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Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Farbs, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. Farbs

    Farbs Blue Manchu Staff Member

    Wow, great update!
    EDIT: Haha, I didn't realise we had new Kobold Killer art 'till I read your update. Looks good Ben!
  2. Jesus669

    Jesus669 Orc Soldier

    Vary nice, thanks for the constant updates.

    Predictable stab is a tricky one.
  3. Phaselock

    Phaselock Bugblatter

    We've run into a bug with the image resizer module in the wiki and are unable to proceed with card updates until Roshirai fixes it (If anybody is friends with him irl, pls inform him to check his Inbox). Also, I've seen new accounts created from community but yet to see contribs. If you have problems entering wiki data, kindly highlight here and I will try to facilitate. :)

    PS: Pls be patient if response are slow as its just mightymushroom and me at the moment, thanks.
  4. Roshirai

    Roshirai Goblin Champion

    As I mentioned to those guys privately, the image resizing issues should be fixed now, so edits can continue with aplomb. Don't be afraid to jump in and add stuff, newbies: the wiki won't bite! :D
  5. Phaselock

    Phaselock Bugblatter

    Changelog (13th Jan 2013)

    Attack cards updated: Able Bludgeon, Trained Bludgeon, Memory Loss
    Utility cards updated: Cleansing Presence
    Block cards updated: Hit the Deck
    Move cards updated: Scuttle
    Drawback cards updated: Cowardly
    Hybrid cards updated: Misguided Heal, Thick Hide Armor

    Weapon updated: Flimsy Rapier, Defender's Dagger, Possessed Dagger, Thick Club, Plain Dagger, Blocking Hammer, Chipped Dagger
    Heavy Armor updated: Crude Spiked Mail, Trog Skin Jacket, Old Padded Mail, Vassal's Plate, Rusty Stitched Armor
    Helm updated: Pain Hat
    Shield updated: Dull Buckler, Spiked Tin Shield, Fool's Shield
    Arcane items updated: Zolthar's Wand, Perplexing Mirror, Obscure Stone, Fogging Ring, Carnelian Wand, Vermillion Orb
    Boot updated: Misenchanted Mail Boots, Cheap Fencer's Boots, Spiked Felt Boots, Black Boots
    Robe updated: Cloth Robe
    Stave updated: Citrine Staff, Zapping Staff, Balsa Boltstaff
    Divine Armor updated: Armor of Pain, Hide of the Frenzied, Holy Leather Armor, Armor of Doubt, Adept's Healing Mail
    Divine Weapon updated: Novice's Hatchet, St. Corin's Knife, Martyr's Pick, Old Morningstar, Copper Mace
    Divine items updated: Righteous Tome, Shoddy Healing Token, Demon's Tooth, Cleansing Mirror, Broken Charm
    Treasure updated: Copper Bowl, Brass Buttons, Emerald Shards, Rhinestone Trinket

    Divine skills updated: Misanthrope, Trained Piety, Novice Cleansing, Apprentice Piety, Apprentice Healer
    Martial skill updated: Novice Bashing, Bashing, Unskilled Martial
    Human skill updated: Untrained Mobility
    Dwarf Skill updated: Resilience

    Adventures started. Many thanks to Wozarg for starting off with some entries for the community.
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  6. Jesus669

    Jesus669 Orc Soldier

    More Updates!
  7. Phaselock

    Phaselock Bugblatter

    And some more updates ! :)

    Changelog (14th Jan 2013)

    Attack cards updated: Fiery Stab, Powerful Spark, Flailing Bronze Fists, Strong Bludgeon
    Boost cards updated: Firestarter, Dimensional Traveller, Spark Inductor, Altruism, Healing Spirit
    Buff cards updated: Demonic Feedback
    Move cards updated: Wild Run
    Drawback cards updated: Combustible, Clumsy, Arcane Feedback, Demonic Revenge
    Hybrid cards updated: Parrying Strike

