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  1. tolkien

    tolkien Thaumaturge

    Body Odor
    Paper Quality Boost
    Trait. After any move that finished adjacent to you, adjacent opponents Slide Back 1. Duration 3.
    Monster only.
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  2. seth arue

    seth arue Thaumaturge

    Bees....bees?! Pretty sure I've never seen bees pounce or rake....maybe a feline, such as lions or panthers?
  3. WexMajor

    WexMajor Thaumaturge

    I really should start spell checking...
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  4. Goodwin

    Goodwin Ogre

    Armor of Sticks
    4+ roll.
    Armor 2.
    If this armor prevents damage, you and every adjacent character puts a "weak strike" [2 damage melee crushing, one range] card in their hand.

    Armor of basic spells
    4+ roll
    Armor 2.
    If this armor prevents damage, you and every adjacent character put a "small zap" [3 damage arcane, 2 range] card in their hand.
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  5. Frostguard

    Frostguard Thaumaturge

    Arcane Vision
    Trait. Attach to yourself. You might draw line of sight through any square except blocking terrain. Duration 3.
    I see... dead people.

    Attack, Magic Earth, Damage 2, Range 4
    Burst 2. Affected squares become Sand terrain. (Characters standing on Sand terrain must discard their oldest Armor card if able, or else their oldest card. No line of sight through Sand terrain.) Duration 2.
    May the desert ruin you and the dunes consume you.
    Note: The discard portion is probably too complicated.

    Attack, Magic Earth, Range 8
    Affected square becomes Quicksand terrain. (Stop. When occupant plays a Move card, cancel that card and place that character onto a random adjacent square.) Duration 2.

    Attack, Magic Fire, Range 3
    Affects all characters in range except the caster. All affected characters take two points of Penetrating Fire damage for every Armor card in their hand.
    All of a sudden, Elrann cursed himself for meticulously buckling all the straps of his platemail.
    Optional: Create and attach a Combustible card to each affected character. Most likely monster-only in either form.

    Solar Flare
    Attack, Magic Fire, Damage 4, Range 4
    Cone. Blind. Duration 1. This card also affects the caster.

    If you are reduced to zero hit points, Heal 6.

    Eye of Ra
    Attack, Magic Fire, Damage 3, Range 4
    Affects all characters in range except the caster. Burning 2, Duration 2. All damage dealt by this card is Penetrating.
    Never enter a staring contest with a god. Let me tell you, they tend to win.

    Ring of Fire
    Assist, Magic Fire
    Attach to target. At the start of each round, every adjacent character takes three points of Fire damage.
    Note 1: Might be penetrating.
    Note 2: Might be changed to attach a new card with Burning 3, Duration 1 to each adjacent character for synergy with Firestarter.
    Note 3: Might be Boost and Trait as well.

    Mental Fortress
    Trait. Attach to yourself. You are immune to Psychic cards. Duration 3.
    Long note: Now don't get me wrong, I'm not an amnesiac yet. I know I've posted something like this way back, even under the same name, but I thought it might be too complicated or problematic. This one, however, looks rather useless.
    It made me think, though. There is one Psychic card available to players now - Hypnotic Beacon. It's not much, true. But I think that there are a few more that could easily be reclassified to Psychic - in fact, I came to question why they aren't Psychic in the first place!
    Without claiming to be all-inclusive: Perplexing Ray, Short Perplexing Ray, Memory Loss, Mind Worm, Mind Munch, Mind Drain, Dazing Bolt, possibly Mind Muddle and Maze Of The Mind.
    Better yet, Cowardly, Fright, and Dropped Guard could get a Psychic keyword (in the same way Ouch! has Melee Piercing), and you'd be immune to them, too! It could be an opportunity to bring those, if you felt like gambling a bit.
    It wouldn't prevent discards from Unnerving Strike or Startling Strike, though, sadly.

