Dragons Differences [Scenario]

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Which expansion is better?

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    Dragon Differences
    By: Potatus
    At a "casual" dragon meeting.
    Mr.Blizkenrriper:Attack of the artifact is the best expansion, just look at those adventurers trying again and again to complete the Black Plume Mountain 1 HP quest... "Insert Evil laughter" ... The basic modules are so easy to beat no challenge at all.
    Mr.Greenfang :Attack of the artifact ruined Cardhuntria reputation by introducing items like Blue Destruction, Staff Of A Millions Embers and the worst of them all "Insert Dramatic Music": Searing Pain....
    Mr.Blizkenrriper: "Cough" "cough" Skull Of Savage Iljin "cough" "cough" plus the basic adventures last battle was lame.
    Mr.Xanthicius: Me lame???? Insolent AotA fool! To arms!


    Mr.Blizkenrriper: Well now that I'm the only dragon left might as well take all the treasures.

    1000 years later Mr.Blizkenrriper became a associate with a certain company called: Acquisition Inc. ......

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    where is greenfang in the enemies list? I'm trying to create my own scenario with the three dragons.

    [edit] Found it under demo dragon
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