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Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Farbs, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. SurgeonFish

    SurgeonFish Automaton Moderator Staff Member

    Doing a fantastic job Phaselock and the rest of you!
  2. Farbs

    Farbs Blue Manchu Staff Member

    Agreed. <3!
  3. Jayce

    Jayce Hydra

    In the interest of keeping Phaselock's tasty style, another bot test with heavy armour + weapons up to level 10:

    Items changelog (6/2/2012)

    Heavy Armor updated: Bashing Mail, Creaking Plate, Cruel Spiked Mail, Dependable Mail, Hardened Hide Armor, Jerkin Of Thorns, Oaf's Armor, Peasant's Plate, Plate Mail, Reinforced Mail, Reliable Scale Mail, Rusting Chain Shirt, Rusty Chainmail, Sharp Shell, Shimmerbug Hide Armor, Sparking Shell, Spiked Breastplate, Spiked Mail, Stunning Shell, Thick Cloth Armor, Tough Hide Shirt, Trusty Breastplate, Weatherstained Armor, Wex's Mail

    Weapons Updated:Brass Rapier, Burnished Blade, Club, Club Of Devastation, Clumsy Greataxe, Crude Polearm, Crummy Short Sword, Cursed Mace, Ettin's Club, Goblin's Club, Leaden Axe, Leaden Maul, Lunging Spetum, Oversized Pick, Parrying Spear, Piercing Pick, Ridiculously Oversized Sword, Rotting Club, Simple Dagger, Sword Of The Mob, Trickster's Blade, Wobbly Spear, Woodhome's Wound, Woodsman's Axe, The Goldleaf Blade

    Changes from previous build:

    Weapon: Rusted Blade - Item Changes:
    Name: Rusted Dagger -> Rusted Blade
    ImageName: Weapon Dagger 4 -> CrummySword
    Weapon: Curved Sword - Item Changes:
    Name: Knife -> Curved Sword
    Weapon: Dull Blade - Item Changes:
    Name: Dull Knife -> Dull Blade
    ImageName: Weapon Dull Knife -> Sword
    Weapon: Shiny Blade - Item Changes:
    Name: Shiny Knife -> Shiny Blade
    ImageName: Weapon Shiny Knife -> Blade1
    Weapon: Grey Rapier - Item Changes:
    Name: Grey Knife -> Grey Rapier
    ImageName: Falchion -> Weapon-Balanced-Rapier-2
    Weapon: Cheap Spear - Item Changes:
    Name: Broadblade Dagger -> Cheap Spear
    ImageName: BroadDagger -> CheapSpear
    Weapon: Hefty Stout Club - Item Changes:
    ImageName: Stoutclub -> missing_art
    Weapon: Slippery Sword - Item Changes:
    Name: Slippery Knife -> Slippery Sword
    ImageName: Weapon Silverswift Knife 2 -> Blade2

    The Goldleaf Blade was updated because I saw it mentioned in another thread wanted to see what it was ^_^
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  4. Jayce

    Jayce Hydra

  5. Jayce

    Jayce Hydra

    Skill, Staff items <= level 10.

    Items changelog (8/2/2012)

    Arcane skills added: Apprentice Pyromancy, Augmentation, Novice Augmentation, Novice Electromancy, Pyromancy, Teleporter, Trained Pyromancy, Untrained Augmentation, Untrained Proliferation

    Divine skills added:Advanced Lifesteal, Altruism, Apprentice Cleansing, Healer, Healing Spirit, Holiness, Holy Healing, Isolated Thinker, Lifesteal, Master Of Time, Peerless Lifesteal, Student Of Time, Temporal Expert, Temporal Hobbyist, Trained Lifesteal, Untrained Lifesteal, Untrained Manipulation

    Dwarf skills added:Advanced Aggression, Defensive Resilience, Novice Aggression, Novice Persistence, Novice Resilience, Unskilled Dwarf

    Elf skills added:Apprentice Battledancing, Novice Agility, Novice Footwork, Perilous Agility, Unskilled Elf, Untrained Battledancing, Untrained Footwork, Untrained Insight

