Card Hunter Elimination Tournament #1 - Sign Up and Win Pizza!

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    ORGANIZER: Scared Little Girl

    The tournament is over and we have the winners. Pizza will be delivered during the next couple of days. Thanks everyone who participated! Please post feedback here. Thank you.

    [​IMG]1st place: Qivril (400 pizza)
    [​IMG]2nd place: neneboss (240 pizza)
    [​IMG]3rd place: SgtSteve (160 pizza)

    [​IMG]4th place: ArcadianRook (80 pizza)


    This is an unofficial Card Hunter PvP Tournament that has been designed, and will be run by, community members. Blue Manchu, the makers of Card Hunter, is sponsoring this event by giving us pizza as prizes.

    This tournament will be held on Saturday, 1st of February 2014 at 8:00 pm UTC. To convert this to your local time, please click the following link: << Check Event Time >>. If you are still confused, try << Tournament Countdown >>.

    Signing Up
    Sign up by posting your IGN (In Game Name) on this topic. Always post your IGN, even if it is the same as your forum name. For example:
    There are 32 spots available in the tournament. If more then 32 people sign-up during a period of 24-hour, participants will be chosen randomly. We will also have 8 spots for substitutes, who may replace participants who did not show up.

    People who have signed up
    1. Alfonze
    2. ArcadianRook
    3. neoncat
    4. owangolama
    5. KarbonKhan
    6. PilgrimBailey
    7. Stexe
    8. PaladinGP
    9. Flaxative
    10. neneboss
    11. dashv520
    12. illkkill
    13. SgtSteve
    14. Ghostbrain
    15. Niccodemus
    16. Whimsical
    17. ReesJ
    18. Kungfu Crab
    19. Eren
    20. Checkers
    21. TheShadowTitan
    22. Dakmor Lancer
    23. Qivril
    24. ElShafto
    25. Magus
    26. phantoche
    27. Killerdestroy
    28. CT5
    29. Starcryst
    30. Codefive
    31. DeathFace
    32. ?
    1. ?
    2. ?
    3. ?
    4. ?
    5. ?
    6. ?
    7. ?
    8. ?
    This tournament uses 5 unique maps built by community members. Each round has a different map. It is a good idea to study the maps beforehand and try to come up with different decks that would perform well on those maps.

    You can download maps by clicking their name. Alternatively you can download all 5 maps as a zip-file.

    Round 1 - Cellar by Tuknir

    Round 2 - The Contest by Scared Little Girl

    Round 3 - Dwarf Pavilion by neoncat

    Semifinals - Frozen Cave by Tuknir

    Finals - Guild Hall Fight by Flaxative (based on original design by Farbs)

    This tournament has deckbuilding restrictions as follows:

    Banned items:
    • All legendary rarity items
    Banned cards:
    If you use a banned item or a card, you will automatically lose the match. However if you take an item by mistake that has a banned card, but you do not actually play that card during the match, no penalties are given.

    Apart from banned items and cards mentioned above, you may use any builds you like. This includes classes, races and items. You may either keep the same build between rounds, make minor modifications to it, or even change it completely. In other words, you may use the same build for each round, use a different build for each round, or something in between.

    Keep in mind that you only have a few minutes between rounds to change your deck. It is a good idea to store the decks you want to use beforehand, because you might not have time to do it manually.

    Showing Up
    Enter the Card Hunter chat room no later than 10 minutes before the tournament is supposed to start. This is because the organizer needs time to confirm that we have full roster. If you arrive later, we cannot guarantee your spot in the tournament.

    If and when one or more of the participants fail to show up on time, substitutes will be used to get a full roster of 32 players. If there are not enough substitutes, participants will be taken from the chat room on a first come first serve basis.

    If you have signed up for the tournament but fail to show up for any reason, even a good one, you will be denied access to the next tournament. This minor penalty is to help ensure that people sign up only when they know they can actually participate.

    Tournament has 5 rounds, each lasting 30 minutes. Matches last roughly 20 minutes, after which there will be 10 minutes of downtime during which the organizer updates the brackets and the participants may change their decks, walk the dog, or go to the toilet.

    Organizer will post tournament brackets on this forum topic. Find your name and you will find your opponent. Brackets are updated as the tournament goes forward.

    Creating a Custom Game
    The player who hosts a custom game, always goes second. This is why each round, the organizer flips a coin to see which player is the host: player 1 (name above) or player two (name below). This will be announced on chat at the start of the round.

