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  1. I just have a couple of comments about terrain and card attachments, as well as rules text and UI for movement.

    Terrain Attachments:
    • Cleansing Burst does not remove Wall of Stone effects, because the latter blocks sight, not sure if this is intentional or not.
    • As of right now, there are cards to counter attachments, in general, but the variety of options is rather limited, and I have had trouble finding the items necessary. After having played through the single player campaign, and several hours of multiplayer, I have three items with the Purge card, which is the only attachment removal card I know of. Because decks are 36 cards, in three or 5 card increments, including Purge in my deck isn't necessarily desirable based on the other cards attached to the items I have. Further, if I don't know my opponents deck ahead of time, including Purge and Cleansing items is risky, as they might prove to just be dead cards. I say this, honestly, as I've noticed a lot of strong parties making use of encumber cards, combined with terrain attachments, as well as Unholy Wellspring.
    Free Move:
    • I personally found the rules text for Free Move to be misleading. I understand it is supposed to be applied to whatever movement is allowed, and encumber removes squares of movement, but the confusion from the text is still there.
    Movement In General:
    • Whenever multiple characters are in adjacent tiles, and I use a movement card, it can be difficult to select the tile underneath my active character, in order to move to the 'facing' step.
    • Again, with encumbrance in mind, I don't understand why there isn't a cancelling option for move cards. When you mouse over a movement card, it displays the full possible range of the move. It is very easy to forget the attached encumbering card, select a movement card, and then realize you have wasted your turn.
    Hope this helps.
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  2. Asquin

    Asquin Kobold

    HOLY PRESENCE removes character attachments for 3 turns. Apprentice Ablution has two of these, in addition to your Purges.

    CLEANSING PRESENCE removes terrain attachments, for example from Cleansing Mirror.

    I agree that you can't rely on finding a good number of these during the campaign, and your other points are good as well.
  3. Doctor Blue

    Doctor Blue Orc Soldier

    Well, seeing as how attachment/terrain cards are rather common, you can't really go wrong including those cards in your deck. ;)

    Same here. I was under the impression that "Free" Move meant I could move under any circumstance, but of course, that's not the case.

    Yup. Which is why I made this: http://www.cardhunter.com/forum/thr...available-movement-while-under-encumber.2365/ suggestion. No one really has left feedback, though. :(
  4. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    From the FAQ thread:
    And yes, it would be handy if the move preview showed the effect of encumbrance.
  5. azelea

    azelea Mushroom Warrior

    Purge really is a very useful card. It not only gets rid of frosty encumbering cards, but also traits such as spark generator, burning effects, but most importantly, some powerful cleric spells as unholy wellspring and holy nimbus.

    It's a card that's helped me win more than one game.

    And I agree on the free move part. Somehow the text is a little confusing.
  6. It seems strange to keep such a confusing mechanic for the existence of three or so cards.

    I would also like to elaborate on my point with respect to attachments. There are very few options card-wise, for removing attachments, at common levels. I must choose one of two for terrain attachments, and one of two for character attachments, as well as Shrug-It-Off. This severely limits deck-building when you consider the fact that these cards are forceably attached to the addition of two others to a deck. Not only do I have few cards, but there is little variety in the "suite" of cards that goes with them. Second, in respect to the argument that attachments are very common and one of these two cards should always be included in a deck, again, because I do not see my opponent's team (for wizards or clerics) ahead of time, I don't know if these cards, constrained as they are, will be useful or not. Then, during the course of play, if I get one of these cards, I have to hold onto it, turn after turn, waiting for my opponent to apply effects to me or their team, using up one of my hand slots. That is a significant use of resources, more than a single card, in a single slot. Certainly, that can all lead to interesting game play decisions, but it generally boils down to - Do they have an all warrior team? If Yes, discard attachment-removal. If No, keep until necessary or game is over.

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