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    We've been getting a lot of attention lately, and we thought it might be really awesome to keep a list of previews and reviews for easy perusal. We'll update this list as we get more, of course. And if you find something, let us know and send it our way!

    The latest articles will be at the top!


    "This is what free-to-play browser games can be. It’s a game worth buying, and yet there’s no pressure to spend money."

    "It absolutely harkens back to my own time as a tabletop gamer, with both D&D and CCGs, and its story treats those memories like they’re a treasure, rather than a punchline."

    "It’s the early days of Card Hunter, but it feels charming and exhilarating, with the promise of co-op and new campaigns in the future."

    "The gameplay is addictively fun, the metastory, though sparse, is funny enough that you want to hear more, and the deckbuilding and combat both make the game a must try."

    PC Gamer
    "A truly magical fusion of tabletop RPG and CCG that’s only missing pizza and beer."

    "...Card Hunter, a free-to-play, browser-based, deck-building strategy game that will devour every last second of your free time if you let it."

    "I love this game. I love the theme, the supporting artwork, the interlude narrative with the GM Gary, and his interactions with his older brother, and the pizza girl. I love the mechanics of the game, with its tactics-driven solutions that allow players to gear up for particular adventures, matching tactics to equipment to defeat specific types of enemies."

    Nerdy But Flirty
    "As you can probably already tell, I really like this game! It’s really fun and super easy to learn."

    Game Informer
    "The charming nods to old-school dungeon crawls are spot-on, but the depth of the incredibly flexible combat system gives Card Hunter its legs. The fact that Card Hunter is also a free browser-based game is icing on the cake, and a potent reminder that awesome games are cropping up in all sorts of unexpected venues these days."
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    REVIEWS (cont.)

    The Paranoid Gamer
    "It is a wonderful experience that is filled with adventure and excitement. And to top if all off, the ramblings of Gary and Melvin are hilarious. Card Hunter is an absolute RPG gem with hours of fun to be had."

    Jetpack Joust
    "Card Hunter is fabulous from top-to-bottom and with continued support, it can only get better."

    "It’s a fresh experience which helps put to bed any ideas that free-to-play games or browser based games aren’t capable of setting the kinds of lofty standards that their big budget cousins often fail to meet."

    Rock, Paper, Shotgun
    "Unless you’re reading these words on a device that doesn’t allow you to play Flash-based browser games, there is absolutely no reason for you not to toddle into another tab and start playing Card Hunter right now... The rest of the post, you see, is made up of paragraphs of praise for one of the finest games of the year."

    "Regardless of whether a gamer spends money on it or not, Card Hunter is a charming experience for those who love the genre and it can easily take up hours of gaming time day after day."

    "In the end, Card Hunter is a gorgeously designed, engagingly strategic game that's well worth checking out and I hope we see even more from in the future, despite its clunky pay model."

    "Card Hunter is perfect for anyone that doesn’t like the slow-paced aspect of card games or just wants a casual strategy game to waste (a lot of) time on."

    "Card Hunter does an incredible job of bringing a card-based role-playing game and putting some monetization in that really only needs to be paid for if you want to do more than what the base game gives you. If you like strategizing, collecting, and role-playing, Card Hunter is the free game that will occupy your time for a long, long, while!"

    "Card Hunter is at once accessible, enjoyable, strategic, and nostalgic. It seamlessly combines multiple genres into something special. The decision to take this title to the browser is an interesting one, as it could certainly succeed elsewhere. Throw away your browser game apprehension and give this one a look. You won’t be disappointed."

    PC Games N
    "In reality, Card Hunter is anything but inconsequential. It’s a top tier turn-based tactics game, a secret TCG, and the first RPG I’ve ever played to make a virtue of a generic fantasy setting. It’s the inspired XCOM variant that Space Hulk seems to have turned out not to be. Like a lot of what we cover on this site, it’s a game of numbers - but gosh, what a pleasure it is to have those numbers really mean something."

    US Gamer
    "Card Hunter gets it right in every which way that matters, and even in some of the ways that don't. It's geeky, goofy tabletop fun remade for the modern web browser: brilliantly designed, highly appealing and top-notch fun."

