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    First time sharing a build, this was my first really successful build I came up with for constructed leagues. Last time Death March came around it was in the 80-90% success range. However this time it was much less, maybe 60-70% so not bad, but I thought I would share it. General plan was a terrain/control wiz, cleansing ray priest and a charging warrior who had some mobility. There are a few legendaries (particularly on the priest), but nothing irreplaceable except Illusion
    It worked great against other 1-1-1 teams and double/triple wizards that used to be popular last time around. Weaknesses this time have been against a cold wiz with two draw/unholy wellspring priests (although some of those were my poor play) and terrain wiz + 2x mobile Dwarf warriors. There is also a few somewhat similar teams around where it can be a bit of a toss up on who gets their cards.
    I am also won one, lost one v Rinco which is always a good test ;)

    I often tweaked the items a bit based on preference - ran a DWiz for a while but this was a fairly typical build. Now, time to try something new!

    Level 24 Human Warrior

    Level 24 Human Priest

    Level 18 Human Wizard
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    Blasting amulet is cheating. That's why my build has 4 of them.
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    Gone are the days of Wall of Stone and global WW and WWE as the counter. Oh, well.

    This is still a one-string-violin of a map, so play that string for all you're worth.
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