    Human skills added:Advanced Luck, Apprentice Mobility, Apprentice Thinker, Beginner Reflexes, Defensive Luck, Defensive Thinker, Novice Mobility, Novice Thinker, Unskilled Human, Untrained Flexibility, Untrained Tactics

    Martial skills added:Apprentice Chopping, Apprentice Impaling, Hard Chopping, Impaling, Novice Impaling, Novice Offense, Sharp Chopping

    Staff items added:Arcanist's Staff, Balsa Staff Of The Magus, Cherry Staff Of The Magus, Ion Staff, Jade Battlestaff, Oaken Staff Of The Magus, Opal Battlestaff, Reflecting Staff, Relentless Staff, Staff Of Glowing Coals, Staff Of Guttering Flames, Staff Of Immolation, Staff Of Peril, Staff Of The Inferno, Staff Of The Misanthrope, Sulphuric Staff, Superheated Staff, Unwieldy Staff
  6. Jayce

    Jayce Hydra

    Arcane Items (so....many....) and Divine Weapons up to level 10 added.

    Items changelog (10/2/2012)

    Arcane Items added: Accursed Blue Stone, Akon's Scepter, Amber Amulet, Amulet Of Blades, Armorbane Pendant, Astrid's Bejeweled Horn, Azure Amulet, Banded Wand, Befuddling Ring, Blasting Rod, Bloodfoot Wand, Blue Circlet, Boiling Stone, Booming Ring, Burning Bangle, Califax's Hot Stone, Cauldron Orb, Caustic Locket, Caustic Ring, Charged Opal, Cherry Wand, Chipped Bangle, Citrine Amulet, Cloudy Circlet, Clumsy Ochre Wand, Cold Iron Ring, Cursed Orc Wand, Dendrite Ring, Earthbane Amulet, Eych's Amulet, Fiery Rod, Flexible Amulet, Gaul's Stone, Glass Rod, Glowing Bangle, Hearth Wand, Hissing Ring, Hot Crystal, Jade Labyrinth, Kinetic Stone, Lost Amulet, Mad Eskin's Pin, Magician's Pin, Magma Scepter, Malachite Orb, Maroon Chit, Mindspike Necklace, Mindzap Bauble, Misanthrope's Amulet, Mumbler's Amulet, Orange Amulet, Orange Circlet, Orb Of Flames, Orzo's Excellent Rod, Pendant Of Artax, Periapt Of Mad Eskin, Perilous Bangle, Perilous Labyrinth, Pewter Amulet, Piccan's Chain, Pinewood Wand, Qinn's Diadem, Red Circlet, Red Iron Ring, Ring Of Ashes, Ring Of Force, Ring Of Hot Spikes, Rod Of Falling Cinders, Rod Of Scary Flames, Rod Of Winds, Roiling Pendant, Rumbling Rod, Scorching Bracelet, Scorching Wand, Sensate's Ring, Sizzling Wand, Skrewt Stone, Smoking Bangle, Stone Of Burning Dreams, Stone Of Delirium, Stone Of Searing Memories, Stone Of Shards, Stone Of The Blank Mind, Storm Circlet, Swamp Orb, Teak Horn, Teak Rod, Telekinetic Stone, Thin Rod, Thrumming Bracelet, Vadkin's Rod, Viscous Locket, Vitriolic Ring, Wand Of Spritzing, Willix's Orb, Yellow Rod

    Divine Weapons added:Accursed Mace, Assuaging Mace, Big Stick, Blessed Club, Cudgel Of Wrath, Demon's Bronze Blade, Giant Skeletal Arm, Hammer Of Shrouds, Heavy Mace, Holy Stone Maul, Initiate's Glaive, Long Axe Of Retribution, Mace Of The Angry Novice, Malign Mace, Neophyte's Axe, Recoiling Mace, Repelling Mace, Rusty Mace, St Trobor's Maul, St. Xarol's Axe, Tarnished Hammer, True Strike Spear, Vampire's Blade, White Mace
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  7. Scyrax

