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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Sir Civil, Jan 27, 2022.

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  2. ParodyKnaveBob

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    immediate reaction:
    Curse Attraction is hilarious! $X^ D What an incredible way for Humans to brute-force cycle their decks! $X^ b

    edit for question:
    Dark Pulse actually targets multiple, or is it only meant to affect multiple?
    (I see this question applies to multiple cards, too.)

    edit for observation:
    Human 1/1/1 combo potential is strong here...

    edit for slight mixture of amusement and disappointment:
    Empty Fist is Common. Strong Hack is Rare. lol $F^ ,

    edit for potential nitpick:
    Restless Seal doesn't really feel like a Handicap. Backbiting Strike and Jarring Block aren't Handicaps. In my mind, even the "travelling" part is just part of the Block reaction, as opposed to its own separate re/action, but I'm sure you just wanted another card in this "Handicaps matter" expansion. $;^ J

    edit for tempered celebration:
    Subtle Arts!!! YES!!! You finally did it!!! lol $X^ b And boy, did you do it — one of my favorite elven suggestions coupled with a crazy power I don't think anyone ever expected to happen but with a caveat that's certainly not too terrible which then also allows for Handicap synergy? lol wwooooww $:^ D $:^ D Nice name, too, considering what all you wound up doing with this.

    edit for huh?
    Vow of Poverty isn't hybrid Handicap? "If you have fewer than the necessary cards to discard at round's end, you must keep a whole hand full of various Handicap cards." Hm.

    edit for finalization and to stop editing:
    Lots of things I could comment on once again. Overall, looking exciting. $:^ ] Some things look potentially overpowered, but since it's all so conditional, and of course you control the card suites to an extent via item creation, it'll probably work out. Since I've said all this much, I might as well disclaim, I'm not a fan of the naked bodies sprinkled here and there, but since CH continues to have comparatively so little of it, here I still am playing, eh? ~ Some attachable cards not separating the Attach/Duration/etc. section from the actual reactive stuff; I know Knights brought up some questions about that themselves on Discord; hopefully, that'll all straighten out soon enough, too.
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  3. doublequartz

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    Elves (re)gaining access to Step 3! Sounds like the resurgence of Vibrant Pain.
    Honorable Block seem to have a lot of build-around potential. After all, you can get so many change facing in a deck, mainly in form of Step attacks.
    These two are quite strong cards, but probably balanced enough on a racial slot.

    There are some other cards I'm concerned about.
    Should Travelling Curse build ever get viable, the lack of counterplay is going to be a problem. It's like the old Firestorm, except more random.
    As with updated Shifting Block, Empty Palm is also a card drawing block. Although 4+ isn't the most reliable, card draw is such a big deal that I think this card needs to be closely watched as well.
    Icy Apparition is balanced in a vacuum, but I'm not sure about giving that much LOS-circumvention to cold wizards.

    Of course, all of this depends on itemization, so maybe I'm far off.

    The new expansion symbol is an anvil... does that mean there will be more Anvil Strike items?

    It's the first full expansion since I've been a Card Hunter, so I'm hyped like never before. Can't wait to play these new cards myself.
  4. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader

    You lose a card draw to take damage. It's more of a Handicap than Traveling Curse IMO. But we'll see :)
  5. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    FYI: For "start of round" effects, the order is:
    1. Cards in hand
    2. Character attachments
    3. Terrain attachments

    So Slippery will let you dodge lava, but not the new Empty cards.

    Does "Unplayable on Victory terrain." on Empty Mind refer to caster or target?

    Stoic's Blade looks like a good counter to frost mages.
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  6. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader

    It should be unclickable when the holder of the card is on Victory terrain.
  7. battlezoby

    battlezoby Ogre

    Too bad I've been awake for 60 hours. Didn't have the fun of looking
    at the cards and figuring out the stuff everyone is surprised about
    over the next 8 months during the first 6 seconds.
    (Bad meds got me, but I used to be like that. In early-ih MtG days, I and
    a sorta-pro player and/or another friend of mine at MIT would just look
    open packs from brand-new sets, and just go "Eh". "Huh?" "WTF?"
    Then, like 6 months later, you'd hear kids bragging about how they figured
    out how to play the WTF card and claim it wasn't even intended!

    I remember us spotting the infinite line/mana combo as it came out of the
    pack, although today, I can't even remember what was. (An Ivory Gargolye
    and something else maybe...)
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  8. battlezoby

    battlezoby Ogre

    At any rate, I am pretty out of it, but here's a quick stab after what seemed
    like 6 seconds card. (But I'm so tired, maybe it was really 30 seconds each.)

