Examples of a capable firestorm deck and how to build one.

Discussion in 'Deck Building' started by Stormyknight, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. Stormyknight

    Stormyknight Orc Soldier

    Played around with building a firestorm deck and made this from items i have ill explain why and what i could do to improve them but it works solidly and the only thing i worry about is them knowing if they dont come get me they will die. So i have lots of encumber to slow them all done and move them around and some short range defensive counters if they get close.

    Build focus is to feed the mage's with cards and keep them healed and buffed make sure not to just play firestorm's non-stop unless your able to absorb them or heal it otherwise you will die to although using this build sometimes the games come down close since its all or nothing with the build and you maybe need to kill one of your mages off to take 2 of them down.

    The weakness in the build lies in armor, Heavily armored class's or any player that realises if you can get 4 armor deflection you are negating firestorm's damage. So its a race most players will try to rush your position in turn trading their defense to move but if someone plays defensively and stacks armor or has a solid healer well you just may not be able to out damage them on.


    Frosty Staff x 1, Trembling Staff x 1, Gaudekki's Orb, Rod of Falling Cinders, Firehide Robes, Banik's Bubbling Bauble,
    Stookster's Amulet, Iberials Boots, Perfect Toughness, Untrained Pyromancy.


    Frosty Staff x 1, Xemu's Staff x 1, Gaudekki's Orb, Rod of Falling Cinders, Firehide Robes,
    Yaro's Scepter, Morbo's Pendant, Viras Shoes, Perfect Toughness, Focused Pyromancy


    Knife Of St Blenko, God Touched Spear, Spellthwart Shield, Untouchable Plate, Bertha's Big Clogs,
    St Ulrics Bones, Auric Charm, Demon Charm of the 3rd Circle, Apprentice Ferrocity, Novice Piety.

    So thats it, feed the wizards cards with inspire cycle your priest through his cards eventualy he is all armored up and pumping cards heals and by the time your setup blessed and throwing fire around its game over.

    Lots of changes or improvements i could make but these are the cards i have and it works you could substitute here and there for instance i want some firestorm staffs to replace xemus and trembling and then its just about done, the priest could be substitued with othercards but you must be able to reliably heal most rounds.

    Feel free to post any comments or observations.
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  2. Lusus121

    Lusus121 Goblin Champion

    Don't spread the evil.
  3. spacedust

    spacedust Goblin Champion

    I'm inclined to disagree with this sentiment. Deck tech gets out no matter what. It's possible that we'll see a flood of new players playing only Firestorm decks, in which case I'll be inclined to load up on Heavy Armor or Shimmering or Reliable Mail and go to town if I really wanted MP wins.

    It's true that playing against them is a huge pain in the butt if you're unprepared. And boring, to boot, no matter what. Which explains my recent focus on SP farming instead of MPing. But genie out of the bottle can't be put back.
  4. Eusix

    Eusix Orc Soldier

    I like reading posts like this as I'm a big fan of firestorm. I think it's fun and strategic (in a "I'm nuking the entire site from orbit, I hope my team wins" type of way.)
    The problem with these decks is pulling your wizard's Resistant Hide, and doing enough damage to the other team before they kill you.
    I'm at work, so if I can post my deck later, I will.

    I prefer 2 priest, 1 wizard.
    Also, I prefer to use unholy wellspring to buff firestorm (cuts through armor like butter), but getting all those to work is hit-n-miss.
    This is really why I enjoy a firestorm deck, it's not face-roll, you have to get a little lucky, and you have to use your nukes strategically.

    Nice post though, I hope your deck works well. :)
  5. Megadestructo

    Megadestructo Shark Card

    The only way to properly balance a game is if everyone takes advantage of whatever they can in play. We can see it in action better and determine if something is amiss :)
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  6. ElShafto

    ElShafto Goblin Champion

    Speed kills. And absolute speed kills absolutely. With a firestorm deck you know real early how things are gonna go. :)
  7. Karstedt

    Karstedt Goblin Champion

    That's why I don't mind firestorm decks. Even a 'good' one is hit and miss, and at least it's quick. Most I encounter are crap though.
  8. Nim

    Nim Mushroom Warrior

    Deck has huge, huge consistency problems and doesn't play to what is currently the Wizards greatest strength, namely Trait stacking.

    It's annoying to lose to when it gets perfect draws, but in my experience it misses a lot more than it hits.
  9. Martin K

    Martin K Goblin Champion

    What if the enemy Wizard has Resistant Hide out?
    What if your Resistant Hide gets discarded by Shredding Strike, Boil Armor, Memory Loss etc?
    What if the enemy does manage to get adjacent in round 1?
    What if the ongoing damage is discarded by the enemy's Arrogant Armor?
    What if the enemy outheals you?
    What if you need to play an enemy Firestorm deck?
  10. Karstedt

    Karstedt Goblin Champion

    Use firestorm to end it quickly.
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  11. Oberon

    Oberon Hydra

    This appears a capable firestorm deck. But, like a lot of strategies it improves with specific items (many of which are Legendary). Wym's Lavastaff really helps with consistency, as do any of the 3 legendary arcane items with multiple firestorms. Volcano pairs really well with a firestorm strategy; opponents are pressed to get to your mages so often leave themselves open to a late turn Volcano. And once you can get more firestorms out of other items, it's easier to dedicate space to armor removal.