    Scyrax Mushroom Warrior

    This is a beautiful wall of text. It brings tears to my eyes. Excellent work. :D
  8. Grombak

    Grombak Orc Soldier

    You are doing a great job there! Keep it up! :)
  9. Jayce

    Jayce Hydra

    Filling in levels 11-20:

    More categories next time =D

    Items changelog (11/2/2012)

    Arcane Items added: Agate Scepter, Akon's Amulet, Amulet Of Illusion, Amulet Of The Burning Barrier, Amulet Of The Clouded Mind, Arcane Chit, Arctic Horn, Axander's Twisted Circlet, Baffling Bauble, Bamphing Diadem, Banik's Bubbling Bauble, Barbed Pendant, Barrier Locket, Befuddling Chit, Beige Ring, Bimson's Hard Stone, Blood Locket, Bloody Bracelet, Bluestone Pendant, Box Of Flames, Box Of Smoke, Bracelet Of Elements, Braincloud Orb, Brainfire Orb, Bsarf's Horn, Bubbling Wand, Cassik's Bracelet, Caustic Wand, Cerulean Amulet, Chain Of Puzzlement, Chalcedony Horn, Chit Of Choking Smoke, Cinnabar Ring, Circlet Of Winds, Clattering Bauble, Cloudmind Headband, Cloudy Orb, Cobalt's Chalice, Cohr's Black Scepter, Confounding Periapt, Confusing Stone, Cranch's Earthstone, Crisping Rod, Devouring Orb, Eezix's Burning Mirror, Elemental Diadem, Emerald Circlet, Farzil's Perplexing Horn, Firewall Amulet, Flicker's Earcuff, Fluttering Amulet, Glittering Pin, Glowing Jewel, Glowing Ring, Greenstone Pendant, Hasek's Icy Ring, Hickory Wand, Horn Of Smoke, Hot Amulet, Hot Rod, Hurricane Stone, Hylithia's Wand, Locket Of Apparation, Locket Of The Gale, Lost Stone, Lucent Circlet, Mind Stone Ring, Mindslide Bracelet, Mindsmoke Ring, Mirror Of Melting, Morbo's Pendant, Orb Of Burning Acid, Orb Of Green Clouds, Penteth's Orb, Periapt Of Illusion, Periapt Of The East Wind, Periapt Of The North Wind, Periapt Of The West Wind, Pin Of Blowing Flames, Pin Of The Painful Mirage, Pip's Anklet, Pip's Nosering, Pip's Toering, Puce Diadem, Rantic's Mindfog Orb, Rantic's Orb Of Inner Fire, Redstone Pendant, Reflex Stone, Ring Of Appropriation, Ring Of Burning Smoke, Ring Of Foz, Ring Of Smoke, Rod Of Ashes, Rod Of Avak Seth, Runestone, Sandstone Amulet, Sarigo's Ring, Sarigo's Rod, Sarigo's Scepter, Sarigo's Wand, Scalding Diadem, Scepter Of Antipathy, Scepter Of G'Glick, Shifting Bangle, Shifting Rod, Silver Pin, Sizzling Chain, Sky Locket, Smoke Circlet, Smoke Pin, Smoldering Pin, Spellbane Scepter, Static Sceptre, Swirled Globe, Swirling Chain, Tarial's Diadem, Tauri's Stone Maze, The Soulstone, Turquoise Periapt, Vermillion Pendant, Vira's Chain, Waenog's White Chain, Wallbuilder's Bracelet, Wallbuilder's Horn, Wallbuilder's Scepter, Wand Of Confusion, Wand Of Hot Winds, Wand Of Rapid Air, Wand Of Seared Air, Wand Of Sizzling Drops, Yellowstone Pendant, Zephyr Stone

