[Custom Map: PVE] Pengw1n Presents: The Book of Faces

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  1. Pengw1n

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    Edit: And I manage to post in the wrong forums - that's what I get for being longwinded!

    This was previously posted as PVE Playtesting, but as there's no possibility to rename threads and I couldn't possibly miss out on opportunity to mess around with creative thread names now, could I?

    Either way, here's my first PVE map in three different flavours (vanilla, licorice and the third could have been bacon - but since no Armored War Pigs were harmed in the making I settled for tofu): Casual, Hardcore and Quest.

    tBof_C.jpg (Here's a peek at the mildest of the 3 versions aka the Casual one)

    Thriple Threat Info: The Book of Faces (C) could be played with a multiplayer party set for 18, or possibly even a campaign party from levels 10+ depending on how you want your game served. The HC variant, which is the real adventure, isn't made to be impossible rather than a quirky and somewhat annoying challenge and the Q version is more of a test of your wits and supports unusual deckbuilding (won't spoil).C and HC use the regular version of the map, and Q has the _Q addendum.

    Custom "rules": Don't bring Firestorm, Volcano, Whirlwind or Whirlwind Enemies as that risks breaking the map and any enjoyment of it pretty easily. Play nice (and don't bring intentionally broken decks)!

    Story Premise: The brave adventurers find themselves waking up in a very bad place, and have to escape before they succumb fully to the unspeakable evil that is - the Book of Faces.

    "The adventurers are hired by an old scholar to help destroy an evil book that his research claims lies dormant in a nearby temple. Before entering the resting place of the dark artifact, the old man gives the party a potion to enable them to avoid the lures of the wicked texts and whispering faces therein - and then it all turns dark. It's a trap! Left to die to power the unholy scripture - the unlucky friends claw themselves from slumber and struggle to escape before it's too late!"


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  2. Phaselock

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    Very nice map ! :)

    Well, call the Man of Steel to move threads ? .... erm..., I mean Megadestructo...Man of Steel renamed his account settings...:oops:

    This could actually be a feature of the scenario builder, ie, banned cards. Maybe have it check the players MP decks at invite stage to filter...hmm. Now for the Book of Twits... ;)

    someone needs to start a custom scenario repository...*Phaselock pokes Farbs...
  3. Pengw1n

    Pengw1n Moderately Informed Staff Member

    Thanks! And yeah, having custom rules allowing banning of certain cards or builds would be an awesome feature - making for more "challenging" maps.
  4. grolibus

    grolibus Kobold

    This map is veeeeery pretty, but no fun at all.
    It's really an obstacle course with tons of slowing monsters and victory points accumulating slowly but surely at the other end.
    The worst part is when you've killed all the monsters and now you just have to move as fast as you can, turn after turn after turn, until you reach the door.

    I made it just in time, but it would have been much less annoying to consider the game won when all the enemies are dead *save the door*.

    As a player playing the monsters against another player, I had some fun making those zombies explode, though ^^
    An AI would never keep the second one in reserve for a second blast or exploding the zombies on the player by killing them yourself from afar... Very unzombielike, but VERY efficient.
  5. Pengw1n

    Pengw1n Moderately Informed Staff Member

    I made this map to try to work around the "Kill all the monsters and win". So yes, it's an intentional obstacle course, with the intent of maybe forcing people to deckbuild towards speed et c.

    Glad you liked the map, even if you didn't "enjoy" it. :)
  6. Wozarg

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    I refuse to try this as i have promised my self not to use facebook and one of the files is named that... I will however download them all and by the way of forgotten evil magic change the name and then partake!

    Also is it simple to control the mosters? i just got a friend in and hes a bit lonely but dont want me stomping on him in pvp?
  7. Pengw1n

    Pengw1n Moderately Informed Staff Member

    It's just like playing regular characters, so very simple! Just set the other player to not use ai.
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  8. Wozarg

    Wozarg Thaumaturge

    Excellent thanks

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