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    Hi everybody, I've finally decided to share yet another of my crazy builds. This idea started when I've got two Laser Rapiers from the Citadel chests. Soon enough I had to agree that Nova Axe is better most of the time... but I don't give up easily, and something should prove the preciousness of my loot :) Here it is, my crazy (but very effective as usual) warrior build based on two Laser Rapiers. I've called her Asajj Ventress, the only character with dual laser swords I know :)
    The build idea is simple: to abuse the moving blocks. If you can move as a reaction to the opponent's attack, that's a great advantage. If you can move yourself and move the enemy char as a reaction, that's even better! Asajj can do both, and frequently, as she has three Surging Shield Blocks and three Disorienting Blocks. And one extra Pushback Parry.
    Another idea is my old goal: to build a warrior that breaks the old tradition of "you can't have more than 3 blocks". Asajj has seven blocks, so the traditional tactics "play weak attack first to lure out your block" will fail almost inevitably. Asajj will frequently have two blocks in hand, and even if she would have only one, she isn't going to simply stay like a sitting duck - she is very nimble. Most importantly, the blocks will rarely hurt her ability to fight, as you can use extra Surging Shield Blocks to move - and she still has a lot of good attacks.

    Laser Rapier (majortoken)(majortoken)
    Laser Rapier (majortoken)(majortoken)
    Bolg's Big Iron Plate (minortoken)(minortoken)
    Captain Cedric's Helm
    Jaguar Buckler (minortoken)
    Xander's Mail
    Diamond Moccasins (minortoken)
    Raging Battler
    Novice Impaling

    Attacks (15)
    Laser Thrust *4
    Laser Cutdown *4
    Fiery Stab *2
    Strong Bludgeon *4
    Penetrating Cut

    Blocks (7)
    Disorienting Block * 3
    Surging Shield Block *3
    Pushback Parry

    Armor (8)
    Reliable Mail *3
    Officer's Harness *4
    Sparkling Cloth Armor

    Traits (4)
    Blind Rage * 2
    Impaler * 2

    Moves (2)
    Quick Run
    Brutal Charge

    Playing Asajj is very interesting. She's uber annoying to the opponents who had never played against a large number of blocks. As for the effectiveness, she cannot boast the best damage rating or the best movement, but she really excels in "hit-and-run" tactics. I guess she would be most effective in the Volcano builds, to guard your wizards and to move the enemies back to the volcanoes when they think they had managed to avoid them :) You may also try an 1-1-1 party with a radiation priest.
    Asajj is very good in chasing the wizards. If the enemy wizard fired at her from 6 squares, the distance immediately closes to 4 squares if one of her Surging Shield Blocks/Disorienting Blocks triggered. If she also had any card from her boots, she would attack the wizard on the next turn. Few non-elves could do that.
    I am going to use Asajj with my Lunginator warrior to fix their weaknesses. Asajj can move the enemy to the Beast to be lunginated, while the Beast can allow her to perform coup de grace with Laser Cutdown. If you manage to make the opponent to attack Asajj (and lose his attack cards on her blocks), you're on the road to victory.

    The final note: try to avoid playing Brutal Charge just for movement. Asajj has eight cards that can help you to deal damage with it: six blocks, Quick Run and Sparkling Cloth Armor. If you want more fun (but less stability), you can even try Boots Of Etzicatl. I believe they are going to be more effective on some maps with the long narrow corridors.

    That's all. Enjoy the build and let the Force be with you!
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  2. Deepweed

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    Why not an elf? There seems to be a huge advantage in using an elf here. First, your opponent would think you're squishy, when you're not. Second, Cautious Mobility can draw a slew of powerful cards - those 4 Laser Thrusts, your Quick Run, and 3 Surging Shield Blocks. 9 out of 32 is sufficient density to nearly consistently draw a card.

    Nice touch with the Jaguar Buckler - before this build I didn't know this item existed. It seems pretty sweet!
  3. Ector

    Ector Hydra

    I've though about that, but decided to keep Blind Rages. I will definitely try your idea, as the current maps favor movement.

    Actually, I was surprised myself :) Initially I've planned to use Bloodshield Of Xoc, but the Jaguar Buckler appeared to be much better.
  4. I actually have a warrior with a deck with 11 Traits and 9 Blocks (If you count Block, Soldier! as a Block), could go up to 10 Blocks if I were running Dwarf instead of human but I really need Run, specially in Waterways where that build shines. The difference is that I have 0 mobility on that one; it's more about having a big, dumb guy defend the point forever, but this build you have is all about the nuanced positioning

    I'd say keep the Dwarf for this one. Blind Rage gives your cards more damage, which you have a low average of. It also will hurt you less commonly that it will other warriors because of your high amount of blocks and strong, reactive movement cards that let you get in. No doubt that Mobility is brutal for this but i'd rather have Mobility in a deck with more move cards rather than with high quality move cards just to continuously pile up punishment. Plus, it's the race that people don't expect to be nimble and that wizards just really like to bully, and they can get thoroughly punished for that

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