[Casual] Super Saiyan / Vampire Remix

Discussion in 'Deck Building' started by neoncat, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. neoncat

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    This is just a little thing I've been playing for today. It does abuse card drawing, but it's not terribly good anyways, so you'll often lose even when it goes off.

    Emo Kid goes to sit in a corner (because of Loner) until he draws Altruism and a handful of Inspiration. Goth Kid sits around looking vaguely menacing to keep your opponents on edge. When Emo Kid is ready to do his thing, he dumps all his Inspiration on Goth Kid, who goes super saiyan (preferably with Mass Frenzy + Talented Healer + a fistful of heal attacks). Best Friend mostly sits around as Goth Kid's utility wingman, for healing, KO's, and protection.

    It loses to control builds, aggressive step builds, and anything with Purge (so basically everything you'll encounter at 1200+), but when it goes off, it's glorious. I once dealt 48 damage in one go, after taking out a Parry.

  2. Kungfu Crab

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    Thanks for share, neocat :)

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