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Discussion in 'Feedback and Suggestions' started by Haloroy, May 29, 2013.

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    I am very much enjoying the game so far but one of the things that is putting me off a small amount is the way characters take turns during combat. Having the ratio of all monsters taking an action to just 1 of your party getting an action seems off balanced. I know that this generally leads to all the monsters burning through their cards in the round faster so that the heroes get more hits afterwards, but it doesn't really feel like its doing anything. I will still use what cards I can in a round, but it feels like its just making me wait to use them. To me so far the "fun" aspect of playing the game is three fold, and playing cards is one aspect of that. So I feel I want to play more cards faster like monsters can. And just to be clear I consider drawing new cards and seeing what i can do in a round, another part of the fun, which would also come around faster i feel if the heroes were all taking an action in a turn, and the third part if getting loot which would be unaffected.

    Again, I am very much still enjoying the game and this is just my initial thoughts on how combat works. This might be something I actually enjoy more once I get further along, but for right now it is slightly off putting.
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    Well, actually this isn't quite how it works.

    There are two types of enemies: single monsters and minions. Single monsters have a deck of their own while each minion group has a shared deck. You can tell if a monster is a minion by looking at the top of the screen:

    In this fight Ig-gabig is a single monster and the kobold warriors are minions (note the 2/2 before the name).

    How the system works is that after you've taken an action, one of the enemy groups gets to play a card, then it's again your turn and so on.
    The only exception and what probably caused the confusion here is that if a minion plays a move card, ALL minions in that group get to move.

    I think it was explained in the tutorial but I don't remember for sure.
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