Festering Guts triggered by Traveling Curse

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  1. Player A has 2 chars left (with X hitpoints): A1(6) + A2(21)
    Player B has 1 char left: B1(3)

    Victory points: both have 4

    B1 has Festering Guts attached and A1 is in reach of Festering Guts.
    B1 draws Traveling Curse and gets killed by it - dealing 18 damage to A1.

    Player B lost the game - imho B should have won regarding to http://forums.cardhunter.com/thread...nter-faq-and-glossary.6913/page-9#post-118267

    Game ended at 10:12 UTC on 28.03.2018
  2. Fanturluche

    Fanturluche Thaumaturge

    There is this 'bug' with Festering Guts or Mad Dog in MP where no one gets the victory. It has already been reported multiple times.
    It is probably because the game counts up the victory points after the match and sees both players at 6+ stars (after you count the stars given by the dying festering character). I am curious whether those stars are awarded in the case where player A has less than 4 (in which case we should see no bug). I do not really know where to look for such a score sheet though.
  3. Scarponi

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    Did the other player win (I'm assuming they did). If that's the case I think you're just misreading the FAQ post. See my commentary in the quote below:
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  4. From the battle log:
    Player B was defeated
    Player A was defeated
    a draw?
  5. Happenstance

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    I see how this feels unfair, but I also see how it makes perfect sense within the game rules.

    B1 is dead one action before festering kills A1, so even though both players end up on 6VPs, via an action countback Player B loses all 3 characters before Player A loses his second char. It's a bit like one of those situations where two opposing characters will be killed in the same turn start by terrain, and terrain processes upwards from the bottom of the board (I think!) killing the character closer to the bottom of the board first.

    I'd be really interested in seeing how many league tiebreak points Player A was awarded - although it seems fair that they get 0 points, I expect that they would have been awarded 2.

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