    Boots added: Ballet Shoes, Blue Suede Shoes, Blurry Boots, Boots Of The Cheetah, Boots Of The Lobster, Buzzing Boots, Cloth Boots Of The Bull, Conflicted Boots, Crafted Monkey Boots, Dashing Boots, Heavy Dashing Boots, Hide Boots Of The Bull, Hobnail Boots, Jitterbug Boots, Lizard Hide Boots, Lurker's Boots, Mazur's Boots, Mithril Mesh Slippers, Muscle Boots, Quick Jon's Boots, Rushing Boots, Shimmering Monkey Boots, Steel Boots Of The Bull, Thin Mithril Boots, Vibrating Boots, Winged Boots

    Divine Armor added:Armor Of Negation, Battered Holy Mail, Blessed Mail, Blessed Plate Mail, Etched Breastplate, Healing Hide Armor, Holy Plate, Imp Hide Armor, Infused Cloth Armor, Inspirational Mail, Inspiring Chain Shirt, Mail Of Inflicted Pain, Mail Of St. Aulx, Mail Of The Martyr, Mail Of The Prophet, Saint's Armor, Seething Armor, Sparkling Mail, St. Borgun's Plate, St. Dendrick's Leather, St. Temrun's Chainmail, Untouchable Plate, White Plates

    Divine Weapons added: Acolyte's Hammer, Archbishop's Hammer, Aureate Mace, Beggar's Maul, Bishop's Hammer, Blessed Spear, Cardinals' Hammer, Deacon's Hammer, Demonic Sword, Demon's Iron Blade, Draining Dagger, Duality Mace, Faith's Cudgel, Hallowed Axe, Healer's Spear, Holy Revenger, Mace Of The Pious, Madman's Maul, Mendicant's Maul, Neophyte's Hammer, Scouring Axe, St. Forgue's Sword, Supplicant's Hammer, Trickster's Greataxe, Trickster's Maul, Unholy Hatchet

    Heavy Armor added: Ancient Runed Breastplate, Barbarian's Mail, Chainmail, Coruscating Mail, Crushing Gauntlets, Deathcurse Mail, Durable Chainmail, Emperor's Plate, Gauntlets Of The Giant, Glimmering Chainmail, Impervious Panoply, Mail Of Absorption, Ogre Hide Armor, Ogre Plate, Old Chainmail, Patchwork Storm Plate, Spiked Platemail, Spiked Scale Mail, Spiked Shirt, Steadfast Mail, Sturdy Armor, Sturdy Mail, Tarik's Heavy Plate, True Mail, Vibrant Plate

    Shields added: Bronzewood Shield, Buckler, Buckler Of Inertia, Dragon's Shield, Magnetic Shield, Oakenheart Shield, Possessed Shield, Quick Buckler, Quickfoot Buckler, Reverberating Shield, Shield Of Desperation, Shield Of The Aggressor, Shield Of The Dervish, Shield Of The Frog, Slippery Shield, Steel Shield, Steel-rimmed Buckler, Surging Shield, Wedge Shield, Wooden Shield

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  10. Jayce

    Jayce Hydra

    Staffs/Staves added: Apprentice's Staff Of The Elements, Ash Staff Of The Magus, Charring Staff, Churning Staff, Diamond Warstaff, Electrum Staff, Emerald Battlestaff, Frosty Staff, Furnace Staff, Grandmaster's Staff Of The Elements, Greater Sulphuric Staff, Hippocampal Staff, Ironwood Staff Of The Magus, Lesser Furnace Staff, Maple Staff Of The Magus, Mighty Sparkping Staff, Mindsplinter Staff, Novice's Staff Of The Elements, Roaring Staff, Rowan Magestaff, Ruby Battlestaff, Sapphire Warstaff, Short Blasting Staff, Sorceror's Staff, Staff Of Blazing Embers, Staff Of Fireballs, Staff Of Freezing Fire, Staff Of Hellfire, Staff Of Roaring Flames, Staff Of Soot, Staff Of The Arctic, Staff Of Winter, Sub-zero Staff, Swamp Staff, Viridian Staff, Wallbuilder's Staff

