Cult Initiation

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    After having walked the Path of a Thousand Knives, endured the Parade of Poisonous Pygmies and won a match of Sharkbear Wrestling, your final trial in the Tcotzak Blood Cult Initiation is here.

    Dressed in initiate's robes and covered in the initiate's ritualistic paint, your final trial is a match to test your bloodletting skills. You stand face-to-face with two venerable Chupacabras, talented masters of the vampiric and hypnotic arts, alongside the Holy Beast Tsastii, taster of many foods and invader of personal space.

    The head of the Blood Cult, the Bloody Bishop, is watching on from afar, ready with an arsenal of curses and boons to truly test your skills.

    Can you succeed in the Cult Initiation and prove your worth to the Maztecian Blood Gods?


    With the defeated Chupacabras and Tsastii at your feet, the Bloody Bishop congratulates you on your victory from afar. You are allowed to bathe in the blood of the Holy Tsastii and take great joy in it. The Bloody Bishop informs you of your new status as full-fledged Blood Priests and Disciples and presents you with gifts befitting your new status.

    -You can use Hemorrhage and Open Wound to prevent the Chupacabras from restoring their health as well as shut down the Bloody Bishop's Twin Heals.
    -Bad Luck can be used to reduce the Chupacabras' chance to Dodge and the Tsastii's chance to get a successful armour roll.
    -Your ranged blocks can help against the Bloody Bishop's curses but won't work while in mud terrain. Tsastii also can't block if it moves into muddy terrain.
    -Tsastii can't reach across the one-tile bridge stairs, so there is no rush to engage it.
    -Run, Team! is unaffected by Halt and Maze of the Mind.
    -Tsastii has a Reflecting Block, so be careful not to let a Blood Priest get afflicted with Open Wound and unable to restore health.

    This map was inspired by the relative lack of low-level AotA representation in Mauve Manticore as well as a chance to use the anti-healing Hemorrhage and Open Wound. Plus the Blood Priests have funny voice acting.

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    Did it on first attempt. Lost one disciple to the chubacabras. Had not much problem taking out the tsatii. Nice looking board.
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  3. Did it on first too, but lost a set of disciples. After killing the chupacabras, taking out the Tsastii took a bit longer because the priest healed it and it stacked two armors. I believe the difficulty is just right for a MM submission.
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