    Weapon updated: Blistering Spear
    Heavy Armor updated: Thickened Mail
    Arcane items updated: Cursed Blue Orb, Combusting Wand, Arcane Periapt, Stone of Boiling Thoughts
    Boot updated: Cloth Boots, Disintegrating Boots
    Robe updated: Shifter's Robe
    Stave updated: Staff of Flames
    Divine Armor updated: Poor Man's Mail, Penitent's Mail
    Divine Weapon updated: Blessed Branch, Initiate's Mallet
    Divine items updated: Infernal Trinket
    Treasure updated: Shiny Ear Ring

    Arcane Skill updated: Burning Spark Novice
    Divine skills updated: Corrupted Healer, Unskilled Divine
    Dwarf Skill updated: Aggression

    Gratz to Jayce for his first wiki contribution ! :)
  8. Jayce

    Jayce Hydra

    Even managed not to break anything (too badly) =D

    Great work setting this up!
  9. Phaselock

    Phaselock Bugblatter

    Changelog (15th Jan 2013)

    Attack cards updated: Buzzsaw, Fire Bolt, Devastating Spark, Burning Fingers, Flame Spit, Able Stab
    Armor cards updated: Holy Armor
    Block cards updated: Parry, Block
    Boost cards updated: Holy Presence
    Move cards updated: Sprint
    Drawback cards updated: Brain Burn, Ill-fitting Armor
    Hybrid cards updated: Dynamic Armor, Lunging Strike, Lunging Bash, Lunging Hack, Bad Medicine

    Weapon updated: Improvised Halberd, Hefty Stout Club, Grey Knife, Rusty Trident
    Heavy Armor updated: Ill-fitting Scale Mail
    Helm updated: Hide Cap
    Shield updated: Parrying Buckler
    Arcane items updated: Shielding Ring, Piercing Hearth Wand
    Boot updated: Spiked Boots, Misenchanted Cloth Boots
    Divine Armor updated: Fine Holy Plate, Adept's Mail, Thick Healer's Hide
    Divine Weapon updated: Vigun's Blessed Blade

    Artwork updated: Hide Of The Frenzied, Blocking Hammer, Rusty Stitched Armor, Thin Poignard, Armor Of Doubt
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  10. Phaselock

    Phaselock Bugblatter

    Changelog (16th Jan 2013)

    Attack cards updated: Acid Blast, Reaching Swing, Dissolve Armor, Sorcerous Bolt, Long Spark
    Armor cards updated: Heavy Armor, Spiked Mail
    Block cards updated: Missile Block
    Move cards updated: Cautious Sneak
    Drawback cards updated: Demonic Pain, Dropped Guard
    Hybrid cards updated: Horned Plates, Heavy Armor, Unholy Wellspring

    Weapon updated: Slippery Knife, Fool's Maul
    Heavy Armor updated: Battered Spiked Mail, Rusty Spiked Mail, Old Hide Armor, Reinforced Cloth, Thin Leather Shirt, Reinforced Hide Armor
    Arcane items updated: Cerulean Orb, Red Lacquer Box
    Boot updated: Heavy Steel-toed Boots, Steel-toed Boots, Tough Fencer's Boots
    Robe updated: Beast's Robe
    Stave updated: Versatile Staff, Vladimir's Battlestaff, Hedge Wizard's Staff
    Divine Armor updated: Possessed Banded Mail, Adept's Battlemail, St. Pathak's Armor
    Divine Weapon updated: Clumsy Black Mace, Long Axe of Repentance
    Divine items updated: Tome of the Withering Source, Wooden Token

    Character Classes writeup for Warrior, Wizard and Priest are in. And they look good ! :D
  11. Neofalcon

    Neofalcon Goblin Champion

    After seeing tons of dead links from the forums, I decided to help out and add some stuff to the wiki. However, I noticed that the item types on the wiki didn't match up with the item types in-game, so I updated the Item Type template with all the correct item types.

    Things previously labelled as "Armor", "Skill", "Divine", or "Arcane" should display a message saying the item type needs to be updated, however, Divine Weapons and Staves currently misclassified as just "Weapon" will have to be manually updated.

