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  1. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    Cleanse the Land is good at Gold(A, 9). Field Analysis is good at Bronze(C, 3). Headsmash should likely also damage the attacker but with the current way it works I think it should be Gold-(A-, 8). Stealth should be Gold(A, 9).
  2. Shardey

    Shardey Kobold

    Good Luck
    Magic - Holy - Uncommon, range 6
    Attach to target. Whenever the target rolls a die, add 1 to it. Duration 2.
  3. doog37

    doog37 Hydra

    Withering Touch
    Unholy Melee - Rare, range 1 Emerald
    Reduce HPs to 1, via unpreventable damage Stun caster. For every point of damage taken deal 1 point damage to target. Hard to Block 3

    It only hurts if you survive.
  4. Mama Mia

    Mama Mia Hydra

    Let's face it. We don't have many Sonic cards. Let's give Sonic some love! :p

    Bedwetting Shout
    Projectile Sonic - Range 4 (Attack)
    Attach to target. Trait. Encumber 3.

    Favored by many parents across Carduntria.

    Hypnotic Song
    Magic Sonic (Utility)
    Every character within adjacent squares discard their oldest card.

    You will forget that any of this happened after I snap my fingers.
    (Note: Works like Berserk Spin, not Firestorm.)

    Earthshaking Stomp
    Magic Sonic (Utility)
    Stun every character on the board.

    Powerful divine beings do this to get swole.
    (Note: Like Firestorm, this includes the caster.)
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  5. Super4011

    Super4011 Lizardman Priest

    I got so many card ideas. (Sorry is this is too many).(My goal is to make these ideas acceptable as in these cards could be played is SP or MP without being to overpowered and they make sense).

    Acid Splash

    Target square becomes acid terrain, all characters within 1 space of the target space take 3 penetrating acid damage. Magic Acid, Range 6 (Wizard)
    Not the best dissolver, but it works
    Inevitable Strike
    This attack has unblockable and penetrating. Melee Piercing, Damage 4, Range 1 (Warrior)
    The strike was unstoppable
    Catatonic Touch
    Target gains stun and halt, duration 1 or until damage is taken. Magic Sonic, range 1 (Wizard)
    Good Night
    Sacrificial Strike
    Discard your entire hand and you take 3 piercing damage, for every card you discard, increase the damage of this attack by 3. Melee Unholy, Damage 5, Range 1 (Priest)
    I make this sacrifice so that you will suffer
    Highly Conductive Spark
    When this card does damage, increase the damage of this attack by 2 for every armor card in the target's hand, hard to block 2. Magic Electric, Damage 2, Range 6 (Wizard)
    Renewing Pulse
    Trait, all characters within 5 squares, including yourself, discard all card with trait attached to them and in their hands. When a character discards a card out of their hand, that character draws a card. (Priest)
    We need to be equal
    Silencing Pulse
    Attach to yourself, when a character within 2 spaces of you (including yourself) plays a magic card, cancel that card (roll 4+), keep, duration 2. Magic Unholy (Priest)
    Stop with those crazy tricks
    United Strike
    All allies adjacent to the target may play a melee attack card targeting the target, any damage dealt by allies cannot be higher by 4. Melee Crushing, Damage 4, Range 1 (Warrior)
    We shall attack as one
    Taunting Armor
    Armor 3, keep (Roll 5+), when an enemy plays an attack that can directly target you, they must target you, keep. (Warrior)
    So shiny
    Reflection Curse
    Attack to target, when the target deals damage, deal 2 unholy damage to the target, keep, duration 2. Magic Unholy, Range 6 (Priest)
    Be nice, hostility will just make it hurt
    Finishing Blow
    If the target's health is lower than the base damage of this attack, add penetrating and hard to block 2. Melee Piercing, Damage 7, Range 1 (Warrior)
    The battle ended with a direct blow to the heart
    Reactive Healing
    Attach to target and heal 2 the target, if a card is played that targets the target, the target heals 1, keep, duration 2. Magic holy, range 6 (Priest)
    You shall be healed all the time now
    Pushing Dash
    Move 4, at the start of this move, slide back 1 all adjacent characters. (All)
    You can't move well if creatures are crowding you
    Countering Block
    Block Melee (Roll 3+), Move 1, If you end this move next to an enemy, create a bludgeon card and put it in your hand. (Warrior/Priest)
    You missed. Now it is my turn to strike
    Poison Bolt
    Poison 2, Duration 2. Magic Poison, Damage 3, Range 4 (Wizard)
    Poison has always been a weapon for the weak
    Dent Armor
    Target discards a random armor card, if a armor card is discarded, create an ill-fitting armor card and put it in the target's hand. Melee Crushing, Damage 8, Range 1 (Warrior)
    You could tell how uncomfortable he was after the impact
    Lunging Chop
    Step 1, choose up to two targets for this attack. Melee Slashing, Damage 4, Range 1 (Warrior/Priest)
    Moving into the right stop to strike can be crucial in combat
    Running Strike
    Step 3, when this card does damage, increase the damage by 1 and increase rolls for blocks by 1 for every space away from your starting space you are. Melee Crushing, Damage 3, Range 1 (Warrior/Priest)
    Running builds up momentum. Obvious, but can strength a blow
    Discard your hand then draw a card, draw an additional card for every card discarded this way. Magic Physic (Humans)
    If one way does not work, try thinking of another way
    Retribution Strike
    When this card does damage, increase the damage of this attack by 1 for every 5 health you are missing. Melee Unholy, Damage 5, Range 1 (Priest)
    The is my revenge for the pain you caused me

    Edits: Changed a lot of stuff (Thanks for the review doog37). Main changes were that I replaced Mind Decoy with Counter Block,Double Meteors with Dent Armor, and Earthquake Strike with Rethink.
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  6. Vlamona

