Cellar Expedition

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    My first custom scenario !
    It is meant to be quick and easy. I hope you'll have fun playing it !
    All comments are welcome :)

    Story :
    You wake up in the outskirts of a small town with a terrible headache. It feels like a hundred minotaurs have used your skull as an anvil all night.
    What happened last night ?
    You remember entering a tavern to celebrate your return from a successful quest. The night was going well. You were having a great party. At some point, you ran low on drinks. That's when one of you proposed you help yourselves in the cellar without bothering the owner with trivial details such as prices. Mission "Bottle Rescue" readily accepted by the party !
    It was all going well and merry, when suddenly the owner, a massive and mean-looking ogre, barged down the stairs. And then, the roaches attacked !

    Screenshot :
    Cellar Expedition.jpg

    Epilogue :

    Okay, you may have a little tiny bit exaggerated the details.
    For once, the owner might not have been a giant ogre. Not even an normal-sized ogre. Not even a dwarf ogre, actually. But he sure seemed scary !
    And you think you saw a cockroach enter a bottle. Wait, didn't you just drink that bottle dry shortly after ? Bleh !
    And where do these new gear come from ? Oh well. As long as you stay away from that tavern in the future, it should be fine. What was the name of the place again ?

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