Cry me a river...

Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Doctor Jack, Oct 1, 2013.

  1. Doctor Jack

    Doctor Jack Mushroom Warrior

    This afternoon i dropped this:


    And my face was like this:


    Did it happen to someone else? I'm certainly not the only one without the club membership so you're all free to use this thread to share your sadness.
  2. Thorik

    Thorik Kobold

    Can always purchase club membership on the spot and still get the item!
  3. Doctor Jack

    Doctor Jack Mushroom Warrior

    I know, it's a system designed to tease and it works well!
  4. pliers

    pliers Goblin Champion

    If it makes you feel better, I have two of those.

    Now that I think about it, I don't know why that'd make you feel better. Oh well.
  5. Chompman

    Chompman Mushroom Warrior

    Do you have any salt to throw into the wounds? ;)
  6. Gerry Quinn

    Gerry Quinn Goblin Champion

    I felt the same when the Adventurer's Club item was Wym's Fiery Bangle. For the first time I regretted not being a member. (And my wizard is nearly always fire.)
  7. Pokemath

    Pokemath Mushroom Warrior

    My Club item for the Yellow Dragon adventure? Oh, nothing much. Only a Mordecai's Staff Of Magma. To rub it in I had just been taunted with some item with cones of cold. I would have frozen and immediately after burned every dwarf in Cardhuntria... I would have cried you a river and frozen the tears.
  8. karadoc

    karadoc Hydra

  9. Questor

    Questor Ogre

    The smart thing to do is to simply ignore the club drop, that worked well for me.
    Plus i already got two of those ;-).
  10. hatchhermit

    hatchhermit Hydra

    Sadness to share. Last night Slippery Shield dropped in the club membership for me. I sat there for a good 5 minutes contemplating renewing my membership. In the end, I didn't. It kind of feels like a mistake today. Oh, well.

    Edit: I don't own one.
  11. Finial

    Finial Orc Soldier

    Hehe, yeah... I missed my first ever seen Vampire Blade to the Club Drop a couple of days ago. Oops!

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