BUG, pathfinders and sonic with two move cards

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by 5463700, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. 5463700

    5463700 Kobold

    every time i use pathfinders with my sonic elf in ranked match, the card stays on the screen and makes me and my opponent reconnect. i got called a hacker bc of this bug. i like this game. I've been play almost every morning with my coffee. :) so if the combo isn't allowed then let me know and i wont use it any more. it has been tested in casual and it dose not happen.

    the build of my elf (Galngwen)
    -x1 gusting feystaff
    -x1 cottonwood staff
    -x2 vial of spite
    -x2 blood locket
    -x1 poltergeist's cape
    -x1 xalanen's boots
    -x1 healthy rapidity
    -x1 superb teleportation

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