[Custom Map] Sealed Demon.

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  1. A simple map where 3 characters are trying to stop a sealed demon from escaping.

    No story as of yet.


    The raggedy temple does not have a hole in the ceiling since the summoning circle is meant to give off its own glow.

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    Nice shadow work, but should the glow from the summoning circle be a bit more circular? Is that even possible?
  3. It is possible, but not with something that large.
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    Hey! You stole my idea! (from a map I haven't made yet...)
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  5. A twilight version (making the glow more pronounced).

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  6. The finished product.

    Setting: You take control of Carolinia and her two summoned Sparkler helpers to stop a demon from escaping. This takes place many ages ago.

    Carolinia has been tasked with investigating reports of an urgent nature from the village near an ancient shrine. Upon arriving she sees that Kobold and Lizardman priests are weakening the bindings around a sealed demon! The demonic circle glows with unnatural light as the priests remove the final binding talismans from around the demon! What they want with the demon is of no concern to her, but she must put a stop to them before the demon is allowed to run free. Carolinia and her summoned helpers attack!


    A twilight variant:

    With a shriek of pain, the demon collapses into dust. Carolinia wipes sweat from her brow and phases her helpers away. When investigating the circle she finds a loose floorboard with a cache of valuables hidden underneath it.

    *The kobold should pose no trouble for you, so ignore it and focus your firepower on the demon.

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