[Custom Scenario] Ogre Mind Control Facility

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  1. Ogre Mind Control Facility


    Evil elven twins are planning to take over the world. Using their diabolical mind control device, the elves are building an army of subservient and fearsome ogre warriors.

    The Goblin King is not too happy about this. He does not want to see his friends turned into slaves, so he gathers a raiding party to defeat the evil elves and destroy the mind control facility.

    "Help, we are under attack!" cries the human servant as a group of bloodthirsty Goblin Hulks kick in the door.

    Help the evil elves defend the mind control facility against the goblin raiding party!

    WARNING - Heavy spoilers !!!

    I recommend you try the scenario first, then continue reading further.

    This scenario is based on a simple trick that can be done using the card Teleport Other.

    Starting position is this: Elves are running their machine, and the servant is facing certain death. Goblins are attacking from 3 different directions. At the center of the room is the mind control device which is keeping four ogres trapped. Two of the ogres are friendly and two are hostile. Red "light" (lava) indicates friendly ones and blank "light" (empty plate) indicates hostile ones.

    All four ogres are trapped in a 2x2 cell surrounded by impassable terrain, and the only way to get them out is to use Teleport Other. If you cannot get the ogres out, they are completely useless, and you will lose. Getting one ogre out will give you a good chance to finish the scenario - getting both out will pretty much guarantee a win. The two enemy ogres are there just for show and have no effect on the outcome, unless you are dumb enough to release them instead of the friendly ogres :)

    Because this scenario is based on Teleport Other, it is naturally crucial to get that card as soon as possible. This is why I used 2 elves instead of the original 1, and it's also why I added the servant (Raise the Alarm). Chances to get that card during the first two rounds are pretty high, but you will get draws where you do not get Teleport Other. In this case you can try to run away from the goblins and maybe survive a bit longer, but you will most likely lose. This is of course a problem but there's not much I can do about it. If I added a 3rd elf, it would be too easy.

    TIPS (if you need them):
    - Goblin Grunts have tons of blocks so use all damage spells on Goblin Hulks instead
    - Use Ogres to stop Goblin Grunts
    - Try to avoid Goblin King if possible (he hits hard)
    - After you have released both Ogres, you can use any leftover Teleport Other to move Goblin King or Goblin Hulk in one of the empty cells. They will be trapped and useless for the rest of the battle. It's both effective and funny.
    - the servant will die no matter what you do. Just use the Raise the Alarm (if you have any) and say goodbye to him
    - Center of the map (the machine) is difficult terrain - keep that in mind when moving the Ogres
    - Killing Goblin Hulks gives you two victory points, twice what you get from Grunts.


    Please post ideas for improvement or other comments.

    I'm especially interested in feedback about how difficult it was. Also please let me know if the game freezes while you play this scenario (because of the amount of creatures).

    And I wouldn't mind if someone had a better flavor text. My writing skills are not great :)



    How to load a custom scenario

    1. Download the file (.scn) below on your computer
    2. Go to multiplayer
    3. Click "Create Custom Game"
    4. Click "Load..." and find the file you just downloaded
    5. Click "Create Game"

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  2. tuknir

    tuknir #3 in Spring PvP Season

    i tryed it, but got utterly crushed, didnt draw the teleport card and the man at arms bite the dust on the first round..maybe you should make him respawn further away from the mobs?

    I liked the fact that the wiz was fireball spell, but the damn goblins have block missile, its rage quittinggggg :p
  3. Jarmo

    Jarmo Snow Griffin

    Thanks for a flavourful scenario, Boo! I played it twice. First time I got the teleport spell for both elves. I promptly teleported an ogre to stop the little goblins at the doorway. After a couple more cards played (using the second teleport on the same ogre) I realized it was a black-based ogre. I resigned.

    On the second attempt I got no teleports at the start. Next round I got one and the ogre lived long enough to kill a few hulks. The elves tossed a couple of fireballs and even hit a few goblins and softened a hulk. The elves were surrounded after the ogre died and defeat seemed certain but only 2-3 more stars were needed. Somehow one elf ran free and got a teleport next round. The second ogre went toe-to-toe with the king and a hulk and outlived them both by one hit. Victory!

    The difficulty felt ok and the match was fun!
  4. That "man at arms" is actually a human servant, and yes, he's supposed to die :) The reason I added him in the scenario is that he usually has those Raise The Alarm which slightly increases the chances of getting Teleport Other. The problem is that if I put the servant in a place where he will survive, he can keep using that Raise The Alarm every round which will make the scenario a lot easier. So that is why I gave him this suicide mission. And it also serves as a brutal start to show that the goblins mean business.

    But contrary to what I said before, the servant doesn't always die. I have tested the scenario for 30+ times and the servant has always died during the first round. But right after I posted this topic, I managed to somehow keep him alive until the end. Looks like it is possible if you can move an Ogre next to the Hulks right away and the Hulk do not care about the servant. It's highly unlikely though.

    Not getting the Teleport Other is indeed a problem, but there is no cure for that. Unfortunately I cannot have it so that it is guaranteed that the card will appear. All I can do is to find a balance between too easy and too hard. Some draws will kill you and there is nothing you can do about that but that is true with nearly all scenarios. With this scenario it is just more visible because you are looking for that one specific card.

    Thanks for the play-by-play commentary. :) This scenario enables some pretty fun matches, mainly because there are so many enemies. I've had a couple of crazy battles myself. Nothing is better then being surrounded by 20+ Goblins and then finally get the Teleport Other, move the Ogre in the middle of the Goblins, and destroy them all :)
  5. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    Haven't played it yet, but I really like the design of the mind control device.
  6. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader

    Yeah the map looks beautiful. I'm going to try it out soon :)

    EDIT: Played, and won with little difficulty—stalled for a turn, then drew two teleports and got both ogres online. Using some tactics with the ogres' trait that deals damage when creatures die, I cleared the board within the turn. But it was still fun to figure out, and it didn't feel easy by any measure. Awesome scenario design, and great map.

    I don't suppose the AI would know how to teleport the friendly ogres out of the cages? Because I feel like it'd be pretty fun to run the other side of the encounter...
  7. neoncat

    neoncat Feline Outline

    I played a first round using several Teleport Others in an attempt to save the watch boy (got him to the middle of the map, actually, before he was swarmed...). I spent a few rounds grumbling to myself about how there were two perfectly good Ogres sitting there trapped (silly map designer! :p) while I was now having to dance around the room with Teleport Selfs and snipe at the hoards.

    Then I drew another Teleport Other, and it all clicked... and I squee!-ed like a fangirl as I set the Ogres loose. Mayhem! :D Chaos! :D Mindless Battlerage feedback loops clearing out 8 enemies at once! :D My elves teleported into an empty containment cell, just to be safe, and did some sniping themselves.

    Thank you! I was grinning the whole time. I was actually sad when I unexpectedly hit the VP limit even though half of the hordes remained thoroughly un-squished.

    The map is easy once you figure out the trick, but I think that's okay. Once you figure out the puzzle, you get to have some fun as a reward. ^_^ If you were able to extend the VP limit further, it would feel a bit more like a full battle, with one or both of the Ogres being taken down.

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