[Custom Maps] Two for multiplayer: Lost Chapel and Sibling Rivalry

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    I've made a couple multiplayer maps with ideas from here and here. Unfortunately, I just missed a kind person who would have been able to help me test, so I'm releasing these into the wild with only minor testing. I hope they're fun!

    . . .


    You hear tell of a chapel built deep in the woods. Its congregation was strange forest folk and its altar held a mysterious power. After much searching, you find the chapel still standing and prepare to sieze its power for your own--but across the way you spy another expedition with the same goal! You feel compelled to claim the altar at all costs. However, in the back of your mind, you can't help but wonder why no one else has done so . . .

    For this map, I tried to stagger the squares and make positioning therein matter. Note that the altar is Impassable, not Blocked.

    Lost Chapel.jpg

    I wonder whether the Victory Squares should be in the middle of the map instead, but if so I still think this staggered setup (against a Blocked wall) could be fun. Next:


    You are having a sleepover with two heavily-armed friends in your parents' expensive manor house. Across the hall is your sibling, your only competitor for the family fortune, who is also having a sleepover. With two heavily-armed friends. You are woken in the middle of the night by loud thudding and banging, and you hear your parents shout "Alright, kids! We're sick of you two bickering over our money, so have at it! Call us in the morning!" . . .

    For this, I just wanted to make a version of the "Cave" multiplayer map that didn't have too many Victory Squares for the number of "chess pieces."

    Sibling Rivalry.jpg

    And in the end I REALLY like the map.

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