Cardhunter: The Movie!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by wereviper, Jan 21, 2017.

  1. wereviper

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    OK kind of a silly idea but with all the video games being adapted into movies as of late and just sitting here bored out of of my mind and of course a major case of ADHD what if a movie adaptation of Cardhunter was made?

    I'd think in terms of how like Magic: The Gathering made a documovie following players on a world tour would be cool or even maybe something like a live action/animated film based on the game?

    Just rattling off an off-the-wall thought in my head but would love to know if anyone would think this was a good idea and their thoughts on if it were to ever happen...
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  2. Farbs

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    Make one! You might want to keep it short though in order to get it finished.

    EDIT: Obv I don't mean "Here, have the rights to make a feature length commercial movie adaptation", I mean, make a documentary! Or a fan animation!
    EXTRA EDIT: I don't have the right or authority to sign off on a movie license anyway. But I am enthusiastic about documentaries and fan flicks.
  3. wereviper

    wereviper Ogre

    Awesome! If I can get any ideas together I'll be sure to submit my proposal and see if it sticks with BM and if not then back to the lab again!
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