    Weapons added: Angry Jack's Blade, Assagai, Balanced Rapier, Barbarian's Club, Black Iron Halberd, Copper Spear, Dangerous Flail, Defender's Axe, Duelist's Blade, Emerald Axe, Enormous Cleaver, Flametouched Spear, Giant's Cleaver, Golden Morningstar, Hammer Of Bashing, Heavy War Pick, Heavyweight Mace, Hefty Chopper, Hefty Hammer, Huge Falchion, Huge Tree Limb, Humongous Axe, Infused Greatclub, Jagged Sword, Katana, Lead-pommeled Sword, Lucerne Hammer, Massive Club, Nimble Hatchet, Nimble Trident, Rageblood Dagger, Reflecting Short Sword, Serrated Axe, Shadow Spear, Silverswift Knife, Simple Axe, Simple Longspear, Simple Short Sword, Spear Of Dancing, Splintering Cudgel, Steel Falchion, Sturdy Maul, Sturdy Rapier, Sundering Axe, Surging Battleaxe, Sword Of Loud Thoughts, Sword Of Thunder, Thog's Hammer, Trident, Unbalanced Greatclub, Warrior's Axe, Weighted Cudgel, White Katana

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  11. Sir Knight

    Sir Knight Sir-ulean Dragon


    Seriously, wow!

    Also, that really is a lot of Arcane Items, and they keep adding more! This could end up with a large number of exclamation points!
  12. Jayce

    Jayce Hydra


    Levels 11-20:

    Items changelog (11/2/2012)

    Arcane Skills added: Advanced Augmentation, Advanced Proliferation, Advanced Thaumaturgy, Benign Telekinetics, Excellent Proliferation, Firestarter, Hostile Pyromancy, Novice Prolifertation, Proliferation, Superb Proliferation, Thaumaturgy, Trained Augmentation, Trained Proliferation, Trained Thaumaturgy

    Divine Items added: Acolyte's Healing Ring, Amulet Of Inspiration, Auric Charm, Beech Roots, Bishop's Healing Ring, Black Token, Blessed Prayer Beads, Bones Of The Bishop, Cleansing Diamond, Cleansing Shroud, Clouded Healing Ring, Demon Charm Of The 4th Circle, Demon Charm Of The 7th Circle, Ebony Prayer Beads, Flawed Healing Ring, Healing Charm, Healing Ring, Healing Ring Of The Inner Light, Incense Of Roiled Air, Incense Of The East Wind, Incense Of The Nether Fog, Ivory Tome, Martyr's Medallion, Medallion Of St. Vigus, Onyx Healing Token, Polished Prayer Beads, Prayer Beads, Savage Tome, Scuffed Relic, Shielding Token, St Ulrich's Bones, St. Glist's Charm, Talisman Of Grief, Tome Of Black Wisdom, Tome Of The Dark Pact, Tome Of The Martyr, Topaz Periapt , Unholy Tome

    Apparently I forgot Divine Items levels 1-10:

    Divine Items added: Bad Luck Charm, Cleansing Incense, Demon Charm Of The 3rd Circle, Demon Charm Of The 5th Circle, Flawed Relic, Green Lotus Root, Grey Charm, Healing Mirror, Healing Relic, Healing Talisman, Maple Roots, Medallion Of St. Beldar, Misanthrope's Pearl, Neophyte's Healing Ring, Novice's Healing Ring, Poisoned Relic, Smoky Talisman, Tarnished Goblin Skull, Tarnished Prayer Beads, Tome Of Pain, Unholy Charm, Witch's Charm

    Divine Skills added: Advanced Manipulation, Advanced Thinker, Healing Insight, Manipulation, Pathogenic, Perfect Lifesteal, Superb Lifesteal, Trained Manipulation

    Dwarf Skills added: Advanced Ferocity, Apprentice Ferocity, Apprentice Persistence, Apprentice Toughness, Charging Battler, Charging Brute, Ferocity, Novice Toughness, Persistence, Raging Battler, Raging Brute, Superb Ferocity, Toughness, Trained Intimidation, Untrained Toughness

    Elf Skills added: Advanced Agility, Advanced Battledancing, Apprentice Agility, Apprentice Evasion, Apprentice Footwork, Apprentice Insight, Battledancing, Evasion, Footwork, Insight, Mobile Wariness, Novice Evasion, Novice Insight, Superb Battledancing, Trained Battledancing, Trained Evasion, Trained Footwork, Wariness, Zealous Agility

