Castle Mitternacht Monster Decklists?

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    Just wait for when they are added to the scenario builder.
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    Afflicted Townsfolk
    1x Panic
    5x Howl
    1x Vicious Bite
    1x Bite
    Cards total: 8
    Default move: Prowl

    Afflicted Guards
    3x Potent Stab
    3x Penetrating Stab
    1x Impaling Stab
    1x Inquisitor's Badge
    1x Heavy Armor
    1x Reliable Mail
    1x Run
    1x Scuttle
    1x Creature Of The Night
    3x Spear Of Darkness
    2x Missile Block
    Cards total: 18
    Default move: Swarm Of Bats

    Captain Teadora
    1x Healing Dash
    1x Obliterating Hack
    2x Vengeance
    2x Inquisitor Badge
    1x Creature Of The Night
    1x Blind Rage
    1x Investigate
    2x Inquisitor's Strike
    2x Inspiring Armor
    1x Lycanthropic Form
    Cards total: 14
    Default move: Shifting Block

    Count Yurik
    2x Swarm Of Bats
    3x Invigorating Touch
    3x Arrogant Armor
    2x Sneaky Bloodsuck
    1x Vampire's Kiss
    2x Creature Of The Night
    2x Parry
    2x Nimble Strike
    2x Feinting Strike
    2x Shield Block
    1x Rejuvenation
    1x Talented Healer
    2x Spear Of Darkness
    Cards total: 25
    Default move: Swarm Of Bats

    Countess Jovana
    2x Swarm Of Bats
    5x Walpurgis Night
    2x Arrogant Armor
    2x Binding Shadows
    1x Invigorating Touch
    1x Psychic Blast
    1x Creature Of The Night
    1x Rejuvenation
    1x Talented Healer
    2x Spear Of Darkness
    1x Vampire's Kiss
    1x Missile Block
    Cards total: 20
    Default move: Swarm Of Bats

    Forest Spiders

    Ice Skeletons
    3x Unstoppable Chop
    4x Freezing Blade
    3x Frozen Solid
    1x Violent Spin
    1x Muscle Through
    2x Only Bones
    2x Icy Block
    1x Chop
    1x Run
    Cards total: 18
    Default move: Run

    Muscular Zombies

    4x Negative Energy Being
    1x Unholy Curse
    1x Wail
    3x Binding Shadows
    1x Fragile Curse
    2x Unholy Energy
    1x Roulette
    1x Afflictor
    3x Traveling Curse
    2x Sorcerous Blast
    2x Hover
    1x Creature Of The Night
    2x Absorbing Block
    Cards total: 24
    Default move: Fly

    3x Ethereality
    4x Ancient Grudge
    4x Boo!
    2x Doom
    2x Planar Travel
    4x Greater Spell Skill
    2x Creature Of The Night
    3x Cowardly
    3x Hex Of Dissolution
    3x Acid Leak
    4x Acid Pool
    1x Absorbing Block
    Cards total: 35
    Default move: Planar Travel

    Undead Priests
    3x Too Horrible
    2x Mass Frenzy
    2x Impenetrable Nimbus
    2x Mighty Bludgeon
    2x Infected Bite
    1x Brains!
    2x Walk
    1x Punishing Strike
    1x Demonic Power
    2x Invigorating Touch
    1x Traveling Curse
    4x Blight
    1x Creature Of The Night
    Cards total: 24
    Default move: Walk

    2x Monstrous Hide
    1x Leathery Hide
    4x Massive Jaws
    2x All Out Attack
    2x Vicious Thrust
    2x Muscle Through
    2x War Cry
    1x Unnerving Strike
    2x Prowl
    2x Mad Dog
    2x Forward Thinking
    Cards total: 22
    Default move: Mighty Charge

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    I'm surprised this isn't on the Wiki. Wondering if anyone could create a page for each of the monsters and one for the scenarios showing what monsters are in it? Seems like the last 2 expansions are missing a lot of stuff.
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  7. Kalin

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    Anyone willing to do this?

    Here are screenshots for Assault on Castle Mitternacht:



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    Looks like a lot of those pages aren't even on the Wiki. Such as Monstrous Hide and Leatherly Hide...
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    It helps to spell them correctly:
    Leathery Hide
    Monstrous Hide
    (actually, those two are spelled correctly in the original post now)
    Hex Of Dissolution
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