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    @OP: It would be nice if you added possible alternative items for people who don't have all the items listed or want a slightly different take, maybe with rarer items
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    At some point, once you progressed and collected rarer gear, you'll have to make due without someone holding your hand.
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    I've been doing that, ***. I'm trying to learn the cards, get a feel for what can be substituted and why, so I can do it better.

    In any case, that doesn't obviate the need for alternative item suggestions for the guide to be suitable for newer players (important as this is the best build I've seen for early item gathering), and even experienced players might find inspiration in the suggestions.

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    For example, I don't have all the commons and uncommons here, can't check the stores every day, but I have a few epics and legendaries which fit similar niches to suggested items, and a few more common cards that I'm making do with. I'd also love to see a discussion of variants like warrior/warrior/support priest (mass frenzy, team heal, inspiration/leadership/Delegate).
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    Thank you.
  7. I would call Nova Axe a must have weapon and what Pawn said is true, this seems like the month of 2 warrior, 1 priest. Which is good because wizards tend to have the most expensive setups if you want a good one.
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    I've used Laser Rapier with varying degrees of success, at times. I figured having 2 of them was a good reason to tinker.
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    The issue is that you can't just place higher quality cards on something like that. Level 21 items would be 2x7, 2x11, and 2x13. Greater rarity indicates greater attention and complexity, but not always greater power. We have an item that WISHES to be simple and easy by being close to min-maxed in terms of damage. The only method to increase average damage is to add qualities like blind anger, which enable more points into other attacks.

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