Convert `itemID` to Game Data about the Item

Discussion in 'API' started by burtlo, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. burtlo

    burtlo Kobold

    How can I convert an itemId into details about the item?

    Currently the /items request returns details about the items used by characters for the players. The data returned is `itemId`. I would like to convert that static game data id to the wiki page's_Icy_Bulwark or raw data describing the item.
  2. Jon

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  3. Farbs

    Farbs Blue Manchu Staff Member

    That file is used by the game client by the way, so it is always going to be current provided we don't stuff up a build deployment.
  4. Jarmo

    Jarmo Snow Griffin

    Thank you very much for that file, it will be supremely useful!
  5. Phaselock

    Phaselock Bugblatter

    ok...let's see how long before someone reverses the item formula... :cool:
  6. Martin K

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  7. Kalin

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