    EDIT: I've gone through all the items on the wiki, so they should all be updated to their proper item types now
  12. Phaselock

    Phaselock Bugblatter

    Don't know whether to cry or laugh when I saw this... Pls read the PM I sent you, thanks for the effort tho :)

    To new/eager wiki contributors: We are aware of the many deficiencies still present (missing redirects, pages missing text, organization etc). Regardless, pls refrain from editing the templates, as it will adversely disrupt other contributors on-going efforts. The primary portal is here:

    or you can access from my signature as well. Monsters, adventures, item types, cards, skills, races, classes and a ton of stuff are expected to be gradually built in over the next few months up until game release (or until Farbs is free to port the wiki over to Blue Manchu servers). Eventually, it is hoped that the wiki can incorporate comments, player recommended builds, item ratings etc. We'll see how things go as time passes...

    New contributors who are literary inclined: Kindly check out adventures and monsters, 'flavorful' writeups are required there. Mightymushroom is the primary contributor for Character Classes and he has done a great job !
    New contributors who are data inclined: Feel free to check out items/cards/skills, lotsa blanks there. Drop me a PM and I can start you off.
    Non-beta contributors: Pls PM me, thanks.

    Hope it helps, cheers ! :)
  13. Phaselock

    Phaselock Bugblatter

    Changelog (17th Jan 2013)

    Attack cards updated: Sizzling Bolt
    Armor cards updated: Resistant Hide, Crafted Mail
    Hybrid cards updated: Strong Chop, Dancing Cut, Vicious Thrust

    Weapon updated: Flaming Sword, Cracked Sword, Heirloom Assegai, Puncturing Dagger
    Heavy Armor updated: Plain Old Armor, Thick Cuirass, Patchwork Chainmail, Chain Scraps
    Helm updated: Crusty Helm, Heavy Iron Helmet
    Shield updated: Weak Wooden Shield, Light Shield, Cover Shield, Dueler's Buckler
    Arcane items updated: Blister Stone, Wooden Horn
    Boot updated: Weighty Boots, Polished Leather Boots
    Robe updated: Distracting Robe
    Stave updated: White Oak Staff
    Divine Armor updated: Hide Vestments, Righteous Hide Shirt
    Divine Weapon updated: Club of Wrath
    Divine items updated: Medallion of the Unnamed Saint, Uncertain Juju, Demon Charm of the 1st Circle

    Arcane Skill updated: Apprentice Teleporter
    Divine skills updated: Novice Healer, Novice Piety
    Dwarf Skill updated: Untrained Persistence, Trained Ferocity
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  14. Phaselock

    Phaselock Bugblatter

    From me personally:

    to all wiki contributors, past present and future...
    A little gratitude to everyone who has kindly donated their time to contribute to the wiki (no matter how small), this effort is currently fan-driven.

    Wiki statistics summary since beta: 228 items out of 1200+, 116 cards out of 500+

    PS: As I'm seeing more contributors, improvement activities that were on the backburner will be gradually pushed forward. Some keen eyes might have already noticed minor changes here and there. Peace y'all and have happy weekend ! :)
  15. Sir Knight

    Sir Knight Sir-ulean Dragon

    Woo! Go Phaselock and kindred spirits!
  16. Phaselock

    Phaselock Bugblatter

    Changelog (20th Jan 2013)

    Attack cards updated: Fireball, Cowardly Attack, Taunt, Powerful Hack, Powerful Bludgeon, Meaty Goblin Fist
    Block cards updated: Reflect Missile
    Boost cards updated: Spark Generator
    Buff cards updated: Heal, Energize
    Move cards updated: Scamper, Bull Rush
    Drawback cards updated: Obvious Maneuver
    Hybrid cards updated: Lunging Thrust, Penetrating Lunge, Hard to Pin Down, Arrogant Armor

