit surprising to me. The build revolves around doing big hits on mages, by closing in with Slippery and Hard To Pin Down. The priest support, mainly with Impenetrable Nimbus and Purge. Note that I only have 10 games with it, so there might be room for improvement. Normally I wouldn't share this, but I see a lot of people struggle to counter mages, and while it might not be the perfect solution, I figured this might be fun to try for more people than me. So feel free to test it and tell me what you think.

    Bellarion Benomoco
    Level 1 Elf Warrior

    1 x Immovable
    2 x Slicer
    2 x Mail
    1 x Quick Run
    1 x Hardy Mail
    1 x Slippery
    3 x Bludgeon
    4 x Weak Chop
    1 x Walk

    Grelchen Garbo
    Level 1 Elf Warrior

    1 x Walk
    1 x Quick Step
    1 x Barge
    2 x Slicer
    4 x Weak Chop
    1 x Slippery

    Saul Solid Bananas
    Level 1 Human Priest

    2 x Leadership
    1 x Slowed
    1 x Vulnerable
    1 x Team Run
    1 x Block
    1 x Parry
    1 x Chop
    2 x Purge

  2. Sazanami

    Sazanami Orc Soldier

    Looks interesting. I might try a variant after christmas to see how it works.
  3. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader

    Don't have all the items, but this looks fun. I know a lot of people who want to run elves and want to see them reach greater prominence in the upper tiers, so hopefully this will diversify the meta a bit. Thanks for posting!

    EDIT: P.S. because you're a pioneer, you are required to keep track of some stats, like:
    • overall win %
    • win % vs. specific archetypes (e.g. 3DC, WarWarWiz, etc.)
    • average time it takes to finish a game
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  4. ReesJ

    ReesJ Kobold

    I also love elf builds and was thinking of trying something with 2 warriors! though my thought process was more towards building with elvish insight and with bashers for revealed cards! Just don;t have items to try more than 1 warrior atm even with mediocre items! Hopefully soon...
  5. Martin K

    Martin K Goblin Champion

    Ok, now all I need is a second Bejeweled Shortsword, another Slippery Shield, a pair of Black Iron Boots and a Medallion of St. Vigus. To the farm mobile! (Wait, isn't that a tractor?)
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  6. Excedrin

    Excedrin Kobold

    Thanks for sharing your build. I think it'll be very helpful as a source of ideas as I progress up the ladder (hopefully).

    I haven't hit 1600 (currently 1310), but someone linked this and it's amazing how similar it is to my current 2 elf warrior 1 human priest build it is. Differences are, instead of an Elf Trait that gives Slippery, I'm using Superb Footwork on one warrior, and Insight on the other.

    Also my priest is quite different, no Nimbus, more draw (but I do use 2 Purge and 2 Holy Presence). His current human skill is probably not optimal, I should switch to the one with Leadership.

    I suspect that as I hit more control I might have to adjust Slippery into my deck.

    I'll post the build someday, but right now I feel like it relies entirely on surprise. It'll be interesting to see how the metagame adjusts since you've posted this.
  7. neoncat

    neoncat Feline Outline

    I tried out a slightly inferior build, since I haven't got quite the right equipment. Took it on a 9-of-11 streak, +200 ELO: 1250 --> 1450, though I'd been messing around experimenting so my rating was low to start. I only played against one 3DC build, the rest were 1/1/1 and 2-warrior + support.

    The two losses were against (1) a mirror-ish build (a 1/1/1 going heavy on nimbus) where it took me 5 rounds to draw a nimbus myself, and (2) a build running silly numbers of parries (I wasted 30 damage on one warrior holding 3 parries >_<).

    It seems like the build works so well against other warrior builds because elves' movement lets you stack up more straight damage, rather than step attacks. However, it falls apart quickly if you don't draw Nimbus.

    Level 1 Elf Warrior

    Level 1 Elf Warrior

    Level 1 Human Priest
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  8. It's an interesting build. And seeing elves is always a good thing.

    Have you tried it with more Mass Frenzy? Or is extra Nimbus something you absolutely must have?
  9. Aiven

    Aiven Orc Soldier

    Thanks. Not really, but I don't have any items that give more than one mass frenzy, while I get two nimbuses.
  10. I don't think the nimbus will help against the non-cookie cutter builds of CWs but nimbus is a favorite of mine personally. Strong build overall, I played you and lost to it yesterday. I do think people that run control wizards with more than one type of freeze or boil armor, or enough debuffs to knock your slipperyness off will do very well against this build, and I think it will suffer against the 2 wiz 1 warrior comp. BTW, I'm a fan of the black iron boots (I sometimes use on my wizards), and I think novice slicing is a good choice (to avoid 2 dif traits).
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  11. neoncat

    neoncat Feline Outline

    I have more Mass Frenzy, since that's what my collection favors. I've never been disappointed when my hand lacks Frenzy, but I'm often very sad when my hand doesn't have Nimbus.

