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  1. Kaffu Chino

    Kaffu Chino Kobold

    Dehydrate attach to target ; encumber 2 ; range 4 ; target only retains 1 card at the end of round ; target cannot use attack cards

    (like a fright card with encumber and mindworm)

    BORINGO Kobold

    Kaffu's Power Kill everyone. Kill yourself 3+. Mandatory action.
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  3. tolkien

    tolkien Thaumaturge

    Thanks for your ideas, kaffu. I like the idea of dehydrate. I'd prefer it as a negative trait that attaches to yourself with encumber and Mind Worm effects. We don't have a negative trait quite like that currently.
  4. Kaffu Chino

    Kaffu Chino Kobold

    Flu range 4 ; halt ; subtract 3 damage to attack cards you play ; subtract 2 to rolls you do ; saving roll 5+
  5. Kaffu Chino

    Kaffu Chino Kobold

    Blizzard range 5 ; attach an Encumber 2 to affected characters , duration 2
  6. Kaffu Chino

    Kaffu Chino Kobold

    Tsunami burst 1 ; impassable terrain (similar to flash flood, only that it is burst 1 )
  7. Kaffu Chino

    Kaffu Chino Kobold

    Fallout attach a random handicap card to all characters
  8. WexMajor

    WexMajor Hydra

    Ok, next time, try to make only ONE post.
    This is spamming ;)
  9. Kaffu Chino

    Kaffu Chino Kobold

    sorry about that

    BORINGO Kobold

    Spamming? Where?
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  11. tolkien

    tolkien Thaumaturge

    Long Ear
    Whenever an opponent plays a move card ending adjacent to you, move 1. Keep.
    You think these ears are ornamental? Think again.
    (Elf skill only. This wouldn't trigger on assists like Dash, Team! or effects like Vengeance. It would also stay in hand.)
    Jim...hears someone coming.

    Short Lifespan
    At the end of each round, if this is the only card in your hand draw a card. Keep.
    Life is short. Play cards.
    (Human skill only. It would stay in hand.)
    Omin...makes the most of his short life.

    Wide Beard
    Add 1 to dice rolls for armor and blocks. Keep.
    Not my beard!
    (Dwarf skill only. Stays in hand.)
    Binwin...only lost a bit of beard on that one.
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  12. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    Cute flavor, @tolkien (and I don't just mean the flavor text). However, note, Jim is human and Omin is "half-elf" (which is just human in this game, although it still puts him closest to getting an elf skill).
  13. tolkien

    tolkien Thaumaturge

    I thought you might catch me on that one. Understood.:)
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  14. orian34

    orian34 Orc Soldier

    I was told to post this here as well, so I'm following the advice ;)

    I was thinking of possible new traits and handicaps, because their strength, is that a character can only have 3 attachements at a time, it's difficult to really break it.
    And I like some diversity in the bad cards that could affect us, heheh. It's interesting to have to adapt our playstyles.

    • Vanity: Handicap card. (elves maybe?)
      Trait. Attach this card to yourself.
      You can't be targeted by allies.
      Duration 3.
      "I said to leave everything to me, but they didn't listen, so I left them to themselves."
    • Black Out: Handicap card. (interesting with cone attacks)
      Trait. Attach this card to yourself.
      Your field of vision and movement is reduced to 1.
      Duration 1.
      "The trick to avoid tripping is to move veeeery carefully..."
    • Blind Spot: Handicap card. (could fit on armor and shield items)
      Trait. Attach this card to yourself.
      Your field of vision is moved by 1 upfront(you can't block or react from the left or right directly.).
      Duration 2.
      "He called those improvements. I swear, I won't let him tweak my helmet for the next battle..."
    • Deaf: Handicap card. (dwarves possibly)
      Trait. Attach this card to yourself.
      You are unaffected by Sonic and team-wide effects.
      Duration 2.
      "I figured they had sounded the retreat when I was left alone facing the opposing army."
    • Uncontrollable Rage: Handicap card.
      Trait. Attach this card to yourself.
      Your attack cards become Mandatory Actions if there is a valid target.
      Duration 1.
      "It's when I grabbed the handle that I figured it wasn't a simple sword. It's when they saw it through their chest that my allies did."
    • Stress Relief: Handicap card. (could be an interesting option on human skill items with team cards)
      Attach "Deaf" to an ally in range. If there is no valid target, take 2 Unpreventable Psychic damage for each non-movement card in your hand.
      Range 5.
      "You! Come here! Why are you not with the other soldiers!
      Stop lazing around! It's because of incompetents like you that we're stuck here!
      JOHN!!! Where is my coffee!?
      I swear, these recruits are going to make me lose my hair!"
    • Paranoid: Handicap card.
      Trait. Attach this card to yourself.
      Whenever another character plays a movement card, immediately face them.
      Duration 1.
      "I swear it! I heard something from behind those barrels! You have to believe me, it's an ambush!