    Vlamona Thaumaturge

    I think Sleeping Curse is too powerful.
  7. Mama Mia

    Mama Mia Hydra

    Wait, so does Taunting Armor have rolls or is it like Reliable Mail?
  8. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    How about this for sleeping curse:
    Range 1. Attach to target. Stun. Halt. Duration 1 or until they take damage.
    Suggested as a Bronze+.
    Magic Sonic Attack

    You can deal damage to someone with this to remove it, like arcane feedback is great for removing this.
  9. doog37

    doog37 Hydra

    So I felt like reviewing these:
    • Acid Bomb, I would rename Acid Splash Bomb and reword so it is all characters within range 1 of target square. Good but Acid normally removes armor, but only a splash might not.
    • Inevitable Strike: could be very powerful. Similar to surestrike, but it doesn't reveal itself so can be quite strong if buffed, I would make this piercing since it has penetration
    • Sleeping Curse: I like it, but if it supposed to be a wizard card I'd go with catatonic touch, curses are usually related to priests.
    • Sacrificial Strike: viable card but I wouldn't play it
    • Conductive Electricity: Might call it highly conductive Spark and make it hard to Block 2
    • Dullness Pulse: I love it, but could be worded better. I would call it Renewing Pulse, might need to do something extra harmful to caster.
    • Silencing Pulse: Brilliant idea, but what type of item would this show up on? Is this a Divine card or a Wizard card?
    • United Strike: Just an OP concept. It is like an attack with limited Cantrip. I know Talented Healer allows for a limited cantrip attacks, but it is really a potential game breaker.
    • Taunting Armor: Very interesting mechanic.
    • Reflection Curse: I like it but probably too powerful. Maybe 1 or 2 damage at most.
    • Finishing Blow: I like it, but seems like a tough card to integrate into the programming, attacks don't "look" at target's health. But really like it a lot.
    • Regenerating Blessing: Wording is a bit awkward and I don't think you need to have keep keyword. It's a very playable card, but needs to be high level (at least a gold) or reduced to 1 point per incident, but heals 2 upon casting.
    • Pushing Dash: Feels redundant and a move 4 with an effect like this would be very strong
    • Double Meteors: No, just no. This game doesn't need more burst spells forget a double burst. Also not sure if something can do Magic Crushing damage.
    • Poison Bolt: Too strong. Perhaps lower the initial damage to 1. I don't think there can be magic poison.
    • Mind Decoy: Very complex doesn't fit the game well.
    • Lunging Chop: Nice idea, a bit strong though. Possibly less damage or a Halt 1 to the attacker. Suggested flavor text: No one expects a lunging chop.
    • Running Strike: Interesting card, might be hard to program the effect.
    • Earthquake Smash: What? 12 damage and encumber 2 to all others. That might need to be a Diamond card.
    • Retribution Strike: First I'd call this a Berzerker Strike, second the mechanic may not be within the programming of the game and 3rd this could be up to 10 extra damage. I like the premise, but maybe something simpler as if attacker is below half health add 4 damage (still might not fit programming). Flavor Text: I share my pain with my foes.
    A couple of real winners here, but it can be difficult to add new effects to the game (as far as I know) and try to keep with the feel of the game Mind Decoy sounds too much like a MtG card.
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  10. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    The Chop is fine at silver=(B, 6)(same rating as vicious thrust).
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  11. doog37

    doog37 Hydra

    I guess VT is a good comp, but the weakness of chops is getting into position to attack 2 targets. This does that in a way no other chop attack does and is subject to Strong Chop and Slicer, which as I see makes it more powerful than VT. But with that said maybe I overreacted t the potential power... Still I would rate it as at least a Silver +
  12. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    You still only get 1 more damage if you get to chop 2 targets, which also splits the damage between multiple characters making it not as good.
  13. doog37

    doog37 Hydra

    Again the potential damage boosts are better. Slicer is easy to get and Strong Chop is on many items.
  14. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    Double meteors can work it just needs some nerfs. How about 3 damage 6 range targets 2 spaces burst 1 each but each character can only be impacted once. Suggested as Gold(A, 9)
    Crushing Magic Attack.
  15. doog37

    doog37 Hydra

    I just don't see this happening.
  16. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    Why not? It's like 2 nerfed Arcane bursts with an added restriction in this card.
    We already have Double Laser Beacon doing that with Laser Beacon.
  17. doog37

    doog37 Hydra

    DLB is a terrain attachment and an Emerald card. Think about it you can hit 2 targets 8 spaces apart w/o LoS. Not saying it is impossible but from what I've heard there is no appetite for more Burst attacks.
  18. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    Not saying there is appetite for more burst attacks but this card can be balanced.
  19. Fanturluche

    Fanturluche Thaumaturge

    Swapping Parry (Block)
    Block melee. roll 3+. Exchange your position with the attacker, unless it is big. Facings do not change.
    (I just realized it would not work with big ennemies)

    Reminder (Boost)
    Draw a card.
    If this card should be discarded from a card effect, put it back into your hand as the newest card (edit: unless it is discarded with a drawing action, such as leadership).
    I can't remember what was that thing I wasn't supposed to forget...

    Resonance Armor (Armor)
    Roll 4+, Armor 1, This armor value is increased by 1 for each card attached to you. Keep.
    (Maybe Roll or the base armor value can be boosted)

    Off Balance (Handicap)
    Trait. Attach to yourself. You cannot block. Encumber 2. Duration 1 or until you play a move card.

    Poor Little Thing (Boost, probably a monster card)
    Trait. Attach to yourself. Ennemies that have more hp than you cannot target you with attacks. Duration 2 or until you play an attack card.
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  20. The last card seems like it'd be handy in 1 hp quests. :p

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