Fix for constant battle freezing?

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by indengineer78, Aug 30, 2018.

  1. indengineer78

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    New/returning player here - I had played CH on Kong years ago, with no problems, and a few days ago figured I would start a new account and try it again. Now, I can't seem to play more than 1 match at most without the game freezing. I can still drag the screen, select menu items (but not actually resign the match), but can't play cards. The error can occur at any point in the match, but generally seems to occur mostly either at the drawing cards phase, or when an action plays that attaches a status card. I have reproduced the issue on 2 computers and 4 browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera), and I checked my old Kong account and had the same error there. I emailed support and was told it was probably a network issue, but if so it seems to be a Card Hunter-only network issue because everything else works fine. I know this was an issue a few years back based on old forum posts - is there a fix that will mitigate this issue?

  2. Sir Veza

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    I've had a similar experience that can often be cleared by switching the window size between "Maximum" and "Restore." Another symptom this will usually fix is being unable to type into the vault text box.
    I'm still getting more instances of the game stopping in the "Box Cover" screen and game freezes than I used to.

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