Dwarf Draw-Limit deck

Discussion in 'Deck Building' started by OldManRigney, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. OldManRigney

    OldManRigney Kobold

    by request:

    The Mop
    Level 23 Dwarf Wizard

    Level 1 Dwarf Wizard

    Level 1 Dwarf Priest
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  2. Sir Veza

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    Wow. I haven't played MP in years, but it's hard to mistake the focus of this one. Good show!
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  3. Frostguard

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    I don't think I've commented on deck ideas on the forums before, I haven't even played ranked in ages, but I've decided to butt in here just to ask a question that's been pestering me for ages about this sort of thing.

    I like what I'm seeing here, and I've seen how well fire wizards pair with card draw. What bothers me the most here is... Why Robes of White Wylla? Why do people put that item on fire wizards? I'm not saying it's not a good effect in general, I'm saying I don't think it's worth a yellow token for fire wizards.

    The majority of your damage is coming from Firestarter-boosted burn damage, which is unaffected by Arcane Shell. Sure, the initial damage is increased, but that's negligible except in Ember Burst's case, and you only have four of those. Even so, I'd argue that I'm pretty sure that your damage output would benefit more from a different choice.

    The first thing I'd consider is using tokenless robes (possibly with cycling), or Cape of Dark Magic but since you have a lot of card draw anyway, I think a much more interesting idea is using robes with Mystical Wyrmhide or Magical Drakehide to protect your Firestarter from being knocked off by enemy attachments (priest debuffs, cold wizards, opposing fire wizards, the occasional Fiery Stab, what-have-you). Or you can use Robes of Foz for movement if that's what you want, especially because personally I'd use Subterranean Ferocity on a fire wizard instead of Superb Ferocity to free up a token for arcane items.

    That's the other thing, I'm a bit skeptical about Klonox's Warper, though I haven't tried it (I'm also strongly biased against Firestorm, so there's that), but I would also guess that a single copy of Illusory Barrier is not that beneficial. I understand that a lot of card draw lets you run more Instant Burn and Accelerate Time as it becomes less likely that you're stranded with only Instant Burns and no actual burn spells in your hand, but I'm pretty sure that you wouldn't miss one copy of Accelerate Time since you already have four Instant Burns, one Accelerate Time, and two more Accelerates on the other wizard. I'd personally try Rantic's Orb instead of Klonox's Warper, move a blue token to arcane item and try maybe Avakiria's Cup if you have that, or something similar.

    Just my two (dozen) cents.
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  4. Eulalia

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    Thanks for the build! I played 20 matches with this build today, won 17 of them. Seems great for the current map rotation.

    I did play White Wylla, and I liked it. The extra damage may be minor, but it being a Free Card is so nice with all the draws you get every round.

    I didn't play Klonox's Warper (don't have it), so I subbed in a second Flame Warper. No complaints there. Also went with White Flame over Overheated Staff (don't have it) with the extra token from swapping in Subterranean Ferocity.

    Somehow, through 20 matches, I never played Team Walk and only drew it once. I think the priest boots could be Hawkwinds, but I'm not sure where to spend that extra minor token.
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