[Bug/Suggestion] characters API should include size of group characters

Discussion in 'API' started by neoncat, Apr 16, 2014.

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    The characters API (in addition to being defunct on the live server) currently doesn't expose the size of a character group, which is useful for evaluating custom scenarios.

    ------------ random musing below ----------------------

    A little bit of carrot for the devs... it's possible for a third party to implement a rather fancy guild warfare meta-game given the following:

    - character group sizes
    - scenario hash (already implemented on test)
    - character data from live server (already fixed on test?)
    - equipment data from live server (optional, but would enable far more varied challenges)

    Also also, if we can have battle results and item data from single player, that would make non-MP-focused third party projects possible. For example, a speed-run tracker or tie-ins with guild warfare.

    And, if gifting were ever to be implemented, this guild warfare wouldn't need to create an entirely parallel (non-monetary) economy, but could use in-game GP!
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