    And as a bonus, a priest debuff card:
    • Curse of Obsolescence: Attack Card. Magic Unholy.
      Attach to target. Whenever target uses a card with Keep, discard the card afterwards.
      Duration 1. Range 3.
      "'Don't let your opponents find the weak spot! Always change your strategy!' they said.
      Well, at least, it worked before."
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  15. orian34

    orian34 Orc Soldier

    • Flip out the switches! Utility Card. Magic Arcane.
      Attach "Black Out" to every character.
    Would be part of the ghost form pool as well.
  16. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    Since AA #26 is ending soon, I need to decide which of my ideas to submit. And I made a point of thinking up at least one card for every image, so I have about 30 ideas.

    This post will be everything that's too boring or silly to submit.

    Silver, Rare, Attack
    Melee Sonic
    Range 1, Damage --
    Attach to target. That character may only target the character or group who played this card. Duration 2.
    Hot Feet
    Silver, Uncommon, Boost
    Trait. Attach this card to yourself. Duration 3.
    When you play a Fire card, create and attach a Hot Spot card to a random occupied square. Keep.

    The "random occupied" part is hardcoded.
    Short Swap
    Silver, Rare, Utility
    Magic Arcane
    Range 2
    Choose two target characters; exchange their positions.

    The problem with using SwapComponent is that everything is hardcoded except the range.
    Slight of Thumb
    Silver, Uncommon, Attack
    Magic Arcane
    Range 4, Damage --
    Attach to target. Duration 2.
    [4+] When target plays a Magic card, cancel that card. Saving Roll. Keep.
    Bronze, Uncommon, Assist/Attack
    Magic Fire
    Range 4, Damage 1
    Attach to target. Melee Frenzy 4. Burning 2. Duration 2. Keep.
    Purging Storm
    Bronze+, Rare, Attack
    Magic Electrical
    Damage 2
    Affects every character within 5 squares. Discard all cards attached to affected characters.


    Quick Geomancer
    Silver, Rare, Boost
    Trait. Attach this card to yourself. Duration 3.
    Whenever you play a card that creates a terrain attachment, add Cantrip to that card.

    I think it's cool that a card like this is possible (Talented Healer triggering off AttachToSquareComponent, and the heal set to 0), but my terrain mages don't want Cantrip... they want cards that waste turns (Howl, cone attacks). It might be useful with Accelerate Time, but I've never even tried to use that card.
    Battlefield Cross-Training
    Gold, Rare, Assist
    Magic Psychic
    Range 4
    Target an ally. Move one random card from their hand to yours, then select a card in your hand and move it to target's hand. Cantrip.

    Nothing in the game lets you select a card in someone else's hand.
    Obvious Distraction
    Silver+, Uncommon, Utility
    Range 6
    Burst 2. Affected characters reverse their facing. Cantrip.
    Radioactive Spammer
    Silver, Rare, Boost/Handicap
    Trait. Attach this card to yourself. Duration 1.
    Whenever you would draw a card from your deck, instead create a random Trait card in your hand. Keep.