    If you are hosting, do as follows:
    1. click "Create Custom Game"
    2. click "Load.."
    3. Find the map file of that round (that you have downloaded beforehand). You can download all maps using the links at the bottom of this post.
    4. Choose the name of your opponent at the right side of the window
    5. Click "Create Game".
    If the other person is hosting, just wait for the invitation and accept it when it arrives.

    The Match
    Tournament matches are best-of-one. This means that whoever wins the match, will go forward to the next round, and whoever loses, is instantly out of the tournament. So remember not to lose!

    Each player will have a timer of 10 minutes. This is only half the time you usually have, so it is a good idea to practice making faster moves. You do not want to lose because you ran out of time. It happens easier than you think.

    Because disconnects are so easy to fake, and it is virtually impossible to get caught doing so, the person who gets disconnected will suffer some kind of a penalty or even lose. This might not always seem fair, but it is the only way to discourage cheating.

    If a player disconnects during round 1, there will always be a rematch. As a penalty, the player who disconnected must not play any cards during round 1 of the rematch. At the start of round 2, the match continues normally.

    If a player disconnects after round 1, we will look at what the score was.

    A) If both players had equal score, or the player who disconnected had a higher score: there will be a quick rematch using 5 minute timers. As a penalty, the player who disconnected must not play any cards during round 1 of the rematch. At the start of round 2, the match continues normally.​

    B) If the player who disconnected had a lower score: the player who disconnected,loses the game and is out of the tournament.​

    Posting Match Results
    After the match is over, winner of the match must post the final score (number of victory points) on this topic. For example:
    To everyone else, please refrain from posting on the tournament topic when the tournament is in progress. Otherwise it will be difficult for the organizer.

    Blue Manchu has kindly agreed to give us pizza as prizes. Pizza will be distributed as follows:

    [​IMG]1st place: 400 pizza
    [​IMG]2nd place: 240 pizza
    [​IMG]3rd place: 160 pizza

    [​IMG]4th place: 80 pizza

    Closing Words
    If you have any questions, please post them on this topic. Thank you and good luck to everyone!

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  2. Signing up on behalf of Mr. Alfonze.

    IGN: Alfonze
  3. ArcadianRook

    ArcadianRook Goblin Champion

    aka "The Crimson F*cker", aka "The F*ckmotheringest Vampire PaladinGP has ever seen."
  4. neoncat

    neoncat Feline Outline

    I'm in! (I can read the directions, yes I can! ^_^)

    IGN: neoncat
  5. owangolama

    owangolama Kobold

    IGN: owangolama
  6. KarbonKhan

    KarbonKhan Mushroom Warrior

    Sign me up, IGN KarbonKhan.

    HF all!
  7. Put me in coach: PilgrimBailey
  8. Stexe

    Stexe #2 in Spring PvP Season

    I'm interested.

    In-Game Name (IGN): Stexe
  9. Alfonze

    Alfonze Kobold

    Muchos Gracias SLG! Thanks for creating this post, and organizing the tourny along with others that have helped. Very excited for Saturday, good luck to all! =D

    Edit: And of course, thank you for signing me up on your behalf!
  10. PaladinGP

    PaladinGP #1 in Spring PvP Season

    Signing up, please!

    IGN: PaladinGP
  11. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader Staff Member


    IGN: Flaxative

    Sorcererers, let's test out our collectivism!
  12. neneboss

    neneboss Kobold

    IGN: neneboss
  13. owangolama

    owangolama Kobold

    how can you determine if somebody is using a legendary item?
  14. neoncat

    neoncat Feline Outline

    Right-click the card to identify what item it's on, and then look it up on the wiki.
  15. dashv520

    dashv520 Orc Soldier

    IGN: dashv520

    4am in my time zone ...
  16. owangolama

    owangolama Kobold

    um... this is a pretty difficult process. are we supposed to do this every single time somebody plays a card? :(
  17. neoncat

    neoncat Feline Outline

    You can also set the game to pause on every card that's played, under the options.
  18. PaladinGP

    PaladinGP #1 in Spring PvP Season

    That's really clear with the timing, a great tool to convert things for all timezones.

    With a ban on Whirlwinds, which I think would be the strongest build for these maps, things look very, very good for SLGs build. Organisers do deserve privileges, though!
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