    Helmets added: Dedric's Helm, Energetic Helmet, Finzi's Horned Helmet, Helmet Of Mind Control, Kathon's Steel Helmet, Lieutenant's Cap, Minotaur Helm, Shiny Gold Helm, Shiny Silver Helm, Synapse Helm, Viking Helm

    Human Skills added: Advanced Mobility, Apprentice Flexibility, Apprentice Luck, Apprentice Reflexes, Apprentice Tactics, Beginner Battlefacing, Beginner Tactics, Luck, Mobility, Novice Flexibility, Novice Luck, Novice Reflexes, Novice Tactics, Trained Flexibility, Trained Mobility

    Martial Skills added: Armor, Armored Bashing, Brutal Bashing, Brutal Chopping, Crafty Armor, Crafty Bashing, Crafty Defender, Edged Bashing, Flexible Impaling, Novice Armor, Novice Defense, Offense, Slicing, Trained Impaling, Unsteady Defender, Untrained Defense

    Robes added: Cloak Of Insinct, Crackling Cloak, Crimson Robe, Labyrinth Robes, Mantle Of Insinct, Quickling Robes, Resistant Wisp Robes, Robe Of Instinct, Robe Of Opposition, Robe Of The Geomancers, Robe Of The Mind, Scintillating Robes, Shimmerwing Robe, Tempest Robes, Viridescent Robe
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  13. Jayce

    Jayce Hydra

    Updated with latest build 1.13 - So many boots!.

    Levels up to 20:

    I haven't listed the updated items in this post (as it's a mix of wiki items and actual build changes), but I can add them if people want them.

    Items changelog (13/2/2012)

    Arcane Items added (69): Alec's Pendant, Aloysi's Ring, Aork's Vial Of Memories, Arcade's Amber Amulet, Asmod's Telekinetic Chain, Asmod's Telekinetic Ring, Avakiria's Cup, Azgul's Orb, Barnum's Burning Bauble, Bartlet's Sharp Stone, Bavaro's Chain, Berian's Locket, Bewlin's Baffling Bauble, Boxton's Red Pendant, Brin's Spiked Rod, Brin's Storm Locket, Carc's Rod, Chartwell's Amulet, Chartwell's Ring, Daramine's Silver Box, Dawo's Magic Box, Dianon's Ring, Ekkerg's Amulet, Elemer's Diadem, Exemer's Locket, Eye Of Wicna, Ezekiel's Earcuff, Farqiot's Diadem, Forval's Chain, Gaudekki's Orb, Gregor's Hot Flask, Hand Of Wicna, Havrik's Scepter, Horn Of Acid, Horn Of Gezz, Horn Of Quillicus, Jerel's Amulet, Kazmir's Icy Orb, Kelvin's Chunk Of Ice, Larkin's Orb, Luderin's Gold Ring, Luke's Iron Hand, Mathilda's Locket, Miligar's Dragon Tongue, Mordecai's Rod, Orb Of Eex, Pekinaub's Bracelet, Perrio's Crown, Praska's Crown, Rod Of Palver Pree, Runcible's Bracelet, Sabo's Mirror, Sander's Force Mirror, Simin's Glowing Mirror, Smoag's Bucket Of Pitch, Stookster's Amulet, Swiz's Circlet Of Elements, Twizel's Stone Talisman, Waasker's White Cup, Wand Of Abath Nar, Wand Of Aleknar, Wand Of Iz Pont, Wand Of Tenemun, Wym's Fiery Bangle, Wym's Fiery Pin, Xemu's Crown, Yaro's Scepter, Youk's Scepter, Yount's Chain

