Cockroach Confrontation

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    Cockroach Confrontation

    Pre-Battle Text
    After having won 'The Gauntlet', one of Cardhuntria's most prestigious and dangerous contests, Holloborn the Nimble now lives a life of luxury thanks to his winnings. Sitting one afternoon on the balcony of his mansion, he notices a group of townsfolk from the nearby village approach.
    "Holloborn! Please help us! Giant cockroaches have infested the crypt!", they cry.
    Being used to such requests, Holloborn immediately dons his battle armour and calls for his four most loyal servants to guard the entrance of the crypt while he ventures inside.
    Once inside, Holloborn notices a door at the far end of the chamber, through which he can see several giant nests of cockroaches - this must be the source of the infestation! However, to get there, he'll have to use his acrobatic skills to traverse the streams of water running across the crypt floor.

    Post-Battle Text
    With the cockroach nests destroyed, the crypt is free from monsters! The villagers thank Holloborn profusely as he returns to his mansion, offering him sacks of gold as a reward. Once again, he has emerged victorious, even with the odds stacked against him!


    So, the aim of this scenario is to get Holloborn across the room to the victory squares at the other side while avoiding being hit too much by the constantly-respawning giant cockroaches. The twist is that, to do this, he has to cross three streams of water (impassable terrain). The only way to perform this feat is by using Nimble Strike to fly across. However, Holloborn only has one of these cards in his deck, out of a total of fifteen cards, so he needs to hold out against the cockroaches in each 'section' until he draws it. The servants are there to help him draw cards quicker with Raise the Alarm so the scenario doesn't last too long.

    • Holloborn can only withstand four cockroach attacks - on the fifth one, he's dead - so the cockroaches are deadlier than you might think. Always try to limit how many of them can attack you at once by maneuvering away with dashes and step attacks.
    • Always try to stay near the next stream so you can immediately use Nimble Strike when you draw it. No sense waiting around!
    • Don't try and attack the cockroach in the forest section with the servants, as it'll just respawn next round. Focus on moving away constantly; it shouldn't be too tricky.
    • Try using Holloborn's Tricky Stabs to clear the next area of a few cockroaches before flying over.

    Please leave feedback about this scenario! Thanks!

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    I think this map is too hard, I cant get over the stream at all before the cockroaches take me down to half health.
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    Got it on the second try. If you keep Holloborn in the very centre square, closest to the stream you just jumped, then pass as soon as you can, it seems to take a couple of turns for the roaches to begin moving each time you nimble. Then it becomes a matter of keeping the servants alive - run three to a far wall and use the fourth to dance around the roach, but swap them over regularly after one of the far three draws trip (meaning it'll be a few turns until he draws it again and becomes roach tucker).

    I like it, in terms of a puzzle scenario. It's quite tense waiting for the nimble over the last stream, and when the roaches will finally attack.
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