    The duration is meaningless because you'll keep drawing Traits until it's knocked off (or you die).
    Paper, Common, Boost
    When you die, create a Morsel card in the hand of your nearest ally.
    Possessed by Ice
    Silver, Rare, Boost/Handicap
    Trait. Attach this card to yourself. Duration 1.
    Halt. When you play a Cold card increase its damage by 4, then a random opponent shuffles this card into their deck.

    Posts are limited to 10 images, so I'll do the second half later.
  17. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    More boring
    Exploding Touch
    Bronze, Uncommon, Attack
    Magic Fire
    Range 1, Damage 8
    Slide Back 1. When this card does damage, it also does 3 Fire damage to you.
    Tag, you're dead.

    I wanted the caster to slide back instead, but I don't think that's possible.
    Gold, Rare, Attack
    Magic Radiation
    All squares occupied by characters become Irradiated Terrain. Duration 2.
    Tome of Plagiarism
    Silver, Uncommon, Block
    [4+] Block Magic. Take the blocked card into your hand.
    Frontal Assault
    Bronze+, Uncommon, Attack
    Melee Piercing
    Range 1, Damage 9
    When this card does damage, decrease its damage by 6 if you are behind the target.
    Silver, Uncommon, Move
    Distance 3
    If you end this Move adjacent to an enemy, attach it to yourself, Duration 2.
    While attached, Melee Frenzy 4.
    Surging Parry
    Silver, Rare, Block
    [3+] Block Melee. Draw a card. Move 1.

    Even sillier
    Sweeping Bash
    Gold, Rare, Attack
    Range 1, Damage 5
    Damage every adjacent character in front of you. Slide Back 1.
    Disproportionate Response
    Amethyst, Rare, Armor
    [3+] When you take damage, create a Charged Laser Barrage card and put it in your hand.
    Scholars Without Borders
    Gold, Uncommon, Assist
    Magic Arcane
    Draw two cards. A random opponent shuffles this card into their deck.
    Countess Jovana's Mirror
    Gold, Rare, Attack
    Projectile Unholy
    Range 4, Damage 2
    Burst 1. Create a random Form card and attach it to each affected character.

    And that leaves me with seven somewhat interesting ideas to think more about.
  18. Frostguard

    Frostguard Thaumaturge

    I've made a mistake and started playing a certain game again, and that combined with the current Aloyzo's Arsenal, which had me thinking about cards, had me thinking about turning spells in the game into cards in Card Hunter. Not really made to be balanced or viable, mostly to reflect what they do in the original, here is a small sample:

    Assist, Magic Unholy
    Attach this card to yourself. If your next Melee attack deals damage to a character, that character's health is set to 1. Duration 1 or until triggered.

    Agnazzar's Scorcher
    Attack, Magic Fire, Damage 5, Range 5
    Attach to target. Duration 1. At the start of each round, target and each character on a square touched by a straight line between the caster and the target take 5 Magic Fire damage.
    Note: the line would work just like linear spells. I haven't thought too much about details yet, though, but this could be fun. Damage is probably way too much, but anyway. It's not really a serious idea.

    Assist, Magic Holy
    Attach this card to yourself. You may not be targeted. If you play an Attack card, discard Sanctuary if it is attached to you. Duration 2.

    Attack, Magic Poison, Range 6
    Burst 2. Affected squares become Cloudkill terrain (at the start of each round, occupant takes 3 Penetrating Magic Poison damage; not ignored by Hover). Duration 2.

    Nahal's Reckless Dweomer
    Assist, Magic Arcane
    Draw a card. Discard that card unless it is a Magic card. Repeat until you have drawn 1 Magic card or your deck is empty. Cantrip. Magic cards you draw this way gain Mandatory Action.

    Attack, Magic Arcane, Range 5
    Burst 2. Affected squares become Web terrain (whenever occupant plays a Move card or moves itself, cancel that move, saving roll 5+). Duration 2.

    Teleport Field
    Assist, Magic Arcane
    Attach this card to yourself. At the start of each round, place each enemy character within 2 squares on a random unoccupied square within your line of sight. Duration 2.

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