Competitive Warrior and Vamp squad.

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  1. Jezterscap

    Jezterscap Lizardman Priest

    Been performing very well into the 1600's with this build.

    The warrior is very versatile , highly mobile and can soak up a lot of damage.
    He can push enemies around into offensive or defensive positions.
    [SRC] BigChewer
    Level 1 Dwarf Warrior
    6 x Lunging Bash Amazing tech
    1 x Hardy Mail
    2 x Laser Whip Synergy with bashes
    2 x Bruiser 8 bashes to buff
    1 x Bludgeon
    3 x Parry
    1 x Dodge
    1 x Toughened Hide Strips
    4 x Reliable Mail 4 copies make this guy a real tank.
    3 x Blind Rage
    1 x Escaping Run
    2 x Pressing Bash Great for taking a vp
    6 x Nimble Strike Awesome
    1 x Obvious Maneuver
    2 x Dangerous Maneuver 4 square move with no real downside due to reliable mail.

    The support priest is mainly for buffing the low damage attacks of the warrior and vamp.
    He only has 5 Mass Frenzy , sacrificing some for the awesome power of the deadonomicons.
    [SRC] Decoy
    Level 1 Human Priest
    1 x Team Walk
    2 x Purging Strike
    2 x Unholy Wellspring The best frenzy buff
    4 x Demonic Revenge Hurts a little but avenging touch from the vamp helps.
    1 x Triple Heals
    1 x Cushioning Armor
    1 x Minor Heal
    2 x Defender's Block
    1 x Enervating Touch
    2 x Altruism
    1 x Sundering Strike
    1 x Sprint, Team!
    3 x Flanking Move
    1 x Bless
    1 x Bloodied Block
    2 x Fiery Stab
    5 x Mass Frenzy I usually would like a couple more but wellspring fills it spot nicely.
    3 x Purging Burst Must have.
    1 x Predictable Stab
    1 x Weak Chop

    A range 2 stab vamp who can heal the other team mates as well as himself.
    [SRC] Assassino
    Level 1 Dwarf Priest
    1 x Reliable Mail
    3 x Talented Healer chain attacks to burst down enemies
    4 x Spear Of Darkness
    1 x Team Walk
    2 x Laser Whip This attack is amazing when added to the end of a cantrip drain chain.
    1 x Traveling Curse no real drawback when you can heal.
    3 x Strong Bludgeon
    2 x Blind Rage no real drawback when you can heal.
    2 x Demonic Power no real drawback when you can heal.
    1 x Frenzy Aura
    4 x Avenging Touch Great for healing the warrior and the support priest after demonic revenge.
    5 x Consuming Spear
    2 x Flanking Move synergy with the stabs
    1 x Greater Heal
    3 x Surging Shield Block Extra moves are a must have and these allow you to reposition with initative.
    1 x Unholy Wellspring
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    Thanks or sharing.
    For me, I would have violent spin for the current map rotation. Even though pressing bashes allow you to push off enemies while getting yourself on to victory squares, violent spin can do more than one character. And it also functions as a team walk so you can keep up with elf teams.
    Love the idea of buffed laser whipping for 20 damage though.
  4. Sir Kookus

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    But There are only three copies of reliable mail. Am I wrong?
  5. Reint

    Reint Ogre

    No, you're not. However, Raging Battler used to have a Reliable Mail instead of Toughened Hide Strips. BM nerfed it because it was used by pretty much every dwarf, including wizards. IIRC, even card-drawing priest dwarves would use it. A Reliable Mail and two trait-cycling cards for no token is really good.
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