Cardhuntrian Festival: A Co-operative Tournament Sign Ups

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  1. Note: I'm looking for 2-3 more people who would be willing to help me referee this tournament! If you are interested, please PM me directly here on the forums with which days work for you and your availability. (UTC please!)

    Additional Note: This thread is only for registration. Please use this thread for any other discussion or questions.

    While New Year's may have passed, the celebrations and fun are here to stay! What better way to start the new year than with a co-op tournament?

    |Sign Ups|

    A team of 3 players is required to complete registration for this tournament.

    Only the party leader needs to complete the registration.

    In the registration post, please list who is on each team as well as what times your team is available to play. This tournament will use UTC, so please convert all times accordingly. This site should help:

    A complete registration post will include:
    • Team Name
    • Party leader
    • Party Members
    • Availability (UTC)
    In addition, all players must PM me the character they will use, the equipment, and up to 3 other items set aside in the "side deck" (Detailed explanation later)

    How to copy character and equipment:

    1. Go to multiplayer Keep.
    2. Load your tournament build.
    3. Hit f1 twice to open the console.
    4. Type "partyanddecksbbcode" and hit enter. This copies your build to your clipboard.
    5. In a private message to me, just paste and send.

    This thread is only for registration. Please use this thread for any other discussion or questions.

    A word on cheating:

    If you are found cheating, your team will be disqualified and forfeit all rewards from this tournament. In addition, you will be banned from participating in any of my future tournaments.


    Note: This is not a 1 day event!

    This tournament will feature 8 teams, divided into two brackets. (Tournament size subject to increase with increased participation)

    After registration, teams will be matched and play in a best-of-3 series. Once all games have been completed, a winners and losers bracket will be formed. Both brackets will be single elimination. teams will be divided into two brackets based upon availability.

    Once brackets are made, teams will play one game. The winning team moves on.

    The last teams standing in both brackets will face off in the championship match. The teams that lost the final match in their brackets will compete for 3rd place. These matches will be a best-of-3 series.


    The following maps will be used in this tournament:

    Batford's Ballroom

    Celestial Dojo

    Citadel Host

    Citadel Irrigation Chamber

    Haunted Crypt

    |Team Composition|

    Any team composition is allowed as long as it follows this rule:

    A party may not have two characters with the exact same race and class.

    This means that you can't have 2 elf warriors or 2 dwarf wizards in your party.

    If you have any questions about this rule, please ask on this thread.


    The only restriction for this tournament is each character is limited to 1 legendary piece of equipment.
    Each character may have up to two (2) legendary items. Wizards are allowed one (1) extra legendary Arcane Item.

    Restrictions on equipment are as follows:
    • Legendary items with 6 copies of the same card are banned
    • Only one (1) of any 'Bleneth' item is allowed per character
    • Searing Pain is banned
    • Skull Of Savage Iljin is banned
    • Having three (3) of any epic item is not allowed
    • Using identical legendary items is not allowed
    Exceptions to the legendary rule:
    • Legendary martial skills, divine armors, and robes do not count towards the limit
    • Hu La Houp's Vicious Circle does not count towards the limit
    Thank you @Deepweed for the excellent suggestion concerning legendary items!


    Team registrations will not be considered complete without the loadouts (and up to 3 "side deck" items) of each character.

    How to copy your loadout:

    1. Go to multiplayer Keep.
    2. Load your tournament build.
    3. Hit f1 twice to open the console.
    4. Type "partyanddecksbbcode" and hit enter. This copies your build to your clipboard.
    5. In a private message to me, just paste and send.

    Please include your team name and other teammates in your PM.

    So what is this "side deck" thing?

    In between games, teams will have the opportunity to change their loadouts. However, only items in the "side deck" can be substituted. In other words, if you want to be able to make slight changes to your loadout, you better include a side deck.


    All players and referees should be present in the lobby 10 minutes before the match's scheduled time.

    After party leaders have invited their teammates, the first map will be revealed.

    Once both teams have indicated they are ready, party leader A will invite party leader B to a casual game, using the selected map.

    Once the match starts, the referee will watch and ensure the rules are followed.

    After each game, teams will be given 5 minutes to make any changes as they deem fit. The next map will be revealed once both teams have indicated they are ready.

    The referee may record the match at their own discretion.

    |Rough Timeline|
    I reserve the right to make changes to this timeline as necessary. That means if one part is completed early, I will more than likely move the rest of the dates up.

    Complete team registration by 1/20

    Post first match-ups by 1/23

    Complete first matches by 2/3

    Post first round bracket match-ups by 2/6

    Complete first round bracket matches by 2/17

    Post second round bracket match-ups by 2/20

    Complete second round bracket matches by 2/28

    Post final match-ups by 3/2

    Finish tournament by 3/9

    If the scheduled time does not work for you, please let me know on this thread sooner rather than later. I will do my best to find a time that works for you, but do not expect miracles if you let me know 2 hours before the scheduled time.

    |Other rules|

    All game and chat rules apply.

    Please respect the referees and their decisions. They are there to help this tournament run as smoothly as possible.

    If you are spectating a match, please do not discuss the game in game chat. It can be distracting as well as point out something that one team may have overlooked.


    If for some strange reason simply playing in this tournament isn't prize enough for you, Blue Manchu has graciously agreed to give out the following:
    • 1 magnificent chest for participation
    • 4th place: 1 bonus epic chest
    • 3rd place: 2 bonus epic chests
    • 2nd place: 80 pizza
    • 1st place: 150 pizza

    Note: The prize pool is subject to increase with more participation.

    Additional Note: Changes indicated by strikethroughs and colored text.

    Referees may earn 1 magnificent chest per match they referee.

    |Registered Teams|

    Team TBD
    Party leader: Room9
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  2. Personally, I have no recording software nor the interest in getting any. However, if you wish to write lores for these battles, I have no problems.

    Again, as a reminder, please use this thread for any discussions. The only thing that should be posted here should be signups.
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  3. harels84

    harels84 Mushroom Warrior

    can i still signup for the co-op tourney ?
  4. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    Yes, the registration is not over. (You will still need to sign up as a team though)
  5. Only about a week left to register! There are plenty of people who are looking for a team here!
  6. Han Lee

    Han Lee Guild Leader

    1. First Legion of Disorder
    2. Room9
    3. Room9, Jasfmpgh, Macizo
    4. 20:00-21:00 UTC Monday through Friday
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  7. @Han Lee Thanks for the registration! Your team has been added under the |Registered Teams| section.

    There's about 1 week left for registration! If you're looking for teammates, there are people forming teams here!
  8. yowg8ynwa

    yowg8ynwa Kobold

    • Girls Just Want To Have Fung
    • yowg8ynwa
    • yowg8ynwa, D3ATHOFRATS, sikeyme
    • 6:00 onwards UTC Saturday
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  9. @yowg8ynwa
    Does that mean your team is available from 6:00 Saturday to 0:00 Sunday?

    Also, please PM me your team's loadouts (and side decks, if you plan on using those). I cannot consider your registration complete until I have them.
  10. Pawndawan

    Pawndawan Champion of Cardhuntria

    • Xander's Three-Man Band
    • Pawndawan
    • Pawndawan, @DupleX & @Lucky Dice (in-game Voltaumento)
    • Tuesday, Friday & Saturday UTC 22:00/23:00 - 01:00
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  11. @Pawndawan
    I just need your loadouts to complete your registration. =)

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