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  1. Robauke

    Robauke Guild Leader

    Gusts Of War + Ready To Strike, Muscle Through + Ready To Strike

    Ready to Strike is a static, defensive card, right? They have to come to you, right?
    With gust you should be able to move your Strike-Warrior next to a target and then immdiately move that target. Just mind the order you choose targets.
    Muscle through allows your Strike-Warrior to close the distance to one or even more enemies and immediately deal strike damage.
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  2. Scarponi

    Scarponi Moderator

    Add Violent Spin - Take multiple enemies that have teamed up on you, keep them next to you (triggering RtS) and then run away = multi-hit + escape.
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  3. tolkien

    tolkien Thaumaturge

    This was precisely my build for the new map 1.
  4. Robauke

    Robauke Guild Leader

    Here a few more synergies worth mentioning.

    Medium's Garb gives you cards you wouldn't otherwise be able to use. I've seen at least one player very patiently try to use the duration 2 card Unholy Curse with Jim's Magic Missile, you can imagine the imposing results on unarmored targets. The fire that comes with the twins does profit from it as well.
    Pairing Garb with Blind Rage can get you in trouble, since you'll most likely end up paying 3 hp for a card.

    Slowed triggers Vanguard. Time to dust off that Staff Of Chask.

    Should be a no brainer, better dont pair Antimagic Skin with Unholy Energy. You'll get 1 card back at most. The armor will trigger itself and purge you and your priest. But maybe a timed purge for two is exactly what you want? Can't see a use for it at the moment. You may however cast Accelerated Thought, the damage will lead to a purge before the card gets attached. When you thought about pairing antimagic skin and Spark Of Undeath, don't, youll get zombified after damage and will get only zombie form cards.
  5. Robauke

    Robauke Guild Leader

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  6. Goodwin

    Goodwin Ogre

    elven maneauvers + dynamic armor= OHHHH YEAAAAA
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  7. Robauke

    Robauke Guild Leader

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  8. tolkien

    tolkien Thaumaturge

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  9. Scarponi

    Scarponi Moderator

    I wonder if it'd affect anything that changes your facing... like cone attacks?
  10. Robauke

    Robauke Guild Leader

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  11. Gast86

    Gast86 Ogre

    Muscle Through works weird with Ready to Strike. Almost as if it's not a move.
    Negative Energy Being works well with Holy Armor (It doesn't damage the character and still heals allies)
    Spark of Undeath played on an Arrogant character lets him draw from his own deck.
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  12. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    What's weird with MT + RtS? I combo'd that right from the beginning, even beating "the guy who always beats rinco" as rinco put it (while #1 player at the time) which garnered a big enough audience that probably some witness here remembers and can corroborate.
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  13. Gast86

    Gast86 Ogre

    I'm not sure exactly what happened, but I do remember it was weird. It would require more testing, but I believe that if you Muscle Through to a character that has Ready to Strike, RTS doesn't trigger. It lets you move that character before RTS damages the Musceling character.
  14. Lucky Dice

    Lucky Dice Thaumaturge

    cold stacking for a warrior to come in and inq strike them is fun
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  15. Robauke

    Robauke Guild Leader

    Slowed triggers Wind Dancer.
    Oddly enough not yet explicitly mentioned here. Which makes Advanced Flexibility and Focused Dervish an even better combo. A little ease, that makes items with slowed for warriors more bearable. There are five more items, most of them skills for humans, but also the interesting Grimsong's Scythe.

    As already mentioned, slowed also profits from vanguard as well as from quickness aura and similiar effects, making it in such a build even more bearable.
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  16. Robauke

    Robauke Guild Leader

    Impaler now adds +1 once you're using Frenzy Aura and / or Vampiric Form to turn regular attacks into penetrating attacks. Probably works with the new card "1oo years too early" as well.

    Shifting Block has a card draw now, and if i understood correctly, an Arrogant Armor will negate whatever form pops up, to let you draw from your own card pool instead.
    The new card "Stoic Blade" does a lesser job then arrogant armor, since it allows handicaps and therefore Zombie Form.

    Smoke Bomb and Shifty Stab go well with the current Ready To Strike - and i figure so does the new card "Iai Strike"

    Slippery and Dimensional Traveler can help stretch out that new Bless limitation
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  17. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

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