    "If you've ever spent an evening huddled around a table telling tales of crypts and wyverns, I highly recommend that you give Card Hunter a shot. Even if you eventually hit a paywall, you'll have a ton of fun, and may even recall some of your fondest role-paying memories in the process."

    No High Scores
    "I want to hate it. But I can’t. In fact it’s one of the most horribly addictive games I’ve played in ages."

    "Takes the best parts from a CCG and a tabletop fantasy RPG and creates something both fun and challenging. Filled with humor, gaming and pop culture references. Free-to-play but paid content seems worth it."


    "Card Hunter is a little creased, but I can't say I mind. It has a lot of potential and I'm interested to see how it grows, because it's a game that's all about trying new things: new tricks, new combinations, new possibilities."
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    Venture Beat
    "At first, I thought Card Hunter was fun but unremarkable. As I dived into it further, learned more about how things interact, and examined the tactics, I found one of my favorite games of 2013."

    "Overall, Card Hunter is a fresh, fun take on the freemium Flash game, and deserves time and attention."

    "Card Hunter's designers have clearly spent a lot of time refining the rhythms of their battler, all of which means that its quests and its levelling curve can ease themselves right into your daily life before you've really noticed."

    The Verge
    "If you’ve been yearning for your days as a dungeon master, Card Hunter is a great way to satisfy that urge."

    "I went to quickly take a couple of screenshots of Card Hunter for this article. Three hours and lots of loot later, I’m back here. Whoops."

    "Card Hunter is so good. So good. Good enough that I’m enthusiastically shouting about it in a preview."

    Game Informer
    "Card Hunter is wildly inventive, and the scope of both the campaign and multiplayer options is impressive."

    Screen Shaped Eyes
    "Free-to-play, charming and challenging, it’s the cure for E3 ennui."

    True PC Gaming
    "There’s a lot here for tactical RPG gamers to enjoy, especially at the price of zero dollars."

    In An Age
    "So, spoiler alert: I really like this game."

    "Card hunter thankfully stayed away from the Pay-To-Win mentality..."

    Rock, Paper, Shotgun
    "I’ve found it very difficult to not return to Card Hunter again and again and again and again and again and again and again."

    Threat or Menace
    "...this game hits so many gameplay-joy pressure points on my soul that I am that measurably closer to achieving Gamer Nirvana after each session."

    "... there’s a sense of humor and whimsy that both hearkens back to the very tabletop tradition the devs draw from and presents it in a modern way."

    "...and I say without any embellishment whatsoever – It’s downright amazing."

    Voo's Review
    "If only all games developers could do a genre justice like these guys have, the gaming world would be a vastly improved and enriched one to delve into."

    "...a game that keeps me up far too late, withering my ancient husk until the bark peels clean off."

    Gamers Critic (Italy)
    "To make the game even funnier ... is the option to rename each character in the team ... we can “throw” friends, enemies, and relatives in the middle of the first dungeon available."

    Colony of Gamers
    "I can unequivocally say this is one of my anticipated games this year."

    Control Command Escape
    "For me it’s already looking to be a contender for game of the year, and this from a free-to-play game."

    "...does Card Hunter deliver the fun experience it promised at PAX? F*ck yes it does, and more."

    Penny-Arcade Report
    "For now, this is one of my more anticipated games, and that feeling has only grown now that I have access to so much of it."

    Liquid Electron
    "There is a lot to explore in Card Hunter, and I’ve only scratched the surface. From what I’ve seen thus far, however, it’s really going to be something special indeed!"

    "The game might be a surprise choice for Blue Manchu, but it lives up to the smartness and originality of its creators’ back catalogues."
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    Lol, they're using Farbs custom map as a screenie! Go Farbs!

    Also this:

    Needs to be in the game somehow. On a shirt worn by Gary.
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    Updated with another humbling article from Game Informer!
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    Updated once again!
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    The Verge link isn't working, you need to remove the / from the end or you just get 404.
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    Yeah, press kit needs some luvvin'! Not all previewers can be counted on to take screencaps.
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    Yikes. Fixed! Thanks!
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    Updated again!
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    Updated with our first two reviews!
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  18. Thems some nice high scores there.
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    While not a review, I did just post our first impressions of Card Hunter for in video form! I am a bit embarrassed though, I called Gary Melvin!

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    Some are, most are not. Thanks Pengw1n! I'm going to tag 'em up soon!

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