    Also, updated results: 17 wins of 26, rating seemed to settle around ~1470. I tend to lose whenever I fail to draw nimbus, which won't get fixed until the loot gods smile upon me. I still didn't play many control builds... I lost out to 1/1/1 or 2-warrior support that dealt less damage but had more HP.

    Also also, this build completely tanks against Firestorm, because elves have no HP and the priest can't heal.
  12. Sazanami

    Sazanami Orc Soldier

    Personally, I have never been able to put a nimbus to good use. I figured it is probably because it doesn't fit my playstyle, but could you enlighten me how to use it effectively? I can imagine it works well with vibrant pain, but with 'mere' bejeweled sword-wielding warriors, I fully expect them to just be crowd controlled and avoided until the turn is over and the warrior is free game again.
  13. neoncat

    neoncat Feline Outline

    Team movement and step attacks are important. You have to wait until you've got the right hand, and then you can barrel in with warriors without worrying about damage. I may also bait out the control cards with one Nimbus'ed warrior, before sending the other one in.
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  14. Aiven

    Aiven Orc Soldier

    I tend to save them quite a while, until I really need them. That way the enemy will often have wasted good damage on one of my guys, who can then retaliate together with the others. In general it makes a dude able to do damage to the other team while low, or just to escape and hide. I also like using it before moving in on other warriors.
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  15. Aiven

    Aiven Orc Soldier

    I also find it's situationally nice to probe two targets for blocks with weak chop, and two less dmg to one target makes no difference in most cases. Not that any of them are great cards, but it's paper so...
  16. Aiven

    Aiven Orc Soldier

  17. Sazanami

    Sazanami Orc Soldier

    I haven't made 1600 yet, due to the many mistakes I have made so far (Still learning to use nimbus :p), but I am steadily rising through the ranks and I am currently at 1576 (highest so far 1586) after probably about 30~40 games.
    Dwarven Control wizards is suddenly a lot more fun to play against (Probably because the chances of winning is more than decent), so I'm probably sticking to this build for a while longer. I have also encountered a number of mirror matches already and they are quite fun :D
    Although I have most of the items of the original build (really missing only a second nifty halberd) I have made a few modifications to suit my playstyle.
    The main modification is the addition of War Cry, instead of All Out Attack (on the helmet). The build feels a lot more consistent to me that way.

    Level 20 Elf Warrior

    Level 10 Elf Warrior

    Level 20 Human Priest
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  18. ElShafto

    ElShafto Goblin Champion

    I tried this build and lost five of six matches at around 1350 ranking. I'm sure it's because I do not have any warrior nimble strikes, which pretty much sums up why I suck in MP with any warrior build.
  19. Excedrin

    Excedrin Kobold

    The key thing is 3 Obliterating Bludgeons per warrior. Double-edged Sword is a good Lochaber Axe replacement. The helmet and armor can be replaced by any no token. Dependable Mail and Shifty Skin Hat are good alternatives. I avoid anything with Obvious Maneuver.

    Both Elf Warriors have a spot using a major power token that could be a minor token. I actually switched to Escapist after reading this thread, Insight is a game winner. Prior to that I ran Superb Footwork for the Quick Run Obliterating Bludgeon combo. I also used to use a blocking mace on one Elf Warrior, and 2 Infused on the other for 5 Oblit Bludgeon, then just lead with the defensive Elf and follow up with Oblit Bludgeons.

    I've also changed the priest around quite a bit. I think that Jygpin's Healing Ring or similar would be better than Incense Of Roiled Air. I do like Inspiration though. I often cast it on the priest, so it's a card that trades a turn for shrunken deck. Rhood's Boots can be replaced by Salazar's Sandals or Sticky Slippers or whatever. I used to use Demon's Golden Blade in place of Glinting Eye Hammer but the general idea is that the priest often jumps in late and gets a lot of kills. Mass Frenzy isn't that important but obviously it helps to turn all the little 4 attacks into 7 attacks.

    Level 19 Elf Warrior

    Level 18 Elf Warrior

    Level 11 Human Priest
  20. Kungfu Crab

    Kungfu Crab Kobold

    thanks a lot. But sometimes the Slippery Shield give us some difficuties.

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