    Boots added (121): Accursed Boots, Apprentice Boots, Armadillo Boots, Auric Boots, Awkward Spiked Boots, Azure Boots, Bastion Boots, Beige Boots, Bellicose Boots, Big Boots, Black Iron Boots, Blackguard Boots, Boots Of Aggression, Boots Of The Crazed, Boots Of The Fearful, Boots Of The Flock, Boots Of The Foolish, Boots Of The Ram, Boots Of The Rhino, Boots Of The Unwise, Bouncing Boots, Boxer's Boots, Bristleball Boots, Brown Mail Boots, Buckled Boots, Bully Boots, Butterfly Boots, Camp Boots, Castory Boots, Chainmail Socks, Chestnut Boots, Corinthian Boots, Crimson Clogs, Croc Skin Boots, Dangerous Boots, Daring Clogs, Dodgy Boots, Dragonfly Boots, Eager Boots, Flanged Boots, Flutter Boots, Gazelle Moccasins, Gecko Boots, Glaucous Boots, Glimmer Boots, Glowing Leather Boots, Goat Boots, Goblin-hide Boots, Good Spiked Boots, Grasshopper Boots, Gray Boots, Greenguard Boots, Holey Boots, Indigo Boots, Infernal Boots, Jackrabbit Boots, Jumpdragger Boots, Kangaroo Boots, Khaki Boots, Kickin' Boots, Light Chain Boots, Lovat Boots, Lunging Boots, Mail Boots, Mantis Boots, Marmot Boots, Marshall's Boots, Mazarine Boots, Mobster's Boots, Mouse Boots, Nacarat Boots, Naugus Hide Boots, Neophyte's Boots, Nimble Chain Boots, Novice Boots, Pacifist's Boots, Peacock Boots, Poosyn Boots, Possessed Shoes, Power Boots, Prickly Boots, Purple Boots, Rabbit Slippers, Rat Boots, Reckless Boots, Reversal Boots, Rusted Iron Boots, Rusty Green Boots, Rusty Plated Shoes, Rusty Red Boots, Scrap-heap Boots, Sharp-edged Boots, Simple Mail Boots, Skittlefoot Slippers, Slate Boots, Snakeskin Boots, Soft Black Boots, Sparkling Sandals, Sparrow Boots, Spiked Leather Boots, Spinning Top Boots, Stalwart Boots, Statuary Boots, Sticky Slippers, Stretchy Boots, Striped Boots, Tactician's Boots, Tan Boots, Taz Boots, Thorn Boots, Timid Rogue Boots, Toad Boots, Tough Guy Boots, Virescent Boots, Waffler's Boots, Weighted Boots, Wild Boots, Wimpy Boots, Winged Moccasins, Winged Track Shoes, Zinnober Boots

    Divine Items added (3): Alabaster Charm, Cloudy Charm, Orla's Tear
  14. Sir Knight

    Sir Knight Sir-ulean Dragon

    "Taz Boots"?

    . . .

    Oh, Warner Bros . . .
  15. Phaselock

    Phaselock Bugblatter

    Looks like the item botscript is dandy :) In other news:

    • New skin, new look for the wiki. Fixed a ton of css styling backend issues.
    • Removed old main page, redirect to community portal
    • New preliminary sections for News, Spotlight and Featured Content in Main page
    • Added subcategories sorting to card template
    • Enabled Ajax for scripting purposes
    • Still looking for AAA cards. Already have Disenchant, Greater Spell Skill, Acid Pool (Thanks to Peseto and Wozarg)
    • Yet to come: Card botscript, semantic search, templates for adventures/guides, tools for editors, tooltips
  16. Farbs

    Farbs Blue Manchu Staff Member

    Wow. You lot are doing an amazing job with this.
  17. Jayce

    Jayce Hydra

    Looks awesome \o/
  18. Jayce

    Jayce Hydra

  19. Sir Knight

    Sir Knight Sir-ulean Dragon

    Dwarven Panatellas? Troll Cigars? Okay, this is just getting weird.

    Unfortunately, it looks like they still have the various spelling errors reported elsewhere, so a bunch of those entries will wind up being changed.
  20. Jayce

    Jayce Hydra

    There is some neat stuff in there ^_^

    Script should fix spelling errors (move/delete pages as appropriate) when things are fixed =D

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