    Weapon updated: Dull Knife, Dull Shortsword
    Heavy Armor updated: Shoulderspike Mail, Restrictive Mail
    Helm updated: Gorilla Skin Mask, Crown of Thorns
    Arcane items updated: Copper Amulet, Perplexing Wand, Befuddling Stone
    Boot updated: Hidebound Boots, Thick Hide Boots, Black Leather Boots, Patched Dashing Boots
    Robe updated: Robes of Forgetfulness
    Stave updated: Cherry Boltstaff, Stinging Staff
    Divine Armor updated: Rusted Holy Mail, Axamander's Ringmail, Holy Nimbus
    Divine items updated: Soothing Relic, Weathered Prayer Beads, Shaman's Bones, Oak Roots
    Treasure updated: Adventurine Shards

    Arcane Skill updated: Spark Devotee, Apprentice Electromancy, Kindler, Electroporter
    Divine skills updated: Giving Cleansing
    Elf skill updated: Trained Agility
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  17. skip_intro

    skip_intro Ogre

    You deserve all the plaudits, my good man!

  18. Phaselock

    Phaselock Bugblatter

    Changelog (21th Jan 2013)

    Attack cards updated: Short Perplexing Ray
    Boost cards updated: Slicer
    Drawback cards updated: Trip
    Hybrid cards updated: All Out Attack

    Weapon updated: Broadblade Dagger, Lunging Glaive, Stilletto, Light Spear, Defender's Pick, Bo Stick
    Heavy Armor updated: Banded Mail, Hardened Hide Armor, Solid Mail
    Helm updated: Defensive Helm
    Boot updated: Crazy Boots
    Stave updated: Etched Zapstaff, Pine Staff, Turquoise Staff
    Divine Weapon updated: St. Trobor's Maul, Neophyte's Cleaver

    Arcane Skill updated: Dimensional Traveller
    Martial skill updated: Untrained Offense, Untrained Armor, Novice Chopping
    Dwarf Skill updated: Untrained Ferocity, Apprentice Aggression, Trained Aggression, Novice Intimidation, Intimidation
  19. Phaselock

    Phaselock Bugblatter

    Changelog (22th Jan 2013)

    Block cards updated: Absorbing Block
    Utility cards updated: Extend
    Drawback cards updated: Large Weapon
    Hybrid cards updated: Jump Back

    Weapon updated: Hiltless Greatsword, Cumbersome Axe, Old Adze, Dagger, Blazing Shortsword, Defender's Hatchet
    Helm updated: Wyvern Hide Helmet
    Shield updated: Shield of Inertia, Coward's Shield, Iron Shield
    Arcane items updated: Destructive Wand, Weighty Wand
    Boot updated: Leopard Skin Boots
    Stave updated: Hickory Staff
    Divine Armor updated: Darkmail, Possessed Chainmail, Armor of Cleansing
    Divine Weapon updated: Silver Scalpel
    Divine items updated: Cursed Talisman of Extension, Demon's Hand
    Treasure updated: Amber Fragments, Silver Candleabra

    Arcane Skill updated: Adaptable Novice
    Martial skill updated: Chopping
    Dwarf Skill updated: Novice Shieldwork, Sly Resilience
  20. FalconGK81

    FalconGK81 Orc Soldier

    So, I know we're still in the data entry and adding literary content phase, so doing "improvement" work is probably pretty back-burner, but I can't help feeling like the item pages should show mini images of the card suite they provide, and not just have links to the items. When a user searches for an item, what they are probably most interested in is the cards added to the deck for that item, so making them open up additional links to see those cards seems... suboptimal.

    If I can tinker around (and let me be clear that I will NOT actually change anything without approval) with the template for items and have them display images of the cards, rather than just links to the cards' wiki pages, is this something that would be appreciated? I'd probably make the images also be links to the wiki pages for the card, so there would be no loss of functionality.

    Otherwise, I'm still available and happy to do some work on data entry, but as a non-beta user, my contributions are greatly limited.

    If my suggestion is unclear, I'll work on creating a mock-up image to show what a new item page would look like and I'll upload it.

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