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    I don't know why, exactly, but I love these maps. I always do well(-ish -er) on them. I reached 1500s and 1600s for the first time during different years with Batford, using totally different parties after different expansions. Even now, I'm literally using a party I did not build for Batford (not my norm), and I still went from mid-1400s to high-1500s in 2 days; that's after not having played ranked since maybe November, and not having regularly played in a while; by "even now," I mean I'm totally enjoying some regular play again. $E^ b

    I've complained some in the past that these maps always got the short end of the stick because Winter maps would override only two weeks into the month. (I don't recall how I missed last year.) But now? All month long! (Presumably.) I'd like to conclude my general feedback in this post with a big ol' hearty

    Thank You! $:^ D

    That is all.
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