[Custom Scenario] Icy Summonings!

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  1. Setting:
    This takes place a few maps after Forest Sinkhole.

    After battling your way through an underground temple you notice the temperature begin to drop. Following the cold you begin to hear Trog chants mixed with the vile giggling of imps. The air becomes colder the closer you get. When you reach the source you find that the Trogs are using the energies of imps and sprites to summon a greater demon into this world! The demon gains strength with every moment, but if you act fast you can defeat it before it finally crosses the dimensional portal!


    With the icy fiends slain, you interrogate the dieing Trogs, but they fail to make any sense as they slip into the next life.
    Afterward you think to yourself, "Just how did the Trogs gain enough knowledge to perform such a ritual?" "To whom would this ritual benefit?" "How long will it take to get Trogs blood off of my boots?"

    *Arrogant Armor is a highly prized possession on this level.

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