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  1. ParodyKnaveBob

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    The main problem I see with Stormcaller is that there is no Magic Wind attack type…
  2. doublequartz

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    Competition of power equals competition of wealth.
    We presents you the expansion that will turn Card Hunter into: Card Banker!
    Sorry for the lack of logo. I haven't had the chance to learn the art of image editing.

    Free Cards aside, I hope this finally make Forward Thinking and Mind Worm any good..
    Card Banking
    Assist, Attack Magic
    Duration 2
    Attach to target. Number of cards you draw at the start of round is equal to the number of cards you had after discarding.

    Health Banking
    Assist Magic
    Duration 3
    Attach to target. At the start of round, Heal 1 for each 4 points of health you have.

    The single flashiest card I ever imagined. not sure how to balance it.
    Boost, Handicap
    When you would die, discard your hand, remove all Victory Points earned on your team and survive with max health.

    Now go on and play the game, it's winner-takes-all!
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  3. mikey76500

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    How about some Shields?

    Tower Shield
    1. Block Any. If this blocks an enemy's Magic Attack, you may Keep. 4+.
    2. Encumber 1, Saving Roll. 3+.

    Demonic Shield
    Block Any. Both you and the attacker take 5 Magic Unholy damage [can be prevented by Armor]. 3+.

    Deflecting Shield
    Block Magic. If there are any other characters [besides the attacker] that you can see, you MUST choose one of them; THEY are instead targeted by the blocked card. 3+.
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  4. Maniafig

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    Battery Charge
    Move, 5
    Move in a straight line. At the end of the move, if there is a character in the next square, do 2 Crushing Melee damage to that character for every square moved and create a random Melee Laser Attack card and put it in your hand. Unblockable.
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  5. Frostguard

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    I like the idea with the blocks. It's a fairly specific card type as far as the design standpoint goes; blocks are supposed to leave your hand but you don't have a lot of control over when they do so. This makes for a fairly interestig design space.

    Reinforced Bracers
    Armor 1, 3+. Keep.
    Block melee, 3+.
    "Never underestimate a sturdy piece of steel. It may not protect you forever, but it'll buy you some time." - Captain Cedric Cleavehorn

    Defensive Stance
    Block any, 3+.
    Whenever you roll a die for a block card, add one to the result of that roll. Keep.
    "You don't need to keep your guard up forever, just long enough that you survive until they inevitably present you with an opportunity." - Captain Cedric Cleavehorn

    Battle Trance
    Block melee, 4+.
    Frenzy 2. Attacks you play have Hard to Block 1.
    "A state of intense concentration such as this can't be kept up for long. Make the most of it while you can." - Zar Deeproad

    Unlucky Block
    Block any, 4+.
    Whenever you roll a die for a block card, subtract one from the result of that roll. Keep.
    "I don't understand this. My shield looks like one that's fresh from the forge. My armor... does not." - Stanter Callman

    Divine Favor
    Block any, 3+.
    At the start of each turn, you Heal 1.
    "Some gods, however, provide protection that's a little more tangible than that of others. Still brief though." - Mokad

    Cursed Block
    Block any, 3+.
    At the start of each turn, you take 2 Unholy damage. Keep.
    "It feels almost as though I'd prefer getting hit." - Snarri Goldsong

    And if we're already there, attacks work somewhat similarly, although there are more examples of this, such as the Polearm Slash and the Warding Lance we all know. Could there be similar concepts?

    Blazing Torch
    Attack/Handicap, Melee Fire, Damage 8, Range 1
    Burning 3. Duration 2.
    At the start of each turn, you take 3 Fire damage. Keep.
    His plan may not have been very thoroughly thought out in a conventional sense, but he felt that just the looks on their faces were worth the effort and the risk.

    Attack/Boost, Melee Piercing, Damage 3, Range 1
    Melee attacks you play have Hard to Block 1.
    "Good job deflecting my right hand, but I'd have a look at my left shoulder if I were you." - Vek the Vile

    A few more of these might come, I don't know yet. I had a lot of ideas ten minutes ago but they're busy eluding me right now; I might come back to edit this or just start a new post.

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