    Curse Attraction---Spoiler: Bad Pathfinder
    Empty Mind: Broken! (Fun Broken that is.)
    Hot Spring: Camping Much?
    Empty Fist: Kiddies are gonna love discovering this one!
    Iai Strike: So exciting! Enjoy it now - it won't last!
    Icy Apparition: People are gonna be pissed. (So, we'll wait to ban it?)
    [Actually, can't really guess until I know what gear anything in on.
    hope you guys thought it through...]
    Stoic's Blade: Make a build around this? Who'd think of that?
    Vow of Poverty: Now: Yawwwn. But with every dev thinking that making more
    empty cards is cool, give it what? 5-8 sets 'till ban?
    [But just guessing - need to see the gear/set]
    Honorable Attack: Probably a niche card - I always prefer to attacks guys in back of me!
    Awful Flames - Ditto
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  9. battlezoby

    battlezoby Ogre

    Oops... forgot to rate that last one:

    Cardhunter: 3 sets to eh.
    5-6 sets to bad.
    7-9 sets to dead.​

    But again, cards don't tell you much until you see
    what gear it's on... just an educated guess on
    something pretty unknown.

    Guess you don't want us to see what gear they're
    on because the dev's are gonna get all
    jealous when the 1300-players perfectly
    predict the ban list before you do. :(

    In all fairness though, I admit that teasing with
    something as interesting, yet meaningless as the
    non-gear attached cards is, admittedly, pretty
    clever. :) (Wonder if it's a bug?)

    "Garry rushs in, but Melvin knows not to drive an modified

    1974 Pinto into a demolition derby." (Look it up kids.)

    P.s. At least when this game dies, I bet the Wiki still won't
    know how to spell "Cardhunter."
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  10. battlezoby

    battlezoby Ogre

    P.p.s. Yea, I'm tired. I was just joking around, while
    nonetheless trying to make some serious predictions.

    But yea... this that type of "conservative" card design,
    I see more Hearthstone and Legend of the Duelist in
    my not-so-distant future. :( :mad: :( :eek: :(
    You can't break your toys and play with them too.

    (Unless you keep this out of Ranked.)
  11. battlezoby

    battlezoby Ogre

    BTW... you do know there are higher-level tokens already
    worked into the game design right? Did you even
    think about using them? (There gonna freak the
    kids out cause they're so cool. [And if they're too
    high-level to be used on a level-18, I could sort-of
    tolerate that.])
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  12. fatcat__25

    fatcat__25 Orc Soldier

    From the little that has been said, they plan items in this coming set with one gold and one orange power token. These are not planned to be usable in ranked, although they may add some special pvp mode in the future to incorporate them, outside of ranked. Also, Flax and Civil have made it clear that these are only draft versions of the cards, and that they will change based on player input from the test server. Some of them do seem a bit powerful, but that can be moderated if everyone thinks it is a problem.
  13. battlezoby

    battlezoby Ogre


    One reason Magic the Gathering did so well in Alpha
    is because there were so many different cards, with
    so many effects and so many weird effects.

    But so many of the cards were different from so
    many others, yet, at the same time, similar to
    so many others in a certain ways. Clever players
    were actually popping out new combos decades later.

    But most cards ought to be able to work with most
    cards. We have Ancient-Grudge Pathfinder. It's
    cute. Wouldn't mind 2. 3'd probably too much.
    And I don't just mean "big kill", I just mean that
    Ancient Grudge just has one "real" purpose, and
    it just doesn't go with anything else very well.

    Not saying those cards are gonna have killer-combo,
    but they all seem to sort of, um, "Like themselves too much?"

    Back in Mtg, the combos tended to 2-card or 3-card combos
    and pretty basic stuff, even tough the cards also
    really "mixed it up" as there were a whole lot of
    cards where if you really thought about it, they
    were also pretty good for doing the exact opposite
    of what they seemed like they were supposed to do.
    I went nuts making original decks, and did way more
    2 or 3 card combos. But still, so many thing when
    with so many things, I never ran out of new idea
    during any of the years that I played - maybe 10
    hours a week. (Wow... that's a long time for
    seeing 40 people face-to-face these days, isn't it?)

    Before the resticted list, they had Plague Rats that
    make all other Plague Rats bigger. But that's it...
    one card = entire them. Gauntlet of might could
    pump up mountains and all red creature.. Pretty
    versatile. It was a creature game, but you could
    play without creatures.

    And whatever you through you were gonna play,
    someone might decide otherwise and perhaps use
    it against you, (but not most of the time.)

    The problem with Yugioh is they have bunch of
    Blue-Eyes cards that the dev's all 'secretly" made
    to work together. And "Red-eye cards" to work
    together. And Fortune Fairies or whatever, that
    all work together. So kids try to build "one good
    deck", and eveything that's not in the theme
    isn't useful.

    See where I'm going with this? Again, maybe
    I'm tired and paranoid, but that type of
    "theme a", "theme b", "theme c", "there d",
    expansion #87: "theme 247 revisited."
    In my opinion, that's not where you want to go.

    So, if you read this... maybe I should change
    my prediction: 4 Set until you figure it out.

