[Chess Madness] The Elf Wiz Gambit

Discussion in 'Deck Building' started by rinco69, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. rinco69

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    People seem to confuse Chess Madness with Triple Duels and bring dwarf warriors packing loads of Parry. Often they also have Monstrous Hide from an OP item like Snarlcub Hide heavy armor. Which I still don't have *sniff*. So my plan is to use a Silver wizard with not just one but two True Silver staffs. That's so much silver there are attacks coming out of every orifice. To make it hurt more I use Focused Silversmith i.e. I use an Elf Wizard.

    I have done extensive research and it turns out your opponent will always want to kill your Elf Wiz first. Even if your priest and/or warrior are standing on the victory squares. So you need some guaranteed methods of keeping the Elf Wiz alive. I use loads of Telekinesis plus Force Field and Swarm Of Bats. The latter usually causing my opponent to waste an attack, cry out a profanity then immediately rage quit.

    Level 1 Dwarf Priest

    Level 1 Elf Wizard

    Level 20 Elf Warrior
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    hi 69 :p
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  4. rinco69

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    I started the month with Force Cannon (see Blasting Amulet). But my opponents would usually avoid line of sight (LOS) by using a step attack. However I realised this can be used to an advantage with Telekinesis (TK)...
    1. Position the wiz with LOS to both friend and foe
    2. Foe uses a step attack to break LOS
    3. Use the TK on the friendly to close the gap
    4. Mighty Bludgeon in the face

    I also switched to using Dimensional Traveller to aid this strategy. Historically, Novice Teleportation is only used in Volcano builds. But I think it is invaluable for a direct damage wiz on this map.
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  5. Sir Veza

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    I've always preferred delivering large attacks to the back of the skull rather than the face, but go with whichever you prefer. It seems to be working for you.
    Good to see you posting on the forum, @woshinibaba !
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  6. ParodyKnaveBob

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    I can vouch for Dim Trav on a sniper elf. (I can also vouch for enemies always trying to kill the elf wiz first -- except for some rare players who know better, lol!) I've posted this before, but back when Myx'd Mess'zh had dual Electro-Lasers in ranked, I absolutely loved hiding in safety and stealing a Cantrip pass to end a round, then Dim Trav'ing into LOS and (often top-decking it, lol,) firing Strong–Powerful Hack damage from behind a wall of allies at range 6. Oh yes.

    I hope to get past some annoying business soon. I'd love to make some time to watch rinco's twelve Silver and eight Mighty Bludgeon attacks hit their marks. $:^ P

    P.S. Somebody's gotta say it. I love the various ridiculous chess references/puns in the first post. $F^ }

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