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  1. Kalin

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    I'm sure I've made a thread about this before, but I have some new ideas to add to all the old ideas.

    Simple improvements:
    • Disable Steam achievements when using the test server.
    • Normalize filenames for AI figures so @neoncat's figure scripts can find them. You don't even have to use the new names, just copy and rename the images.
    • Sell Excess button in shop or option to automatically move excess items to the shop frame when you open a chest.
    • Gift button in the pizza menu that creates a key code that is sent to your registered email address (maybe have an option to verify/change during confirmation) so you can buy pizza and bundles for friends.
    • When someone buys a bundle, give them pizza for any treasure hunts or figures they already own.
    • Unique sounds for foil figures.
    • Foil versions of Form figures for when foil figures get transformed.
    • Local cache of inventory.
    • Build script to automatically update the monster list in scenario editor. You can add a flag to exclude monsters that haven't been released yet.
    • Allow players to change figures in the keep.
    • Allow players to select the color variant for each figure, but don't allow identical figures in a party.
    • Give holiday items their own sets.
    • Link scenario editor to Steam Workshop.

    More complicated improvements:
    • Improved co-op team management:
    1. Notify player if they try to invite someone who is already in a team or in battle.
    2. Better handling of players leaving the team in the middle of battle/module.
    • Display inactive roster as a list that can be filtered by race and class. And automatically unequip all items when chars are removed from the party.
    • In-game support of guilds and achievements.
    • In-game player profiles: (include options to enable/disable some of these)
    1. Flags/stickers for Dev/AI/Mod/Guild Leader/Friend/Current Club Member.
    2. Date account created/last login/last ranked game.
    3. Current Renown/ELO/Standing.
    4. Win/Loss/Total/Win%/Streaks for ranked games.
    5. Treasury button that shows all treasures owned.
    6. Button to show favorite party (all three chars side-by-side) so players can show off figures and non-treasure items.
    • A calendar file that the server checks every midnight to see what leagues/ranked maps to use and to turn on/off the holiday items/figures/shops without needing to rebuild the client and server. (AA and MM would still need new builds because they modify files that Steam installs locally.)
    • Have the Steam login menu include test server accounts so you don't have reinstall every time you change servers while playtesting.
    • New races and classes.
    • Translate code to Javascript so Adobe can't break it again.
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  2. tolkien

    tolkien Thaumaturge

    And take volunteers to help implement above changes.
  3. haho

    haho Orc Soldier

    i just noticed this topic, but yes "as opposed to new content and balance fixes" your assumption was correct. These are all good suggestions above

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