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  1. yuno44907a

    yuno44907a Mushroom Warrior

    We play, if enemy pass you can pass and discard until 2 card left than draw 3. Isnt that system sucks and unrealistic.

    We could do it every character plays 1 card every turn and we could draw 1 card every 2 turn and draw cards until have 3 cards in hand.

    If a player pass his turn he could draw a card for all of his characters.

    Current system sucks and not fair. Some players can play 6 attack cards until his turn end and some plyers may try to collect armors but they can only hold 2 cards at the end. If armor cards are game breaking than make them breakable. Think about it, i am holding 6 armor cards and nothing can damage me than what will they do; armor cards must be kinda like block cards.

    Cant you find a more enjoyable combat system? It is not even reaistic, while single warrior using 6 attack cards all other figures just sitting and watch.


    And when i right click to chrome XP it opens options window of adobe. We must not use right click for reading cards.
  2. yuno44907a

    yuno44907a Mushroom Warrior

    Most flaw is that there is no strategy or choice. In game, while playing; your win rate is %60 luck, %30 op cards, %10 skill. My playing has no effect on game result, its all about what card i drew what dice i rolled.

    So we can play when what card we play and where to walk but in end, all cards will be used so my player decisions actually have no freedom; i have 5 cards in my hand and i will play all of them. Because of that we must draw cards 1 by 1 and there must be a reward for keeping cards in hand instead of using them at first turn. As i suggested if you pass a turn your characters must draw 1 card; you will say how time based cards will be played than all characters must have same timeline so everyone will play 1 card in 1 turn than turn will end and burn damage will tick.

    Current play system full illogical and other games didnt use your system because while a warrior playing 5 cards, all others stopping and watching it.
    I am very sleepy.
  3. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    So the high Elo players have no skill, just a long string of luck?
    Amazingly consistent.
  4. yuno44907a

    yuno44907a Mushroom Warrior

    No they have OP cards, game pay to win but actually if you play all day you can get pay stuff. People can grind for becoming strong as payers.

    Problem is balance; some cards deal too much damage. Some armors give you card. You know, there is no balance; some cards are very strong.
  5. Maniafig

    Maniafig Thaumaturge

    People have reached a high Elo using nothing but Common and Uncommon items, your pay/grind to win argument is invalid.

    Likewise, a player with more strategic and tactical skill will on average win more. Luck can still determine the outcome of a match, but luck evens out over a large sample size whereas skill does not. Hence why some players have incredibly high win rates.
  6. yuno44907a

    yuno44907a Mushroom Warrior

    Actually cheating in this game very easy; just wait until enemy come in range and hold cards that will combo. And this is not a flawless design; you must not let players to camp.
  7. Super4011

    Super4011 Lizardman Priest

    This is somewhat long so I will condense it into a spoiler.
    Everything in this game has its counters (At least as far as I know).
    -Is your opponent using silver damage? Inquisitor's Badge.
    -Does your enemy have a lot of armor in hand? Sundering Strike, Boiling Armor, cards with penetrating, or similar cards should help.
    -Is your opponent smashing one of your characters with powerful melee cards? Don't be there in the first place; use a control mage, cards with slide (or something similar), or movement to keep a distance.
    -Is your opponent camping? Take the Victory tiles (if possible), use terrain effects to force them to move, or assault them from a distance.
    All of the above counters have some cards that are available plentifully at lower rarities. (There are some counters that are mainly on higher rarity items, but that does not mean they are better.)

    Card Hunter is not a game where you can rush in mindlessly and expect a win. The game takes a lot of strategy not only in the battlefield, but also in deck building. The restraints on deck building make it so you can't run the most powerful items on each slot (Which makes lower level items actually useful in PvP and high lvl campaign missions).

    If a new player wants to get to high elo, all they need is the right deck of common/uncommon items and a good sense of this game's strategy. If you have trouble with the strategy of the game or your deck, feel free to ask other players for advice.

    For the card draw mechanic, its been around for a long time without much complaint so the system must be doing right. Changing the system now could cause a massive disruption in card balance, which can lead to a single deck dominating all others. Of course the system is not flawless, but what system would be flawless and work for this game.

    Lastly, camping is not cheating. Anyone can do it without some third-party software or manipulating bugs (Or anything else that would cause camping to be considered cheating).
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  8. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    Howdy, yuno, and welcome to the forum. $:^ J

    I must say, although you probably won't want to hear this, I disagree with nearly everything you said. However, this right here sounds like a problem:

    I think I saw this many moons ago, but if I did, I don't know how it broke nor got fixed. I'd search in the Bugs subforum, and if nothing comes up, post there. You are correct, that no, the Flash options most certainly should not be popping up when you right click. ~nodnod~

    Now, as for disagreements, Super4011 already addressed most of what you said, but I wanted to also chime in on this:

    There is a reward for keeping cards in hand! Multiple rewards, actually:
    • Easier to set up combos when holding onto part of a combo and waiting to draw another part of the combo. $:^ ] (Combos are not cheating. They're strategy.)
    • Harder for your opponent to know what you're capable of doing when you hold onto unseen cards. As soon as you empty your hands of cards, you remove your opponent's doubts and questions. (Even merely showing all your unseen cards can bolster your opponent's confidence.)
    • Sometimes, it's just safer. Sometimes, your opponent desperately wants you to attack (to hit a special block, armor, boost reaction, etc.), and yet there you are holding onto your cards instead. $;^ b Also, sometimes, you keeping priority for the next round (meaning you keep your opponent passing last) practically guarantees you a win, and you and your opponent can even both see this sometimes, thus again, your opponent will try hard to make you play something to lose the pass -- but there you are, keeping your cards, and being beautifully rewarded with your tactical, sometimes sacrificial, victory. $:^ b
    Nevertheless, these are details that fall under the category which Super spoke of: if you need tips on how to play, just ask around in World Chat. The community has a track record of (usually) being very generous and nice to newcomers.

    Regards, $:^ J
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