    If you can't get more firestorms in your decks, than you can always try to get more damage out of the ones you have. Consider using Unholy Wellspring as a method to increase the damage for each of your firestorms. It makes the deck faster, though it can be challenging to stay alive.

    To be honest though, given various changes, I have doubts firestorm can currently be all that great in MP.
  12. Nim

    Nim Mushroom Warrior

    The problem with this mentality is that as your rating climbs consistency becomes more and more crucial. You drop so much elo from a single loss thatfast games don't mean as much as reliably winning 70-80% of the time.

    Of course this is predicated on the idea that rating gain is your objective. If your goal is to grind chests, it is a different matter.
  13. duking

    duking Kobold




    draw and kill them with firestorm plus volcano.
    If they have Armour savage up and use 8 damage firestorm to break them.
    Heal with inspiring and team heals to win the war of attrition.
    If they have resistance Armour kill everyone else and 3v1 him.
    If they whirlwind you you lose.
    If they get to you in the first turn you also lose( most likely) unless you draw enough damage cards to repel him but at least the game would be short.

    PS: i wish this was my real account too but its just my test account lol
  14. Karstedt

    Karstedt Goblin Champion

    Rating gain is... overrated.
  15. Nim

    Nim Mushroom Warrior

    Multiplayer offers two inducements, chests and rating. If you have all or most of the stuff you need from chests then rating it is.

    I also find something sordid about purposefully playing weaker decks or tanking rating for the sake of more expedient chest generation.
  16. Karstedt

    Karstedt Goblin Champion

    I don't feel that I'm playing weaker decks at the 1200-1300 range... of course my decks aren't that strong. When I was at 1500, I felt that most people had much better cards than me.
  17. Oberon

    Oberon Hydra

    Did you keep track of how much Pizza you spent on the test server, considering you have 4 Knife Of St. Blenko ? There are some builds I really wanted to test with 4-6 of these knives, so consider me jealous.


    My math assumes, roughly 220 non-treasure legendaries at the moment. Assuming an average of 1 legendary item per 3 epic chests, would require upwards of 3520 chests for a chance at having 4 of each Legendary. Of course this doesn't guarantee 4X of each legendary, but I want to keep it simple.

    3520 chests * 150 pizza is 528000 pizza. Bought at the best rate that would cost 13,900 American dollars. Or you could play enough MP each day to get your free epic chest, and it would take about 10 years.

    I'm not saying you would never see a player with this type of collection in the real world, but I have to wonder how many there would be? Anyone notice if Jon's bought a new Porsche recently?
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  18. duking

    duking Kobold

    Hmm i didn't quite keep track but i do know its around 4 hours of non stop chest opening and that the interface start to lag really hard when you try to edit your setup. The scroll down button stopped working as well due to how lag it was. I got lucky with the knife as there are some legendary that i only had one of.
  19. Moogle Stiltzkin

    Moogle Stiltzkin Mushroom Warrior

    i've build and used a firestorm group of a priest and 2 wizards all dwarves naturally.

    the priest is a healer/nimbuser/tanker/melee dpser.

    firestorm decks work great for monkey wars and the other modules below that. But it gets hard for .....

    1. the tree maps, lots of hp to burn, and their nukes are nasty.
    2. the armored ice trolls in the lower level maps i think lv 7 ?
    3. dragon ? i use a different build (not firestorm) to take him on.
    4. cardstock review (same like the dragon, i don't use fs for it)
    5. the astral shrhine too is a pain in the butt. lots of hp to burn, and they nuke hard.

    i mix in firestorm and volcanos which works well together.
  20. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    Um, so playing a game just for fun is completely off the scope? :confused:

    For low level FS SP farming I use a 1st level dwarf mage with three items.
    Mullik's Blisterstaff
    Brin's Storm Locket
    Iberial's Boots

    The 12 card rotation is pretty good. Forgetfulness isn't too useful here, but Force Cone helps a lot. Twice the damage of Barge, has a range of 2, can hurt up to 8 targets and move up to 5, but only slides them 1 instead of 2 as Barge would.

    He runs with either a dwarf or human cleric and another dwarf mage, and works okay until about level 8 (Xorr), at which point it's a race to see if he can get any firestorms off before he's eaten by the kitchen dogs.

    I'm still farming for more multiple tokenless (at this level) FS items and finding lots of Antioch's Figurines and Relics of St. Darqar. Nine so far, anyway.

    Is level 5 weighted toward divine items, or is it just a few of us who get stacks of them?

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