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    The finals of the hundredth annual cooking competition - Cardhuntrian Culinary Contest C - are here!

    In the south corner, representing the Gastronomers Guild, it's Chef Ramses! A seasoned chef, with even more seasoned food, some say a bite of his food is as a bite of the divine ambrosia of the gods! Others claim his food prefers to bite than to be bitten! Regardless, it's a sight to see and to taste!

    In the north corner, representing Lord Cadford & Co. Catering, it's the Garcotto Quintuplets! What they lack in proper hygiene and adherence to kitchen maintenance protocol they more than make up for in hotheaded brawn and numbers! What scheme have these crooked cooks cooked up this time?!

    Why, it seems one of the Garcotto Quintuplets has issued a challenge and stepped past the cordoned area, a clear violation of the rules!



    Culinary Contest? More like Culinary Conquest! The quality of properly prepared food will always win out over a quantity of chops and lunges! Certainly the demonic seasonings had nothing to do with it.

    And to the victor go the spoils! The sweet taste of victory, a chance to prepare some Garcotto Filet au Mignon and a chest bearing this year's first prize!

    -Chef Ramses can only add seasonings to his Meals, not to himself, so if he perishes then his meals are sitting ducks.
    -Be mindful of Frosting Storm. It can do 12 if damage combined with Evil Salt but it also hits the Meal using it and any allies in range. Paired with both Evil Salt and Dark Butter, it might be possible to hit all allies and take no damage! A triple-seasoned miracle!
    -Meals have excellent mobility and can easily form a wall between the Garcottos and Ramses while just as easily slipping out of combat using their Free Movement.
    -Use difficult terrain to your advantage. Unlike Ramses with his Leaps and Meals with their Free Movement, Gargottos have difficulty getting pas difficult terrain.

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    I found this fun, but ultimately pretty easy. I'd love to see a version where the opposed team of chefs have whipped up a Werecake for you to fight - maybe swap out a few of the Garcottos as sacrificies to the dark gods of pastries, just to make it fair, but that sounds like quite the challange to me. Alternately, you could have a map where all the meals and such are minion teams, and respawn every turn, and it's a couple of singleton chefs who... hm.

    Maybe I'll just modify yours and post a couple up, rather than just suggesting stuff. These sound like fun.
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    Made one! Try it out, tell me what you think! The Meals are minions, so watch out - the re-energizing effect of the Chef's Toppings are relevant. Enemy Slice Beasts respawn and reward no points - you lose if your chef dies, and enemy loses if their chef and the Werecake die.

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