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  1. In the first version I had 2x2 victory squares right in the center. It didn't help. And the major problem was that because the AI really hates doors, he actually left the victory square he was controlling in order to kill a door. I then increased the size of the victory square area to what it is now, so that even when the AI goes to his door killing rampage, he never leaves the victory square.

    Hm.. I haven't tried anything like that. It could work. But it could also lead to AI standing there like an idiot, trying to reach the victory square. I'll have to try it out.

    I think that BM should change the AI so that doors are low priority. I don't see any situation where the AI should attack a door instead of a player character standing next to it. Only time they should attack doors is if there are no player characters in range.
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    I tryed the 3 scenarios :)

    First one. was prety easy..the Ai focused to much on the doors and leave my chars alone to do the killing
    The second one: for me it has the hardest one...a mix of bad matchups, bad draws and poor decisions gave me a defeat
    The Third one: was the must fun, i lost due to vp's...me and enemy team where missing one each, i tought i had it draw..but i lost to a door and a ogre (2 vps) againt my 2 guys.

    In my opinion the idea of the doors is cool, but seems to work prety bad with the Ai. maybe remove then and try unite the arenas with hard terrain?
  3. I wanted to make the first scenario easy so that it would be a kind of introduction to what this adventure is all about. But yea it could be that the first one is a bit too easy, even for an introductory scenario. I might look into it at some point. The third one should be the most difficult one, but the second one can be difficult too if you are unlucky.

    I'm not going to get rid of the doors because they are basically the only thing that make the scenario unique. While the AI doesn't fully understand what it's supposed to do, it doesn't do anything that would consider a bug either. Bad strategy is not a big deal imo as long as the scenario is challenging and fun. Bigger deal, and something that would have to be fixed, would be if the AI just stood there doing nothing, like it did in the early version of this adventure.

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