    (And again, sorry for being so annoying.
    It's not a simple thing, I'm dsylexic and
    might see it really differnetly when I wake
    up and much more differently when I'm on
    my med's again in 3-5 days.)

    But that's related to the talking to much,
    and maybe saying the wrong thing.
    Playing politics like the guy who's
    suckering people into hating him.

    BUT I'm pretty sure (96.3%??) this is NOT
    what's going to keep the game alive.
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  14. battlezoby

    battlezoby Ogre

    Huh. Just one or two supertokens sounds like a smart move. Ease in real slow with plenty of room to grow.
    Smart. Feel dumb I didn't think of it.

    Test cards: It's the type of cards... maybe the one where i joked "When do we ban it?" will
    be tweeked, but look at the "YugiCardhunter-Oh" thread
    I wrote immediately above. They're not Yugioh per-se, but seem to be going much much more in that
    direction than in the direction of appreciating all the hard work that went into making
    Cardhunter what it is.
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  15. doublequartz

    doublequartz Lizardman Priest

    You should take sleep. Whatever we may do to ruin the game, it's not happening today, not very soon. Pass until you draw...

    Ready to Panic
    When an enemy moves next to you, create a Panic card in your hand. Keep.

    Most of the new cards are pretty generic, Vow of Poverty is the only card that does not interact with existing cards.
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  16. battlezoby

    battlezoby Ogre

    So, new classes? Are he gonna get a full 9 - 10 like in Hearthstone?

    Could be pretty cool for new players... that huge thrill when
    you get an item that matches your class, and an even bigger
    one when you get two that match. (Guess I know why you
    changed the drop rates now.)

    BTW... new drop rate isn't too good for me... I rarely
    play Priests, and haven't gotten too much for Priests
    from the DDiDDiD(*). So I don't play much, but
    it's the class I have the least gear for, and so, the
    class most lacking in gear.

    * - Double Dip in Daily Deal is Dead.
  17. battlezoby

    battlezoby Ogre


    No.... seriously... you should be tweeking!
    Not starting with "Let's do some stuff that's really cool!"
    'Hey can anyone guess what this one will do?"

    Did you want to Combine Yugioh with Magic the Gathering: Tactics?

    (Tactics is the Cardhunter ripoff that died quickly.)
    Reminder: I did suggest "Cardhunter 2." I guess
    Honestly, looks like a great set for that. But
    aside from talking to myself, not sure why
    I'm wearing out my keyboard...

    I am seriousness... have you ever wondered why we don't have
    too many cards like that yet?

    Didn't look at what you're doing to the new maps/nerfs yet.

    BTW... since you nerfed the Castle, I'm guessing you're
    trying to make the game easier. Funny thing, although
    I'd still need to see the gear, I wouldn't be surprised if
    some of the stuff makes it harder for some of the newer
    players to play. (Wow.. I'm tired and hope I'm wrong,
    but yea... I'll guess again when my concentration is
    better, but I'm seeing some kids making builds that
    don't work and leaving.)

    Compared to Cardhunter, seems a tab bit more like
    Yugioh. Yugioh is very popular. Maybe you can
    copy them. I'll even tell you the trick... you just
    make a LITERALLY 500+ hour TV commercial
    to hook the kids on it!)

    Someone told me to think more optimisticly. Ok...

    Suggestion: Kiddies like really "big and powerful" (meaning
    "stupid" kill-yourself cards. So one clever trick to do increase
    revenues a bit without effect balence is too make that
    really fun stuff, but hope/assume a new batch of newbs
    arrive as quickly as the old ones figure it out.(*)

    Sorry. I really don't want to be such a pain in the ass.
    How about ending the April's fool joke and try
    tuning some cards? Maybe play-test some new
    effective and then PICK ONE OR TWO risk leaving
    in the set when you go live? You know, alter them in ways
    where your best guys have pretty good idea how
    they're gonna play out? (Ok... I'm dumber than I used
    to be. Maybe some of you are geniouses who know how
    to pull this off.) [But then why are we playing Yugioh?]

    Let's see: Next Guess: Knights:
    Maybe 4-5 sets before they know what I'm talking about?
    Again. Tired. Haven't seen the gear versions yet.

    Don't you love hanging out with your friends at cancer
    treatment ward, wondering how long it'll take them to die?

    * - Wish I could take credit for that idea, but I
    stole the idea from Richard and Lord of the Pit.
  18. battlezoby

    battlezoby Ogre

    Hey, MtG had an infinite life combo. Maybe put that in?
    Oh wait... NM. We'll just race to run the timer out which,
    is what we do in Oozeball anyways.
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  19. fatcat__25

    fatcat__25 Orc Soldier

    They haven't said anything about new classes, thankfully. I think I remember seeing some one of the new team, (I don't remember if it was Flax or Civil) say that they weren't considering that. If I am right about that, that probably won't be changing, either. I really hope not, anyway. I've made suggestions as to how it could be done, but I don't even like those suggestions myself.
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  20. Pawndawan

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