Caverns of Chaos

Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Obernoob, Oct 13, 2015.

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    CoC is designed to have more non-successful runs than not. It's meant to be replayable end game content. It's never been easy and isn't supposed to be. And basically impossible scenarios are sometimes the result. That's what makes it a badge worth having. I beat it when it first came out, and have done so multiple times since (frequently after people saying that "now" it's not beatable like it was). The only noticeable difficulty increase I've ever seen is Death Elementals, and a while back Flax reduced the number that can spawn on any map if I recall correctly... yet even before that people still beat it.

    It's still beatable, it's still hard, and it cheapens the challenge if its not. If you don't enjoy that level of difficulty, then just don't do it. Lots of players don't like to run the 1hp quests either, and that's okay.
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    Thanks bro, now I get it. -_-
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    CoC is a challenge, but if it would be my job to win ones every day i would probably be succesful at that job. It is definately doable and needs a lot of practice. Cooping CoC with a good player is great too, because you learn new strategies to tackle problems from eachother.

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