    Thanks, @WexMajor, indeed Stone Form was intended for something sufficiently gargoyle-like. I like Flagellate, personally, good and fitting to the theme, if a little underpowered.
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  6. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    Didn't you suggest this already? $:^ P
    EDIT: ah, nevermind, found what I guess I was thinking on page 2 of this thread:
    LOL! @ flavor text $E^ b beautiful for mechanics, put this on an Elf Skill, and we're set..
    ..oh, unless you meant to put it on an Arcane Skill, in which case put Disenchant on an Elf Skill, and it's still a fright..
  7. seth arue

    seth arue Thaumaturge

    Arcane Vision should say may, not might. Ring of Fire needs a Duration. Seriously, proofread!
  8. tolkien

    tolkien Thaumaturge

    Regarding eye of Ra how about linear instead of "affects everyone in range?"
    Regarding Ring of Fire, I really like this one but I would prefer it to be a micro-firestorm. So range 1. Damage 1. Burning 2. The question is always how much damage and burning that it might be used over current cards situationally but not too much so as to be broken or render other small burning cards powerless by comparison.
    How about Ankh block Block any if the base damage of the card is as much as your health. Heal 6.
  9. WexMajor

    WexMajor Thaumaturge

    Monster cards for something small and quick

    Too Small

    Block magic, block projectile
    Roll 2+
    You can block attacks coming from behind

    Erratic Movements

    Block any
    Roll 6+
    Keep, Free card

    Zip Past

    Block any/Move
    Roll 4+
    Move 3 Free move
    You must pass trough an enemy zone of control
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  10. WexMajor

    WexMajor Thaumaturge

    Force Wall

    Block any - Special - Needs at least one free square between attacker and defender -
    Roll 4+
    Create a blocking terrain adjacent to you, blocking line of sight of the attacker - Duration 1
  11. snickersimba

    snickersimba Goblin Champion

    Remove immaturity

    anyone who uses the word dorf automatically loses every match, forever. unblockable
  12. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

  13. tolkien

    tolkien Thaumaturge

    Really Hairy
    Block any. 2+
    You hit hair...again.
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  14. WexMajor

    WexMajor Thaumaturge

    Very Stupid

    Handicap - Duration 2
    You have no zone of control (enemies can pass squares adjacent to you without being stopped).
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  15. Maniafig

    Maniafig Thaumaturge

    Extraordinarily Gassy
    When an enemy moves next to you, do 4 Penetrating Projectile Poison damage to every enemy within three squares. Keep.
    "That wasn't me." -Flateus Lance
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  16. Goodwin

    Goodwin Ogre

    Gold quality trait
    duration 3
    if an ally dies, put a "Vengeance" card in your hand [range 1, 8 melee silver, if take damage move 2]

    Silver quality projectile
    range 6
    Copy a random card from an opponent's hand, and put it in your hand.
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  17. tolkien

    tolkien Thaumaturge

    Laugh out loud.
    I was thinking
    Attack projectile poison
    All characters turn to face you and slide back 1
    "That WAS me." -Flateus Lance
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  18. WexMajor

    WexMajor Thaumaturge

    Bestial (Probably for some melee monsters - a minotaur comes somehow in mind -)

    Handicap - Duration 3
    If an enemy is in range of one of your attacks, your attacks gain Mandatory Action.
    If no enemies are in range of your attacks, your moves gain Mandatory Action; you can only move closer to enemies.
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  19. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    1 - Change "every enemy" to "every character," because at that point you won't have any friends.
    2 - Itemize card with combustible.
    3 - If the holder has a burning attachment when Extraordinarily Gassy triggers (or perhaps when it is drawn), immediately discard Extraordinarily Gassy and replace it with Rocket Boost.

    Rocket Boost
    Take 12 Unpreventable Damage, Randomly move 6, Fly
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  20. Goodwin

    Goodwin Ogre

    12 seems WAYYY to much, try take 6 damage...

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